NYC Bodypainting Day 2016 Recap

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NYC Bodypainting Day 2016 Event Recap

This past Saturday NYC was once again invaded by dozens of naked and painted people… It was the 3rd annual NYC Bodypainting Day!

Up until the day before the event, the forecast was looking grim with afternoon thunderstorms. We joked that now it’ll just be tradition for it to rain on Bodypainting Day (since it did rain the first two years).

But, by Saturday morning, it looked like the storms were going to miss us. It was overcast and a bit cool with temperatures in the low 70’s and not a drop of rain came down! Though this was a lot more tolerable than the heat wave of last year, it was a little nippy for some models.

nyc bodypainting day 2016 event banner nude model yna

Andy Golub Presents NYC Bodypainting Day 2016 banner


We were in the same midtown location as last year – Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 47th street and 2nd ave. This time there were people from the NYC Parks Dept but no NYPD officers. Guess they figured, after being there the whole time last year, that we were safe to do our thing. That, or we just bugged them for too many photo-ops last year!

Artists and models were paired up starting around 11:00 am, and by noon, the painting was underway.

nyc bodypainting day 2016 artist nude models yna

Artist JM Denaut and model painting another model

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude model artist body painter naked yna

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude models artists yna

I didn’t get painted this year (I know this was shocking to many of you! ;).

Jordan and I had a YNA sponsor table along with Rock Lodge Club. We handed out slap bracelets, postcards, stickers and temporary tattoos. People really seemed to enjoy them – especially all the kids!

bodypainting day nyc 2016 young naturists rock lodge club yna

Setting up our YNA / Rock Lodge table


Next to the table we laid out a banner on the ground as a collaborative piece. The prompt was “What does beauty mean to you?” to go along with this year’s theme of “inner beauty.” People were invited to pick up a marker and write / draw anything. A lot of kids loved this.

nyc bodypainting day 2016 banner beauty kids public art yna

Kids draw on the collaborative banner prompted by “What does beauty mean to you?”

nyc bodypainting day 2016 art collaborative banner works drawing yna

We also painted a message to display on a banner as we’ve done each year, and this time it read: “Beauty is Diversity.”

bodypainting day nyc 2016 beauty is diversity banner yna

NYC Bodypainting Day 2016: “Beauty is Diversity”

nyc bodypainting day 2016 beauty is diversity nude models naked yna

“Beauty is Diversity” banner with a group of the models


As the afternoon wore on, more and more people were coming through and stopping to take in the scene. Reactions were mostly positive, and that’s even more apparent when the models go through the city on the double-decker buses. So many smiling happy people lined the streets, taking pictures and shouting messages of support.

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude models bus ride yna

nyc bodypainting day 2016 reactions public nude models bus yna

Happy reactions as the models pass by on the buses

Some more completed artwork (and see more photos in our slideshow below):

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude male model yna

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude model artist yna

Artist: Leah Morgan painting her model

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude model yna

Artist: Jamie Baldwin Gaviola

nyc bodypainting day 2016 nude model portrait yna

Photo: Matt Epstein

The buses took the models and artists to the NY Public Library and the Flat Iron building. In a pedestrian plaza near the latter, we had an impromptu drum circle / dance party!

The day ended with drinks and pizza at No Malice Palace.

Below is our video compilation of scenes from the event – a view of models on the buses, gathered at the NYPL and dancing in the drum circle, so check it out!

The NY Daily News did a really nice interview with one of the models, Ricky. He’s a “military man” as they call him, as well as a naturist who’s been part of our community for some time (just online up until now as he lives in TX). Watch below!

I also used Periscope for the first time to stream live video coverage of the event. It’s an app owned by Twitter, so nudity is allowed and it’s really fun to use. (I’ve heard a story here and there of nude people getting shut down, but I didn’t have any problems.) You can still see all my live video streams here or on Periscope / Twitter @FelicitysBlog. (Sorry for some of the poor video quality!)

More photos:
NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

Of course it didn’t take long for Facebook to start censoring NYBPD photos. So I’m not posting any there. Join me on Ello for a social network that supports artistic expression!

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