Artists Wanted For NYC Bodypainting Day 2016

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Artists & Body Painters Wanted For NYC Bodypainting Day on July 9, 2016

The 3rd annual NYC Bodypainting Day is officially scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 9th at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

Last year’s event was a great success! Over 100 people were painted by a diverse group of talented artists. This year we’d like to have 100 models again with plenty of new participants. But to make that happen, we’ll need to have enough artists to paint them!

Bodypainting Day artists are not all body painters. We have had street / graffiti artists, classical painters and artists of other disciplines take part in this event. The diversity of the art and artists is part of of what makes this such a great event.

In fact, Bodypainting Day doesn’t attract as many professional body painters as you would think, and that’s mostly because of how it challenges social norms. Many body painters are only willing to work with models that are young, tall, thin and basically conform to society’s beauty standards. Not all are even willing to paint fully nude models. Of those that are, some are only willing to paint nude women and not men, transgender people or those outside of the gender binary or anyone with a penis.

bodypainting day amsterdam 2015 artist nude male model yna

Artist paints her model at Amsterdam Bodypainting Day 2015


The fact that we have full nude models of all genders, ages and body types does make some people and artists uncomfortable.

But Bodypainting Day is promoting the idea that every body is a work of art. We are combating body shame and celebrating the human body in all its diversity. It’s not a sexual event, so a penis or a vulva or a nipple is just another body part. Just more skin getting covered by paint.

The human body, especially the female body, is constantly being sexualized in our culture. But Bodypainting day is something different. At Bodypainting Day, nakedness is not about sex appeal or the commercialization / commodification of it. It’s about vulnerability, empowerment, acceptance and appreciation.

NYC Body Painting Day 2014

Michelle Heffner paints her model at NYC Body Painting Day 2014


An artist who is anxious about participating in this should consider how the “models” must feel! They are bravely standing naked and vulnerable for all the world to see. They have agreed to have their bodies painted by a total stranger, and artists and models will be randomly paired up at the plaza this year.

The 2016 theme is “Inner Beauty” so artists are encouraged to do a collaborative painting based on their model’s personality and energy.

Participating in this event is outside of many people’s comfort zones. But those who are open to it have had a life-changing experience whether they were creating art or wearing it on their body. As models and artists connect and empower each other, they are also inspiring and imparting a positive message to the people who witness it all across the globe.

How to apply: All artists can apply through the Bodypainting Day website, and there is no application fee. If you are approved, the participation fee is $120. This includes: body paint and supplies (except brushes), snacks, drinks and meals, Bodypainting Day t-shirt and magnet, ticket to the double-decker bus ride and after-party, and permanent listing on the BPD website.

The deadline to apply and pay the fee is June 1st, which is about 7 days away! So don’t wait – submit your application ASAP.

And please help us make this another successful Bodypainting Day by SHARING this post with your friends, on social media and with any artists you know who might be interested!

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