Nudity and The Real American Values – Any Questions?

| November 9, 2013 | 27 Comments

Nudity and The Real American Values

A little rant By Jordan Blum

American Values Gone Awry?

American Values – For those that might not be aware I would like to take this opportunity to do a little rant. In the U.S., there are many laws that protect people and allow them to express themselves. I talked about that in depth in a previous post entitled, “Censored Nude Bodies,”so I won’t go into that again. But what pisses me off time and time again is the double standard that exists here in America with regards to values and legal issues.

I think I speak for most people when I say that the KKK is an evil organization that discriminates and thrives on hate.

I think most people would also agree that in and of itself, the naked body is natural.

American Values

America Values – Any Questions?

If a group of KKK members want to enjoy a beer at a bar they can do so pretty much anytime they want. They can don their freshly pressed robes and paint the town red. They were even granted the right to march pretty much anywhere. They are protected under freedom of speech and freedom of expression. People might walk out in protest, they might stay and give them dirty looks and even a fight might break out. But the bar itself is allowed to serve them.

But what if a group of nudies want to do the same? Well there are a ton of states that have laws on the books that would prohibit a bar from selling alcohol to naked people. So to make things simple – the nudies would get arrested!

If this is truly the core values that we teach our children in America then is it really such a surprise that they would be quick to act out violent urges? After all, if the KKK is accepted and recognized by the government then why not – right?

Am I the only idiot here that feels as though something has gone very wrong in the progression of our core American Values today?

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • BobKnows

    The founders of America did not banish human bodies.  Americans used to accept human beings.  Ben Franklin walked about naked every morning for an “air bath” in Philadelphia, Boston, London, Paris, and nobody cared.  Several American Presidents made a practice of swimming naked in the Potomac river. Traditional AMERICAN value accepted public nudity as no big deal, everybody does it.  Only in the late 19th century did perverts start the campaign against human beings and human bodies.  Its not American values, its anti-American values.

  • SteveYnaNY

    RanchMubay the KKK example is an anecdote to make a point! It’s called hyperbole – the point is that violence is an accepted Anerican value with greater ‘rights ‘ than the peaceful, natural, healthy practice of naturism. There is no way that a casual reading of this blog insinuates in any way the degree of anger that you are projecting. Maybe it’s time for you to do a reality check on your own heart?!

  • SteveYnaNY

    Right on Jordon! We idolize and glorify violence from video games to police brutality to invading nations if they have something we want – but heaven forbid we should walk down the street in the ‘clothes ‘ we were born in. Yea- blood guts and violence are ok but a natural naked body in one piece not dead or bleeding is obscene. You are not the only one who thinks. American values are wayyyyyy off track!

  • Ian James Patterson

    I was thinking of Jock itch or even crabs. Here’s a link.

  • Felicity’s Blog

    Um, what kind of skin condition are u thinking of? Let me point out that it’s legal to be wearing a bikini in a bar, or any lesser clothing than a full robe, which would just as easily facilitate passing on any weird skin contagions…

  • All-Nudist

    itoure101 Yeah but, we get NAKED!  Ick!  ;-)

  • All-Nudist

    RachelJoanneHalpern Free speech isn’t ‘balagna’, but selective enforcement of that right IS.  Banning the KKK isn’t the way to MORE freedom; it’s just one more example of suppression.
    We don’t like them, but they have the ‘right’ to free expression, just as we as also SHOULD, but don’t.  
    Unfortunately, expressing your opinion by wearing costumes ls legal already; doing so is naked is illegal in most places.  Separate issues
    We don’t agree, but the law is on their side this time.  changing the law is the issue..

  • All-Nudist

    j238  It’s frightening to think what might have happened had TWO actual breasts have been exposed to a drunken country-wide audience of males just waiting for an excuse to go on a rape-and-pillage spree!
    Oh, the humanity!  Thank God this was snipped in the bud!  This is a reminder to always vote conservative in politics lest these, these, HEATHENS! run amok and DESTROY AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT!
    The next thing ya know, they’re going to want WOMEN to have the VOTE!  After that, who knows?  Equal rights?  OMG!  God save us, one and all.

  • SouthFloridaMilitia

    boobies are dangerous ya all know, can poke an eye out or something? oh yes, the ER’s across the nation are full of horror stories, aint they?  and what about those flying peckers, cant have them just flying around, now can we. maybe the FAA would be able to regulate them or something? MSM, what would we do without them? a lot better then with them, i think! dont be crude, go nude! I AM IN THE MOOD TO BE NUDE!  NAKED PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE,  and i happen to think that is a good thing.

  • j238

    Don’t need a speculative KKK anecdote to make your point.   
    After Janet Jackson accidentally showed one breast during the Super Bowl, Congress held hearings on the matter. 
    That’s the same Congress that allows the country to be flooded with deadly guns and cigarettes.  
    Imagine how far our elected representatives would have gone if both breasts went out over the airwaves. 
    Public nudity isn’t generally accepted in most of the world’s cultures, but the USA’s attitude is just weird.

  • itoure101

    We are taught by mainstream media to see naturism as unnatural, perverse, and offensive, as opposed to the natural, holistic, and passive practice it actually is. This pushes us to be insecure, easily manipulated, isolated consumers, as opposed to united, self sufficient, sovereign partners in the co-creation of our lives.
    We are also taught to view racist organizations such as the KKK as “hate groups” to be tolerated, as opposed to the terrorist organizations they actually are.
    If a naturist organization ever committed assassinations, murders, lynchings, brutal assaults, bombings, arson, vandalism, attempted to kill the president, plotted to overthrow the government, trafficked and stockpiled weapons, or sought to enforce a political agenda through acts of violence and intimidation, it would surely be branded as more than an offensive, but tolerable, “hate group”.

  • briananthonykraemer RanchMubay Unfortunately the people who hate are far more vocal than those who love. We need more people to comment and show these types of people that they are not the majority. It is upsetting to deal with but necessary if hope to bring about change.

  • Krucifix

    RanchMubay “… private businesses have the right to serve or NOT serve anyone they wish.”
    So when is the last time you seen a nude person being served at a public bar? Point being there are laws against it, unless sanctioned in “special” areas, not openly, so NO, they cannot serve “anyone they wish.
    In my business, I would openly welcome anyone walking in nude, or if they decided to be so within the confines of the building (so as not to get into trouble from those who oppose naturism and nudism). – And I have had a few customers do so, but these where people who know me and my values well enough to be comfortable in their own skin.

  • RachelJoanneHalpern

    Jordan I agree with you wholeheartedly and would love to join your fight on this issue.  I’d much rather see a naked person minding their own business than a white supremacist shoving their values into everyone’s faces.  The KKK should be outlawed by now but unfortunately they are still allowed to function because of freedom of speech or some bologna.

  • RachelJoanneHalpern Thank you :) We could use all support we can get! We need more people talking about issues and values. The core issues in society today might not be as complex as we make them sound. Who knows, maybe one day soon, people will remember how to be human again!

  • @Ian James Patterson People could catch something when clothed and the argument that clothing is more hygienic had been rebuffed in a recent study that came to our attention during the first round of the nudity ban in SF.

  • nudiarist

    I appreciate your passion, but your rant is far too simplistic. For one thing, you ignore the fact that the KKK is in serious decline since its peak in the 1920s. According to Wikipedia, “the Klan’s numbers are steadily dropping. This decline has been attributed to the Klan’s lack of competence in the use of the, their history of violence, a proliferation of competing, and a decline in the number of young activists who are willing to join groups at all.” There will always be people who hate. We can’t always stop them, but we can expose them.
    On the nudity issue, you fail to acknowledge that the vast majority of the world is comprised of clothed societies, and this is not going to change overnight. It’s overkill to compare the evil of clothes to the evil of racism and hate. Most of us nudists have no trouble putting on clothes to go to work, or stop into a restaurant or bar. What you have done here is invoke a variation of Godwin’s law, which states “given enough time, in any online discussionregardless of topic or scopesomeone inevitably makes a comparison to Hitler or the Nazis”. In this particular case, the comparative evil of the KKK has been used.
    I’m sure that we agree that there needs to be more acceptance of the human body in today’s society, but by using such extreme comparisons as you have done here, it just makes the job more difficult. I’m not comfortable with anyone insinuating that nudists are lower in society than racists. It’s not true. You can make the same argument that a bunch of construction workers can enjoy a beer at a bar anytime, but nude people cannot. It’s a simple matter of law and not discrimination.

  • Ian James Patterson

    There is more at stake than morality. It is a question of health and safety and insurance. Could the bar be sued if a person picks up some kind skin condition, or if there exposed flesh is cut. Clan robes may represent hate, but they are hygienic.

  • RanchMubay Interesting – You obviously missed the entire point of this “poorly” written blog. I did not say that it does happen – I talked about the fact that they CAN. Just because something “just does not happen” does not make it right. 
    “Also, all but a very tiny minority of businesses would throw them out immediately” – Never Ass-U-Me because the world has seen what happens when people assume.
    “private businesses have the right to serve or NOT serve anyone they wish” – Inaccurate at best. There are anti discrimination laws so this is not as cut and dry and you would like us to think.
    “You’re hatred for America, American values and American businesses is the real root of your blog and is not based on reality” My hatred is towards racists – sorry if I hurt your robe wearing american friends but I do not support them and I do not think they share “American Values”. 
    I think you have anger issues – you make absolutely no sense and your accusations have no leg to stand on.
    You think I am wrong in saying that the KKK does not share “America Values” then prove it. 
    I usually dont comment on such ludicrous comments – but you obviously had a bug up your $#% about me. So leave the blog post out of it and send me an email instead – at least that way you will have some merit or at the very least, you will not come off as a KKK supporter (which is what you sound like – regardless of your first comment). Then again, perhaps you are, and while I dont think hate groups are a positive influence on society – they do have a right to their opinion (but it ends there – actions are an entirely different scenario).
    Thank you for commenting – as misguided as it was, you have a right to your opinion (even if you do sound a bit nutty).

  • briananthonykraemer

    RanchMubay You sound like a very angry hateful person, the very things you are accusing others. I am unfollowing this string of comments because I don’t choose to bring your kind of energy into my life.

  • RanchMubay

    As a nudist and non-KKK member I’m certainly not going to defend KKK members or put down nudists, BUT this article is much to do about nothing, in fact there’s too many lies to defend this article.  First, the United States hasn’t had a problem with KKK members walking into bars wearing robes.  It just doesn’t happen.  It might make it easy as a premise for a poorly written blog but its a poor premise because it just doesn’t happen.  Also, all but a very tiny minority of businesses would throw them out immediately…certainly if they were losing customers…private businesses have the right to serve or NOT serve anyone they wish, they don’t even have to have a reason.  So don’t put down businesses owners for acting a certain way when in fact there’s nothing showing they would act that way.  You’re hatred for America, American values and American businesses is the real root of your blog and is not based on reality.  Don’t bring nudists on to your side because we are NOT on your side, we don’t represent the hatred and American-bashing that you bring to the table.  Don’t use nudists as a pawn for your pathetic perversions.

  • EarthLionWaratah

    Well said. We in Australia recently had an election where politicians used bigotry to win an election yet the mere idea of being naked sends people in a panic.

  • briananthonykraemer

    Jordan Blum, you are so right and the day will come when we will all understand.

  • RanchMubay

    YoungNaturist Are you 12?  Sounds like it.

  • ChristopherJudson

    This is a great rant that exposes a problem in American values. Sure, the KKK can legally be accepted as freedom of expression, but not nudity?? So backwards!!

  • Adam Verga

    It sucks how we have such double standards and hippocracy in in this country. Not sure if i spelled that right, but it’s amazing how some people can do as they like under the law but others can’t under the same law that protects everyone else.

  • StephenNRussell

    Time to pack up & leave US??
    Agreed totally , dumb policies.
    esp for states like HI, FL, USVI, PR for our rec style alone.