Nudists Talking About Sex! Taboo No Longer – Nudists Do Have Sex !

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Nudists Talking About Sex… Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Nudists Talking About Sex – The cats out of the bag now!

Nudists Talking About Sex.. It’s true! Nudists have sex… I’ve had sex. I know, I know- that’s horrible, huh? Well, it gets worse: I liked it. Now that I’ve made this startling admission, I am prepared for the nudi-nazis to come to my house with instruments of torture to let me know how wrong this is and to make me change my ways.

Ok, so I’m probably exaggerating a bit about how extremely horrible some people, namely nudists, think it is to have sex or to talk about sex. Within the YNA nudist organization, sex is a topic that’s allowed and normal.

Nudist Sex... Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Nudists Talking About Sex.. Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Talking about sex among nudists outside of YNA…. Well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Why? That’s the question: why?

Since we’re all here walking this earth, there is reason to believe that we were all born. Being that the first “test tube baby” wasn’t born until 1978 and after all these years only 1% of the population is born as a result of any type of assistive technology, it stands to reason that most of the population on this Earth was created through sex.

Obviously, bad people like Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson give a bad name to all of us who were born as a result of sex, but there are many who give these results a good name, too, such as Mother Teresa and Felicity Jones. Clearly, the results of sex could be good or bad depending on how the offspring turn out.

Beyond the results of sex, I think we can all agree that experiencing sex is pretty common in America. Statistics indicate that the average age for having sexual intercourse for the first time is age 17 and 96% of adults age 20 and over have had sex.

Though I could find no specific statistics for nudists, we can assume that this figure is similar among the adult nudist population: it does stand to reason that nudists have sex just as the rest of the population does, right? Which again begs the question of why naturists feel that they can’t talk about sex.

It’s clearly not some crazy and novel act that should be taboo. Actually, if you think about it, if only 4% of adults are virgins, it would make more sense that being a virgin be not talked about since it’s so unusual within our culture.

Young Naturists America is a group that is very different from the rest of the nudist culture. Within YNA, we can talk about sex- and we do talk about sex! We even had an event held at the Museum of Sex which, though I didn’t personally attend it, I’ve heard was great fun and had awesome chocolates.

YNA folks talk about everything, really, including menstruation, saving the planet, internet pornography… and just about any other topic that might be on the minds of young nudists.

And that, my friends, is why I love YNA: not only is it all about the love, it’s also all about real life and real people.

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36 year old nudist from Catskill, NY. Love life, hiking, climbing trees, writing, and helping people. Been a nudist since the age of 28 and found it to be a life changing way of living.
  • Heather Avalon

    @melissastarr As a woman it is important to me to feel safe in the nudist environment. I would rather have creepy men show some restraint in this area. And, sadly, there are creepy men everywhere – probably fewer in the nudist environment than anywhere else, but all it takes is one to screw up your whole day. I do not want people to think they can talk with me about sex, especially when my clothes are off. Likewise I don’t want swinger couples to think it is ok to proposition me in the hot tub. These things happen enough already without the suggestion that less restraint would be better. I’m no prude – read my novels and you will see what I’m talking about. But if I want sex I know where to get it.

    • Heather Avalon Yeah you figure people can and do get propositioned anywhere, at any type of resort. But it’s all about how they approach it too. If they manage to ruin your whole day then management should probably talk to them or even remove them from the resort. If they are polite, respectful and drop the subject if you decline, then that can be ok. But to be super persistent or creepy, that’s just going to drive people away (or certain people I guess). The nudity shouldn’t make people think you’re looking for sex, and I think it usually doesn’t at clubs / resorts. But it depends on the environment and the people. Plus every club and resort is different, has a different atmosphere & crowd. Usually places with families are less likely to have creeps or swingers looking for new sexual partners in the hot tub. However swingers are always going to be present at such places; they just need to know what’s appropriate behavior! People should always bring it up with management if they’re made to feel uncomfortable also, which not everybody does. If mgmt doesn’t know, they’re not going to do anything about it.

  • Heather Avalon

    You are as wrong about the history of nudism in America as you are about Mother Teresa.
    Mother Teresa was abusive of the children in her care. Look it up. And nudists have sex. A lot of sex, really. But because we respect each other and want to keep our lifestyle safe and legal we have some discretion.

  • JohnThomas1

    No one has ever denied that nudists have sex. The nudist idea is to keep simple nudity apart from sexual activity. Discussing sex is not forbidden, but we have to be careful that we don’t focus on sexual topics alone at nudist gatherings. Why must that be a major topic just because we’re not wearing clothes? Get naked and talk about sex – what a cliche. There are thousands of other things to talk about.

  • j238

    I don’t see any evidence that the nudist community talks about sex less than the general public.  And I’m not convinced YNA participants are more free in talking about sex than anyone else. 
    And congratulations for enjoying sex. 

  • John

    There's a terrible misconception in this article. Naturists are the people who say that that it's important to respect our entire being–our human being–and that includes sexuality. For instance, the Naturist Society has had a "Full Spectrum" interest group for years, and before that the group had a very long name to include every variant of sexual preference. There's quite an interlocking membership between TNS and the major gay naturist organizations.

    But naturists (other than YNA) also have to watch their step, as we exist in a world where the public is apt to assume that any nudity that takes place, is associated with sex, and that's disapproved of. And that link is carried into action by people who insist on finding sexual activity in naturist environments. It is true that there are swingers at many resorts, and gay men looking for sex on and around nudist beaches (with websites advertising the fact). Most naturists want to reduce, not increase, the association between nudity and sex, so they speak out against these things.

    The key point here is to get people to realize that nudity doesn't imply any more sexual activity–or flirting, or peeping–than you'd find in any recreational setting. But it doesn't imply any less either. We take some pride in being fully human, and we'll let you check that! Really we're trying to create a perfectly normal atmosphere, just without clothes. Actually I don't understand from the article what it is that YNA does that other (mostly older) naturists don't. Boast about sex, maybe?

  • Dave Fleming

    I have never heard naturists talk about sex or even tell sex jokes. Perhaps some do, but it's very uncommon behavior. Naturist concepts have nothing to do with sex, but everyone lucky person has sex in their private lives. Talking about sex creates a certain sexual tension. We are here to relax, not get tense. That's counterproductive. A time and place for everything.


  • Chet Kresiak

    Unfortunately, this is illustrative of the common misconception that nudism has nothing to do with human sexuality, which it certainly does, and is not denied by the nudist and naturist communities. The Naturist Society, in its document "205 Arguments in Support of Naturism", mentions the word "sex", or variations therof, a total of 152 times!

    The younger generation always has difficulty even acknowledging that their parents, and even their grandparents, are still enjoying sex. What Melissa writes here about YNA is equally true with nudists and naturists in the dreaded "over 30" crowd.

    The only real "rule" that exists at AANR and TNS clubs and resorts is that there be no overt sexuality. The days when couples were not even allowed to hold hands have long since passed.

    The implication that nudists who are not in the YNA circle are somehow not "real people" is pretty offensive. I understand that Melissa has found something special here, and that's a good thing, but that does not automatically mean that older nudists and naturists are somehow clueless when it comes to sexuality. Most nudists I know have kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and even great-grandkids, and they were not the result of immaculate conception, I can assure you.

    In my time as a nudist I've met swingers and fetishists, exhibitionists and voyeurs, but the central nudist idea is that people can gather together in the nude without engaging in overt sex acts. This is the same general code of society when it comes to school, church, the workplace, and even the home.

    We all talk about sex. We start doing this many times before grade school, and it continues throughout life. It doesn't stop at 30, or 40, or 50, 60 and at higher ages. The notion that sexuality is something only for the young is completely and utterly false.

    So this is not to bash Melissa, who is a fine writer and a strong proponent for nudism, but it is an attempt to dispel the myth that "older" nudists and naturists are somehow out of the loop when it comes to human sexuality, or that nudism in general is somehow in denial. This happens with every generation, so distrust and misunderstanding goes both ways sometimes.

    Just give us older people a break. We've all been where you are right now, and one day you will all be where we are. Life is a circle, there is no dividing line. We really do get it.

  • UNYBill

    Congrats to YNA for the way they handled this delicate issue. To try to deny the sexual aspect of our lives make us look rediculous to the general public as well.

    There is an honest middle ground in this debate. Naturists seem more open and tolerant of different sexual orientations among consensual adults that the general public doesn't have.

  • melissastarr

    I totally agree that nudism and sex need to be separate from each other- they are two very exclusive things. But that doesn't mean that nudists don't have sex- behind closed doors for privacy, as it should be- nor that nudists can't talk about this universal topic. Within many of the more commonly-known nudist groups (other than YNA) you will never hear anything about sex and will find that any statement one makes about sex, even casually or academically, is going to bring about a suspicion that you're a swinger rather than the more nudist-correct Vanilla Nudist. It almost seems that if you mention sex to these people that you're bad and are doing something wrong. You're not: you're being human.

  • Steven

    I have to agree with Amanda, I'm not by any means sexually conservative and also enjoy talking about sex within certain circles of people. When you have those that turn their nose's up at those that live and enjoy the naturist lifestyle they auto assumsumtion mode and think that wer're all a bunch of pervs running around naked behind closed walls having orgies and some clown running around with a video cam shooting footage for his next porn flick. Guess somethings are better left in the closet like sexual conversations. Just my take on it!

  • People outside of the YNA have issues discussing sex? That's news to me. I only ask that nudity not be seen as sex exclusively. You have to be nude to have sex, but you don't have to have sex to be nude. Simple as that isn't it?

    • George Mycroft

      "You have to be nude to have sex"???? Apart from possibly lacking humorous imagination (!!!!), that statement may also need some revision????!!!!! Just sayin'!!!!! :)

  • Ramiro

    Most songs, books, pictures, movies, etc. (you name), even religion books like The Bible, talk about sex because that is a part of human life. How important ? It depends on each one. But some disorder or misconception of sex lead people to behave in opposite direction and create a group of individuals who are rejected by society. Melissa named Hitler with a kind of "disorder", I can say that any kind of sex abuse on children, young or adult people fit in some category of disorder too.

    Talking about sex in YNA can teach us how to treat with kids, young and adult people, and make them to accept and understand the good and normal of SEX, and to make our society and the world a better place to live in peace. And that is what Love means.

    I love you guys. Hope to see you at next YNA event.

  • Amanda

    I've never felt like I couldn't talk about sex in a nude setting. In fact, most nudists definitely seem more open than non-nudists. However, I can surely see why naturists wouldn't want naturism to be associated with sex. (there are enough crazy people that think nude gatherings are giant satanic orgies). I am not at all sexually conservative, but I do get frustrated when I see things like links to porn on naturist-affiliated websites, because it's hard enough to fight the ignorant stereotypes as it is. And I wouldn't want the movement to attract creeps either.