Nudists Talking About Sex! Taboo No Longer – Nudists Do Have Sex !

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Nudists Talking About Sex… Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Nudists Talking About Sex – The cats out of the bag now!

Nudists Talking About Sex.. It’s true! Nudists have sex… I’ve had sex. I know, I know- that’s horrible, huh? Well, it gets worse: I liked it. Now that I’ve made this startling admission, I am prepared for the nudi-nazis to come to my house with instruments of torture to let me know how wrong this is and to make me change my ways.

Ok, so I’m probably exaggerating a bit about how extremely horrible some people, namely nudists, think it is to have sex or to talk about sex. Within the YNA nudist organization, sex is a topic that’s allowed and normal.

Nudist Sex... Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Nudists Talking About Sex.. Nudists Really Do Have Sex?

Talking about sex among nudists outside of YNA…. Well, I wouldn’t recommend it. Why? That’s the question: why?

Since we’re all here walking this earth, there is reason to believe that we were all born. Being that the first “test tube baby” wasn’t born until 1978 and after all these years only 1% of the population is born as a result of any type of assistive technology, it stands to reason that most of the population on this Earth was created through sex.

Obviously, bad people like Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson give a bad name to all of us who were born as a result of sex, but there are many who give these results a good name, too, such as Mother Teresa and Felicity Jones. Clearly, the results of sex could be good or bad depending on how the offspring turn out.

Beyond the results of sex, I think we can all agree that experiencing sex is pretty common in America. Statistics indicate that the average age for having sexual intercourse for the first time is age 17 and 96% of adults age 20 and over have had sex.

Though I could find no specific statistics for nudists, we can assume that this figure is similar among the adult nudist population: it does stand to reason that nudists have sex just as the rest of the population does, right? Which again begs the question of why naturists feel that they can’t talk about sex.

It’s clearly not some crazy and novel act that should be taboo. Actually, if you think about it, if only 4% of adults are virgins, it would make more sense that being a virgin be not talked about since it’s so unusual within our culture.

Young Naturists America is a group that is very different from the rest of the nudist culture. Within YNA, we can talk about sex- and we do talk about sex! We even had an event held at the Museum of Sex which, though I didn’t personally attend it, I’ve heard was great fun and had awesome chocolates.

YNA folks talk about everything, really, including menstruation, saving the planet, internet pornography… and just about any other topic that might be on the minds of young nudists.

And that, my friends, is why I love YNA: not only is it all about the love, it’s also all about real life and real people.

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