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View our Nudist Youtube Videos all of which were produced by Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA

The nudist Youtube videos below were almost all created by Felicity and / or Jordan. We at YNA use many different tools to promote the nudist lifestyle in general as well as our own morals and ethics.

Our videos have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. When asked what YNA actually does – here is just one very small but influential way we help to educate and promote nudism in mainstream society.

The responses from our nudist videos have been overwhelmingly positive. They spun off many online searches by people from all walks of life who never gave nudism much thought till they saw our videos.

Creating content is easy – creating good content and doing so consistently is difficult. Looking back at our past five years, we can honestly say that YNA has been the leader in the U.S. when it comes to engaging with the mainstream.

Just this past year, YNA appeared in more media coverage that any other group. YNA has also published more articles, videos and created more online engagement than any other nudist group or naturist organization.

While we have produced more content, the quality of the YNA content has also been the reason why we have seen such a massive amount of interest and engagement.

But don’t take our word for it! Take a look at some of our best nudist Youtube videos from the last few years below.

We also have a new video that we have never shown before today. Last year we held a unique yoga class at one of our gatherings at Sunny Rest with instructor Karen Kapus. It was a naked yoga session preceded by blacklight body painting. We called it “Vinyasa Flow-in-the-Dark.” First we set up black lights indoors in the evening and then body painted each other with special UV body paints. The result was a beautifully messy yoga class where our bodies moved like lights in the dark. Check it out below! (And you can read more about that class and gathering at the link above.)

New Nudist Video: “Vinyasa Flow-in-the-Dark” — YNA Naked Yoga Class with Blacklight Body Painting

Nudist Youtube Video: 100 Naked People in NYC During Body Painting Day

This is a video of the spontaneous naked dancing in the streets of NYC during the 2015 Body Painting Day.

Nudist Youtube Video: Young Naturists and Young Nudists America YNA – Weekend Gathering At Rock Lodge NJ

A cute video about the Rock Lodge Young Naturists America gatherings.

Nudist Youtube Video: Young Naturists Youtube Video NYC Bodypainting Day 2014

Promotion video by Young Naturists America about our very first NYC BodyPainting Day in 2014.

Nudist Youtube Video: America, baby! YNA 4th of July Fireworks at Goodland Country Club

Video footage from the fireworks during the YNA naked 4th of July gathering.

Nudist Youtube Video: Nude Body Painting in New York City

This promotion video was created by Young Naturists America to help get the word out about the NYC Naked Painting Party.

Nudist Youtube Video About Bullying : Our Kids Are Dying – The Story Of Online Bullying And Cyber Bullies In America

Young Naturists America created this video in response to Amanda Todd’s suicide.

Nudist Youtube Video: What Nudism Is By YNA

Young Naturists America created this fun little educational video about nudism and naturism to help support a wider understanding of what nudism really is all about.

Nudist Youtube Video: Body Image – Who Said Body Image Was Not A Real Issue!?!?!

This Young Naturist Video was created to raise awareness about the issue of body image and why it matters.

Youtube and Facebook Look Back at the Shit That Got Me Banned (Censored)

Young Naturists America created this video to strike back against Facebook, Youtube and Online Censorship! This was a parody of the Facebook “Look Back” video feature that allowed people to generate a video collage of their old photos and posts. Then YouTube censored it, as if to prove our point. You can see the uncensored version on Vimeo.

Nudist Youtube Video: Shit People Say!

As in: Shit People Say To Nudists And Shit Nudists Say In Response

Nudist Youtube Video: Nude Recreation Promo

As in: Imagine The Freedom of Nude Recreation! Join YNA Today.

Nudist Video on Youtube: Naked 4th Of July 2014!

Video promoting the Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA 2014 Naked 4th Of July Gathering

Nudist Youtube Videos: Naked Fire Dancer

Video from the Bare Oaks Canadian Naturist Festival of the Naked Fire Dancer. Watch the Pyro Naturel Perform Nude Poi and Naked Fire Throwing!

We hope you enjoyed our new naked yoga video, as well as the rest of our YNA Youtube videos!

This article and the nudist videos were published by Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA

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