Nudist vs Naturist in my opinion

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Nudist vs Naturist (By Melissa Dejanude)

Nudist Vs Naturist – Is there really a difference?

My Opinion for the use of the terms…

Nudist Vs Naturist – The clothed minded world uses terms that describe the free world: nude, naked and undressed, erratically and synonymously. But in the debate between the terms “nudist” and “naturist“, we need to use our terms precisely and accurately; when describing participants in the clothes-free lifestyle, “naturist” should be the preferred term.

Both terms carry a mindset and by using either one, you agree with the mindset of the term. “Nudist” carries a negative connotation of a person who joins a colony who lives without clothes. A naturist, on the other hand, believes that clothes-free places have a purpose; that good, social nudity is to be so commonplace that there is no need for any location to be specifically dedicated as a naturist or clothes-free area, simply because the mindset behind the purpose for clothing needs to change. We (as naturists) should be working to make the whole world clothes-free just as Christians are commanded to make disciples of all nations; however, we should not give up the habit of meeting together at public clothes-free venues for they show how far we’ve come.

Nudist vs. Naturist

Nudist vs. Naturist

If we want the whole world to at least be exposed to freedom, we must not only congregate amongst ourselves in resorts, at conventions and on nude social networking sites. We must go out to the legislatures of various states, exercise our freedom where it is legal and mix with others. We not only have the freedom to be naturists, but also the responsibility to defend our beliefs. For if we can’t defend our beliefs, (beyond ‘it feels good’) we can’t hope for our beliefs to reach everyone effectively.

The same also is true when we turn to the terms “topfree” or “topless“. “Topfree” should be used because people, especially naturists, are free not lacking something. We are whole human beings without clothing. “Topless” has a sexual connotation, which is why this term needs to be avoided as often as the term “nudist”. One day, hopefully soon, clothed minded people will realize that the clothing made by man is not better than the clothing given by God.

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