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Nudist Videos by is Naturist or Voyeuristic? Nudist Videos – The Debate begins:

Nudist Video – For those of you who might not be familiar with it, there is a website called that cranks out “naturist” related and what they deem to be true nudist videos. I tend to find very few websites that have high-quality, valuable video content relating to nudism and naturism. There are tons of websites out there that post videos featuring naked people, and while they might be called “nudist videos,” many of these sites offer very little (if any) truly engaging or interesting nudie-related content. Many are clearly just out to make money with naked click bait and are not created to engage the naturist community.

Instead, they are really just trying to cater to the hyper sexual whims of young college boys. So it’s important to look critically at every nudist video online. More often than not, a video will be seen by non-nudists, and we always think about how it’ll be perceived and what the intent is. Does it equally represent genders, ages, body types, races? Does it show the human body in a non-sexual way? Every video has an intent. Is it meant to introduce a naturist location to other naturists? Is it meant to be mere entertainment? Is it meant to encourage others to try naturism? If so, does it really achieve that goal?

At YNA we’re not interested in promoting content that’s hardly about naturism and more about getting clicks and money. Of course, with photos and nudist videos, whether they are truly “naturist” or not is very often up for debate. So with that in mind, I would like to share a little discussion that was sparked in our Facebook group.

I hope the discussion will not be too difficult to follow, and for the record, I removed the names of most of the people (to keep their privacy intact). An asterisk * indicates the name was changed. I also modified some of the conversation to make it easier to follow here. There were many typos and a ton more comments – I did my best to clean it up and get the point across.

Nudist Videos by

Nudist Videos by, source:

So this is what happened…. A nudist video that takes place at Deep Creek Hot Springs was published in our group, with the following comment:

Hi Nudies:) Check out this new video we made with go pro at deep creek!

The first round of comments were positive:

  • Great fun !!
  • Awesome adventure.
  • Wow! What a beautiful place to go for a hike and dips!! Awesome video. You can really get a sense of the fun the participants had while being there. Thanks for sharing!

Then the following comments appeared which opened the door for a real erudite conversation:

  • Interesting how the video mostly focuses on the women.
  • I thought the same, while it was fun and interesting it did lack gender balance. Which leaves a few questions.

At this point, Felicity chimed in and said:

  • Felicity Jones: It’s well-done (& we don’t see too many high-quality nudist videos like this), but there is definitely a focus on the women & a few shots feel a little bit voyeuristic.

And the discussion continues:

  • Yeah, above and beyond a lack of gender balance, some of the shots seemed kinda “cheeky” to me. They’re young so I give them the BOTD [benefit of the doubt]
  • Felicity Jones: It’s a production company that made it. They might be new, but they’re not young.

All this happened in a matter if minutes. It was at this point that I joined in:

  • Jordan Blum: I don’t get the point. It’s nice quality but more of a voyeuristic approach than a naturist one – focusing on breasts and vaginas and not showing penises / focusing on men. That is what we expect from mainstream. Shouldn’t the naturist community raise the bar?
  • thanks for sharing this video. Lots to appreciate: First off, looks like they all had a blast! Loved the location. Great video & sound quality. Cinematography was great. The pans and zooms added so much more vibrance to the shots. I especially liked the downhill pan at 1:37. Kudos to the editor for the dynamic pacing.
  • I liked the flow of the story. Starting out with sunrise and waking up, plus chilling and socializing before the trek, was a great intro. It was nice to see the journey to the site and the fun times after arrival.
  • I was a little surprised at the group boob flash and butt cheek flash, but not in a bad way. Sometimes we nudists are a little too serious about ourselves. It was playful and confident, not pornographic.
  • I hope that CFI continues to strive for this level of quality. I think videos like this would be very effective at bringing in a younger crowd to the world of nudism. My only criticism, however, is that as the video progressed, I became increasingly disturbed by how much focus was on the girls and not the guys. ( And this is coming from a heterosexual. ) Definitely a lack of gender balance. I’m sure that your most positive feedback is going to be from male viewers, and suspect that many females are going to be turned-off by the lady crotch-shots and boob zooms, coupled with the lack of male skin.
  • I’d strongly recommend handing the cameras to females sometimes, and letting them record their appreciation of confident masculinity. This video showed that such female appreciation can be a bit titillating without being porn. ( If the producers are worried about turning off male viewers, the simple solution is show full-frontal male nudity without zooming in on penises. ) On the other hand, when nudists are fighting so hard to convince the public that nudism isn’t about sex(uality), videos with a Playboy flavor ( only nude females ) kinda defeat the purpose.
  • Overall, I enjoyed the video. I think if future videos are more gender balanced, (even 60/40 female/male) they’ll be a great way to generate interest in the younger generation.
  • I saw the voyeuristic approach comment on the Vimeo video and there was brief frames of the penis, but I do agree that that particular video did seem to avoid capturing the parts of men that is normally covered, but had no problem capturing the parts of the women that are normally covered.
  • I’ve seen other Vimeo videos though, that were not like that at all. Most nudist spots I attend also have children, but videos of those places rarely, if ever, show children enjoying the sun.
  • Personally, I’d rather look at nude women than men or children, so I enjoyed the video that Tom* shared with us. Thanks!!!.
  • It should show everyone having fun. I understand not being able to show nude children but there’s no reason for a naturist video to be focusing only on women just because some men would rather see that or are uncomfortable looking at another penis. Okay so why are there a lot more women then men? Especially considering that nudism is a male dominant activity????
  • Jordan Blum: You all rock! I thought the elements and technical aspects were all very well done.
  • We are a 365 day a year group… Would be nice if it could have been about community.
  • And quite frankly I didn’t see anyone crying discrimination but simply asking a question, I don’t see a problem with that.
  • Jordan Blum: The best way to put it – we are not the demographic.
  • Jordan Blum: So to answer your question, Alex* – to hit their core spending demographic – Young white male middle to upper middle class and open minded to next experiences / adventurist / excitable. Probably with disposable income / access to cash and / or credit
  • So basically. Lie to them? As in – The men with the disposable income. Hoping to hang out with the only young pretty naked ladies?
  • Jordan Blum: Well that is a tricky question and probably best to be answered by But in my opinion, based on only the video, it was made with the intent to make its money on a bigger audience. This discussion reaffirms that they are probably on the right track as well as us not being the core demographic.
  • Still don’t like that showing boobs is the only way.
  • Jordan Blum: Not the only way… A hopeful quick / ROI oriented way. It’s also made for a west coast / southern audience in mind (at least that is what it seems like) so there might be something to that too. Again, I could be completely wrong about everything I said, it’s just the impression I get.

The comments continued:

  • It’s still think it is a good video and I think there should be a fair share of showing both male and female.
  • Let’s hope so. I don’t expect 50/50 but I was disappointed that the main focus seemed to be – Hey look at these pretty cheeky naked girls.

It was at this point that the Nudist Video producer chimed in herself:

  • To answer some concern about lack of men in the shoot: I tried to find more men to come and mostly only women could show up. It was the best I could make at the time. Our goal is to have fun and show the world that getting naked with friends is fun and cool.

Which prompted the following:

  • I feel you have achieved that. It made me want to visit Deep Creek! I showed my wife as soon as I saw your video. Somehow, I wasn’t even conscious of the male/female ratio. Maybe it’s just me.
  • Perhaps it should have just focused on the backdrop and not pay much attention to the people themselves
  • I just think the video is great and great to show how fun skinny dipping is.
  • The naked people were just part of the wonderful backdrop. The FUN was what stood out for me
  • This debate has inspired a challenge: can anyone find an example of a non- voyeuristic, gender-balanced, informative, entertaining naturism-positive video that can be appreciated equally by both males and females? Does such a thing even exist?
  • YNA has some short videos on YouTube that don’t just flash women’s breasts. Maybe more nudists should step up and make one.
  • Jordan Blum: Our videos are message driven only. Plus the quality, editing, post production are really awesome (not too mention far more complex and time consuming). But here you go:

An Producer chimed in:

  • Ex Nudist Video Producer: Agreed. I got a lot of complains sent to me about the lack of equal penis time in the vid, since I directed/produced CFI past videos they thought this was mine too. I corrected them and passed info to Corky who says future ON LOCATION videos will have more dudes involved.
  • Well all the promotions for nudist resorts I have seen use women rather than men as their spokespeople.
  • That’s true. One particular I know only uses women even though they are a couples only resort.
  • The Actual Nudist Video Producer Chimes in: I’m sorry for your concern of the lack of penis . It just happens that there are more women at my parties than men.
  • I think it’s awesome that you have so many women at your parties! Many nudie get-togethers are male dominated.
  • Ex Nudist Video Producer: It’s not the lack of penis there it’s the lack of it shown on video. Not one close-up compared to the breast/vag close-ups, there were men there, so concerns I got was on the choice to omit dudes in final cut. Oh well- can’t make everyone happy, trust me I know that. See u soon.
  • Felicity Jones: That’s not the issue. The men that ARE there are hardly seen, and there is also a voyeuristic focus on the women’s bodies. A zoom on a woman’s crotch, but no zoom on a man’s crotch. It looks like it was made just to grab the attention of straight men. We, meaning the naturist community as a whole, can do better. We should always look closely at the image we are putting out there & think about how it will be perceived. Refusing to do that is to fail from the start. Thank you @Ex Producer! So glad you understand
  • Ex Nudist Video Producer: Exactly
  • That’s a very valid point, Felicity. Honestly, I wasn’t thinking about it in those terms but I can see your point.
  • Excellent point, Felicity. In order for the film to be honest, it should give a feel of the gender balance at the event and show the fun people were having, not close ups of breasts and vaginas.
  • Ex Nudist Video Producer: Felicity Jones, Corky just informed me that a new edit is being made to include more men to the video and not just focus on women. Letting everyone know. He’s removing the girl-girl kiss which got complaints and a lot of sexualizing vagina close-ups. As well as including a more equal male time. I think that’ll settle upset folks.
  • Jordan Blum: It is not the lack of showing penises per se… It is just that it comes off like any MTV video where you have the guys singing and the girls prancing around. It is just the same ole approach of using sex to sell. If that was the intent then your core demographic will be the same as the Maxim Magazine readers – not the naturist community. I guess the questions are – who are the target audience and what is the message (if there is a notable one)
  • You are entitled to your opinion but are you a paying subscriber on the site? I’m guessing not – Corky will listen to complaints from paid subscribers, some of whom are older conservative families.
  • I’m just voicing my support for well produced work and expressing my appreciation for it, not complaining.
  • Jordan Blum: It is a well produced video – no doubt but it is reminiscent of the type of stuff that Internaturally used to sell. I personally do not see the point in such videos aside from making money (again – I just don’t think the the video will have any interest for true naturists – but then again, I don’t think most of the videos out there are really geared towards true naturists anyway. They just use the term to promote and sell stuff to mainstream. Naked girls = $$)

This article about the nudist video was published by Young Naturists and Nudists America YNA

After all of this discussion, I had a positive outlook on how would handle their nudist videos in the future. Two weeks later, I can proudly say that seems to be true. This video was released last week of the Bare Burro 5K race at Olive Dell Ranch. It takes a more fun, care-free approach with a diverse cast of people and the voyeuristic shots seem to have been left on the cutting room floor.

*EDIT* – May 17th, 2014 – This nudist video by seems to have been taken down for some reason. We will restore it when / if it becomes available again.

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