Casting Call for Nudist TV Show

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Nudist TV Casting Call

ATTN All Naturists – Casting Call For Nudist TV!

Nudist TV Casting Call – As you may have seen on All-Nudist’s blog or on other nudist sites, there is a casting call for nudists / naturists to appear on an episode of a new television series. If you were wondering if it’s legit, we can assure you it is!

It’s a new series for National Geographic about fringe cultures, and one episode will focus on naturism. They are currently casting, so if you’re interested in participating, best to contact them right away.

In Search Of Nudists For A TV Show

The last time Nat Geo produced anything about naturism would seem to be the nudity episode of its Taboo series. This episode included a segment about Christian naturists who hold nude church services. Click here to see my post about this and to watch the whole episode on Youtube. Other segments of this episode are about Wiccan witches and Japan’s “Festival of the Naked Man.”

It’s fairly interesting. The bodies are censored on Youtube, but I wonder if they aired it that way too…isn’t Nat Geo one of the few networks that bares everything without charging you extra money for it? (As a porn channel would ha ha.) I really detest all censorship of nudity, so I certainly hope they’re going to do this without the blur bathing suits.

nudist tv naturist nudism naturism casting call

Nudist TV

Anyway, here’s the Nudist TV casting call info!


Are you and your family proponents of a “clothes-free” lifestyle? Do you firmly believe in naturism, free nude beaches, and nude recreation? Whether you’re new to nudism or were raised a nudist all your life, if you have a genuine belief and unique story to share then we want to hear from you!
An acclaimed television production company is searching for naturists, nudists, and others involved in the “clothes-free” movement.
We are especially seeking individuals and families with genuine personalities, compelling backstories, and interesting daily lives for this new TV series now in development for a major network.
To be considered, or to nominate someone, please write to us at naturismcasting[at] with the following information [**if you are nominating someone else, please be sure to include their contact info, as well**]:
– Your full name & any nicknames
– Your city & state of residence
– Brief cover note discussing your naturist and nudist lifestyle
– A few current photographs of yourself
– The best phone number(s) at which to reach you

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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