The Nudist Social Network Skinbook Closes

| October 2, 2010 | 23 Comments

Skinbook, The Nudist Social Network Shuts Down!

The Nudist Social Network:

These days it seems we can do a lot of our daily communication on the internet. Just using Facebook I can wish 5 people a happy birthday, share 60 vacation photos with 300 people, and create an event that I can invite all my friends to all in a matter of 15 minutes. Online social networking has taken off. So what about networking in the world of nudists?

“Skinbook,” the nudist social network or better yet, the Facebook for nudists originally started in 2008, recently collapsed. (The Ning network banned nudity, and they couldn’t revive it.) Here’s an article in Time magazine about Skinbook when it was still alive. While it seemed like a good idea, I never got around to trying it. But then I did have some troubles a few years ago with Facebook that may have been no issue for Skinbook. A friend posted pictures from an event that he cropped in order to make them acceptable for Facebook and share them. Well some got through the cracks and next thing I know my friends are wondering why they were looking at a picture of me naked with my breasts showing sitting on a towel next to another naked girl. (“I thought you had gone to an orgy or something!” said one of my college friends.) Needless to say I had a little explaining to do.

nudist social network skinbook young naturists

(And then the Nudist Social Network gets taken down.)

Now in relation to that incident, founder Karl Maddocks started Skinbook because they were “kind of embarrassed” to post their nude beach pictures on Facebook or Myspace. I can actually relate, not yet having been ready to share that part of my life with all FB friends by way of a topless picture. (These days I don’t actively try to hide my identity nor do I go shouting it off the rooftops. Unfortunately it is an ongoing taboo.) So I still do plenty of nudist socializing on regular ol’ FB and never tried the Skinbook thing or other type of networking sites like True Nudists .com.

TrueNudists I found surprising in that one can hit the homepage and see people’s nude photos without even signing up! Of course both sites have had some techniques of filtering out creepers or people looking for porn. But some friends I know who use TrueNudists told some stories of users brazenly asking for cybersex. (Though they have met cool people, too.) This has to be a big issue with trying to meet other naturists online while porn-seekers can end up in the wrong place very easily. Well to them it seems like the right place; that’s the problem.

So Skinbook is gone, but I don’t think we’ve really lost anything great there. It also totally separated itself from the other big nudist groups, while I think we should band together! I’m not sure what we’ll get in the future of naturist social networks, things are popping up all the time! For now I think we can manage to get events together and keep up with this age of easy social networking with all using Facebook, Twitter, Meetup Group, and more in the future!

(To find us on social media mentioned above)
Meetup Group:
Twitter: @Young_Naturists

How do you use the Internet to reach other naturists for events, socializing, etc.? Or how would you prefer to? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Dan

    There is a nudist alternative to Facebook. While Skinbook advertised itself as being a naturist version of Facebook, it was started and operated by people who weren't naturists, and had no idea of our values.

    Nudist Clubhouse has been online for 3 years, has over 20,000 members, and is operated by real nudists as a AANR non-landed club. The owner is an Trustee from the Western Region of AANR.

    NCH offers most of the usual social networking features, including groups, friends, photos, chat, etc., with one big advantage… Being operated by nudists, every effort is made to verify that people are there for the right reasons. The profiles indicate if a member has been verified in person by an NCH staff member, if they are an AANR member.

    For the protection of the members, all photos larger than thumbnail are pixilated to non-members.

    It's also a fun group that likes to have meet-ups and visit in person at a resort. We met at Cypress Cove in Florida in the Spring and Laguna Del Sol in California in the Fall. There are also often smaller regional get-togethers. The next major event is scheduled for Cypress Cove April 15-17th, 2011.

    Check the group pictures and you'll see a lot of Vida Nuda faces.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah there's definitely those issues to consider, and pervs will inevitably lurk about. But personally I do love taking pictures and really like sharing them with everyone in it so easily as on FB.
    But I think with our community section on the site, if the proper privacy settings are used it should be possible to only share photos with people you know and trust, while blocking out the nudist friends you've never met.
    So we'll see what happens with it!

  • LivingLifeBare

    But do you really need photos? I mean personally I have nothing against posting photos from a group, day at the beach, etc… the problem is if you create a site like skinbook you'll get the perves. Facebook doesn't work for obvious reasons, and then if you create your own social network it'll be 10% real nudists and 90% lurkers/people who post things like "nice body."

    That's why we're taking it slow at LivingLifeBare, we know what we want to do but the problem is trying to effectively create it. (That's why we drink heavily)

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks livinglifebare, it's interesting that you want to change the terms to bare living.
    Facebook is pretty bad, they totally censor and delete what they want. But at least we can talk and write as much as we want!

  • PFA

    Facebook sucks. Read through the Topfree Equal Rights Association site and there's countless stories of Facebook deleting everything from pig's breastfeeding photos to entire accounts–and this happens all the time! even private photos Also Something as acceptable as breastfeeding is protected by law in almost every state but illegal/indecent on Facebook. But since lots of people are on Facebook its a place to inform them of nudism & the topfree equality movement.

  • Alan

    I use facebook I don't share pictures anyway but I have found a lot of friends from my nudist club and a few from my old nudist club. I just put it out there I am a nudist and not going to apologize for it. I also put up links to nude friendly events and stories. Gettin the word out there best I can that nude ain't rude.

  • LivingLifeBare

    Ugh, typos happen, especially when you're trying to type too fast. I'm interested to read your thoughts on the image battle– because it makes me so angry to see all of these "nudist" sites out there that are just trying to sell a porn membership.

    Nudism, naturism (whatever you choose to call it) has a big image problem. That's why we're even shying away from those labels– just good old fashion bare living. If you live your life bare, you do more than just "letting it all hang out on the weekends."

    The key issue I think is creating a look of legitimacy and normalcy. I can ramble all night long. Stay in touch, perhaps we can work out a partnership. Best of luck with your site!

  • Anonymous

    I just checked out your website (which took a few minutes. If you really want people to look at your site you should probably type the link in correctly). But I do like what I read! Seems pretty modern and down to earth! I agree about a grassroots movement! And we are actually working on better social networking for nudists on our website . It's about time for something better than skinbook and others out there!
    Also- image battle- YES absolutely. I plan to write a post about that!

  • Anonymous

    I just checked out your website (which took a few minutes. If you really want people to look at your site you should probably type the link in correctly). But I do like what I read! Seems pretty modern and down to earth! I agree about a grassroots movement! And we are actually working on better social networking for nudists on our website It's about time for something better than skinbook and others out there!
    Also- image battle- YES absolutely. I plan to write a post about that!

  • Living Life Bare

    That's where we are trying to come in and build a real, honest to goodness nudist friendly media company. (And we need people like you to help.) A project that attracts people who truly enjoy nude recreation is going to be grassroots and honestly we believe in order for it to go mainstream it needs to be something larger than a blog– a digital magazine tied in to a social networking aspect.

    I personally hated skinbook, every female pic had 30 male comments on how pretty she was. That's not nudism/naturism. It's hard to get through the pornography, we have an image battle to fight.