The Nudist Social Network Skinbook Closes

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Skinbook, The Nudist Social Network Shuts Down!

The Nudist Social Network:

These days it seems we can do a lot of our daily communication on the internet. Just using Facebook I can wish 5 people a happy birthday, share 60 vacation photos with 300 people, and create an event that I can invite all my friends to all in a matter of 15 minutes. Online social networking has taken off. So what about networking in the world of nudists?

“Skinbook,” the nudist social network or better yet, the Facebook for nudists originally started in 2008, recently collapsed. (The Ning network banned nudity, and they couldn’t revive it.) Here’s an article in Time magazine about Skinbook when it was still alive. While it seemed like a good idea, I never got around to trying it. But then I did have some troubles a few years ago with Facebook that may have been no issue for Skinbook. A friend posted pictures from an event that he cropped in order to make them acceptable for Facebook and share them. Well some got through the cracks and next thing I know my friends are wondering why they were looking at a picture of me naked with my breasts showing sitting on a towel next to another naked girl. (“I thought you had gone to an orgy or something!” said one of my college friends.) Needless to say I had a little explaining to do.

nudist social network skinbook young naturists

(And then the Nudist Social Network gets taken down.)

Now in relation to that incident, founder Karl Maddocks started Skinbook because they were “kind of embarrassed” to post their nude beach pictures on Facebook or Myspace. I can actually relate, not yet having been ready to share that part of my life with all FB friends by way of a topless picture. (These days I don’t actively try to hide my identity nor do I go shouting it off the rooftops. Unfortunately it is an ongoing taboo.) So I still do plenty of nudist socializing on regular ol’ FB and never tried the Skinbook thing or other type of networking sites like True Nudists .com.

TrueNudists I found surprising in that one can hit the homepage and see people’s nude photos without even signing up! Of course both sites have had some techniques of filtering out creepers or people looking for porn. But some friends I know who use TrueNudists told some stories of users brazenly asking for cybersex. (Though they have met cool people, too.) This has to be a big issue with trying to meet other naturists online while porn-seekers can end up in the wrong place very easily. Well to them it seems like the right place; that’s the problem.

So Skinbook is gone, but I don’t think we’ve really lost anything great there. It also totally separated itself from the other big nudist groups, while I think we should band together! I’m not sure what we’ll get in the future of naturist social networks, things are popping up all the time! For now I think we can manage to get events together and keep up with this age of easy social networking with all using Facebook, Twitter, Meetup Group, and more in the future!

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