Lake Como Nude Family Nudist Resort in Florida

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Review of Lake Como Nudist Resort in Pasco County, Florida

Lake Como Nudist Resort Florida Reviewed:

Lake Como is one of the many nudist resorts located in what’s known as the “nudist capital” of America – Pasco County, Florida. Though Como holds the honor of being the first nudist resort in Pasco County, established in 1941.

Other nearby Florida nudist resorts are Paradise Lakes, Caliente (which is very much a swinger resort now), Paradise Pines RV Park, the Island Group and a few others.

My first visit there was some years ago, and I was glad to find the opportunity to visit again after the Florida Young Naturist Spring Fest at Sunsport Gardens.

Como is a big place with 196 acres, 109 year round mobile home sites, 75 seasonal RV sites (currently with a waiting list) and over 1,000 members. The resort was privately owned up until 1997, when the members bought it and restructured it into a co-op.

Of the 196 acres, 79 are cypress wetlands, and 32 are pine wood. The pine wood has replaced their old orange groves and their 35 acre lake is, of course, a big part of the resort.

*Though this being Florida, the lake is not for swimming – there are gators! (Jordan still remembers swimming in a lake as a kid with his family at one of the nudist resorts in Florida, until someone told them to get out of water because of alligators. He thinks this happened at Lake Como.)

View of the 35 acre lake at Florida's Lake Como nudist resort YNA

View of the 35 acre lake at Florida’s Lake Como nudist resort

Part of the undeveloped land is a dedicated nature preserve with 4 miles of trails. I have to say it was quite lovely to wander through the tall pines.

I even came across some gopher tortoises scuffling near their underground burrow.

Pine wood Forest at Lake Como Nudist Resort Florida YNA

Pine wood Forest at Lake Como Nudist Resort Florida

lake como nudist resort florida naturist gopher tortoise yna review

Can you spot the tortoise?

Other creatures are more permanent fixtures on the trail – one of the members there is a talented wood sculptor who carves sculptures of animals and other figures.

lake como nudist resort wood sculpture yna review

Red Fox Sculpture at Lake Como Nudist Reso

Lake Como Florida Nudist Resort Dog Chair YNA

Lake Como Florida Nudist Resort Dog Chair

Bear sculptures at Lake Como Nudist Resort Florida YNA

Bear sculptures at Lake Como Nudist Resort Florida

Como would definitely be called a rustic place, especially when compared with the more ritzy clubs nearby. But I don’t mean “rustic” in a bad way. It’s a matter of personal preference.

They have most of the facilities one would look for in a club – a hot tub encased by a screen cover, outdoor heated pool, restaurant, a bar they call the “Butt Hutt,” and recreation hall, all within the same area.

In a different section of the property they have some really nicely developed sports facilities.

The Nude Hot Tub at Lake Como Florida Nudist Resort Encased by a screen cover YNA

The Nude Hot Tub at Lake Como Florida Nudist Resort Encased by a screen cover

Inside Florida's Lake Como Nudist resort's Butt Hutt bar YNA

Inside Florida’s Lake Como Nudist resort’s Butt Hutt bar

The deck at the bar with a view of the lake at Lake Como Resort YNA

The deck at the bar with a view of the lake at Lake Como Resort

On weekends they have live bands and stand-up comedy shows at the Butt Hutt. The outside deck of the bar offers a scenic view of the lake.

Aside from a game of water volleyball, it was a mostly quiet weekday around the pool when I visited. However the members are very friendly, and it’s easy to strike up a conversation with someone.

(The office staff can be a little rough around the edges, but it is a co-op after all.)

There are some rooms and cabins you can rent for overnight stays. Their newer South Grove “housekeeping” cabins looked charming, and I’m told they’re very popular.

But I didn’t stay overnight, so I can’t review them myself just yet.

Their restaurant, called the Bare Buns Cafe, is adjacent to the pool. (I didn’t try the food either.) Right now it’s the oldest building on the property, and it’s about to be demolished in just a few days to rebuild an entirely new one.

Below is a photo of their current restaurant and the layout plan of the new one:

The current restaurant at Lake Como nudist resort FL YNA

The current restaurant at Lake Como nudist resort FL

lake como nudist resort restaurant plans naturist club florida yna review

Plans for the new restaurant at Lake Como Florida Nudist Resort

They’ve put a lot of money and effort into an area they call their “Sports Center.” They have golf driving range / golf course, five clay tennis courts with an observation deck and ten volleyball courts. I thought their sand volleyball courts looked beautiful.

These courts allow them to host their big annual 10-day nude volleyball tournament called Super Bowl South (usually takes place in March).

Nude volleyball games on sand courts at Lake Como Nudist Resort in Florida

Nude volleyball games on sand courts at Lake Como Nudist Resort in Florida

They also have petanque and pickle ball courts. For lake activities, you can take out a pedal boat or kayak out on the water.

Aside from the tournaments, though, it would seem the sports facilities aren’t enjoyed as much as they once were. Como members are mostly the older, retired “empty-nester” crowd.

They were once the biggest nudist club in the U.S. with over 3,000 members in the 70’s. In my opinion, there is no reason they shouldn’t have at least another 1,000 members today. Yes, there’s more competition now, but I’ll say what we always say: marketing.

Lake Como is a YNA affiliate club, and aside from Sunsport Gardens, they are the only other resort I know of where young adults age 18-30 can get in for only $6 / day with an affiliate membership! Or $12 / day without.

They are also very inclusive and make a point of saying they don’t discriminate based on marital status, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Both genital and nipple piercings are permitted. A+ for inclusivity!!!

If I lived in the Tampa area, Lake Como would probably be one of my top choices of clubs to join, if not my first. I always prefer the more natural settings to be naked in, as well as places that have an anti-discrimination policy.

Lake Como is definitely in line with the naturist values that we’re trying to bring back!

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