Nudist Resorts – What To Expect When Visiting a Nude Family Resort

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First Timer Guide To Nude Vacations and Visiting Family Nudist Resorts

Planing a nude family Nakation and on visiting nudist resorts yourself?

For many people, visiting nudist resorts, or other nude or naturist locations, may be an intimidating thought at first. If you are new, many places are capable and willing to help you feel better adjusted by either slowly introducing you or by allowing you the option to undress as you feel comfortable.

If a nude resort is not labeled “clothing-optional,” it would help to find out before visiting whether it is a strictly nude resort or if clothing is optional until you are more relaxed.

Packing for a trip to a nude family nudist resort may seem a little confusing, but it is important to bring at least some clothing in case there are situations where being dressed is more practical. A towel is the most important item to have, as the number one rule of nudist etiquette is to always sit on a towel when using the facilities.

Cameras are generally frowned upon so it may not be ideal to bring one unless otherwise noted. Bring plenty of sun-block or sunscreen, sunglasses or other toiletries as needed just as you would on any other trip.

nude volleyball tournament bare oaks naturist park ontario yna

Nude Volleyball Tournament at Bare Oaks Nudist Family Resort

Those with pets or children should ask ahead of time whether they are allowed and if so if any special accommodations need to be made for them. Some resorts may be an adults-only or a pet free location.

Adults-only is not always to be taken as an adult-themed place with sexual behavior. It may just mean that the resort caters to adults looking for a quiet vacation away from their own and others’ kids.

Some nude nudist resorts are couples-only or have a policy on single males visiting, so be sure to carefully read through the resort’s website. Many have a special information page for first-time visitors.

Most nudist resorts in the U.S. are not five-star vacation resorts focused on customer service and catering to your every need. Most require at least some degree of self-sufficiency, especially if it’s a co-operative club (run by the members) rather than a privately-owned establishment.

However there are a few nude resorts here and there that aim to provide a more luxury experience. Examples are Terra Cotta Inn and Meadowlark Country House in California.

Guide To Visiting Nudist Resorts and Naturist Nude Family Vacations by YNA

Guide To Visiting Nudist Resorts and Naturist Nude Family Vacations

Nudist Resorts and Nude Family Vacations – What You Need to Know:

Nudist resorts are places where people who practice the naturist lifestyle can enjoy clothes-free activities with others. People pursue naturism for various reasons, but naturists all share the belief that social nudity is healthy, fun and natural.

Most nudist resorts aren’t much different than conventional resorts. Activities are dependent on the specific nature of the resort itself, but they mainly exist to provide naturists with a place to go relax and have fun. Those who book vacations at nudist resorts because they are curious about the naturist lifestyle are often surprised at the variety of people they encounter.

No realistic stereotypes exists for people who live the naturist lifestyle — they are as diverse as the rest of the human population. People of all ages, sizes, shapes, race and economic levels routinely vacation at nudist resorts. That being said, nudist resorts in the U.S. today tend to have an older demographic with the majority of members being age 50+.

Standards of behavior for those spending time with other naturists are the same as those for conventional resorts. Commenting on the appearance of others or staring is not acceptable. Many who are unfamiliar with the naturist lifestyle often view it as something that is highly sexual, but that simply isn’t the case. Those who visit a nudist resort with the expectation of having sexual encounters with strangers will be disappointed.

Clothing Optional Nudist Resorts YNA

Clothing Optional Nudist Resorts

Social nudity is an excellent way to feel closer to nature. Although many people think that it’s a fairly recent trend, it has actually been practiced for centuries as a healthy way to live. Humans have long enjoyed activities like skinny dipping and nude sunbathing, but modern naturism started as a movement in Germany. It came to the U.S. in the early 20th century, and the first nudist resorts opened in the 1930’s.

Nudist activities aren’t just limited to resorts, however. Nude cruises are an increasingly popular way for those nudists to spend their vacation time.

Some people who are attracted to the naturist lifestyle may be hesitant to visit a nudist resort because they are afraid that their imperfect body will make them feel out of place and self-conscious. However, naturism is not about having the perfect body, even if there were such a thing, and showing it off.

It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin and accepting others as they are. Naturists recognize that every body is different, unique and beautiful in their own way. Most people are surprised by how quickly they begin to feel comfortable during their first visit to a nudist resort.

What really goes on at Nude Family Nudist Resorts?

Contrary to the belief of a certain portion of the public, Nudist Resorts are not a place for wild parties and free sex. In actuality, they are designated private properties where people desiring the clothing-free lifestyle can enjoy time participating in wholesome activities or just relaxing in a public setting without having to conform to society’s accepted norms related to nudity.

Family nudist resorts are for all genders, including transgender and genderqueer folk. They are for families with young children as well as for older couples. Anyone interested in practicing the nudist lifestyle is welcomed at a nude family nudist resort. The basic philosophy is to allow everyone freedom and to respect their space and not act inappropriately. Other than that, what you choose to do at a Nudist Resort is pretty much up to your individual preferences.

Young Naturists Florida Playing Music at the Weekend Gathering of Young Adult Nudists at Sunsport Gardens Nudist Resort

Young Naturists Florida Weekend Gathering Young Adult Nudists Playing Music

Going to a clothing optional or nude family nudist resort is a good way to escape the daily grind and relax. Resorts vary in their facilities, but most offer a natural, secluded setting with a place to swim or sunbathe. Nude sunbathing is popular because the feeling of warm sun on bare skin is something many people consider to be sublime.

If you enjoy swimming or just like to keep cool in the summer, taking a dip in the pool, or in some cases a pond or lake, is part of most nudist resort activities. Other facilities can include: hot tub, sauna, volleyball / basketball court, tennis courts, clubhouse with games / TV, hiking trails, canoes / kayaks, and more.

Nudist resorts encourage socialization among their guests by offering organized activities where everyone is invited to participate. There is no pressure to join any organized event, but most people like to take part in some group activities.

There may be an organized game or sports tournament like tennis, volleyball, races, or obstacle courses where teams compete for a trophy, prize or just bragging rights as champion. Mealtimes are also good for socializing and meeting others, and many resorts will organize dinner parties or potlucks.

Everybody can sit together and feel free to talk about anything that piques their interest. It does not matter what social status or background a visitor comes from. Free of clothing, everyone is on equal ground. For the most part, everyone is very non-judgmental and accepting of individual rights and beliefs.

Families that practice nudism and naturism and visit nudist resorts are very well adjusted and the children grow up with a healthy view of the human body. At some resorts, special activities are planned for children such as games, sports, and arts and crafts. Most family-oriented clubs will have a playground and possibly a stash of toys for all kids to enjoy.

You do not have to always be nude while at a nudist resort (at least at most of them). There are times when it is not comfortable to be without clothes such as if the weather turns cold or perhaps you catch a cold and need to cover up.

But many resorts do have areas where nudity is expected, such as in the pool or sauna. At a clothing-optional resort, clothing / swimsuits are optional everywhere.

A trip to one of the many nudist resorts in America or around the world can be a most rewarding experience. If you’ve never tried it, you should. If you embrace the lifestyle, you’re probably planning your next trip right now.

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    I’m interested & curious about going to a naturist resort. IV haven been to one before, & a long drive would greatly reduce the odds of “actually” going. ALL THE WAY THERE,..doubts, fears, ..uncertainty, would certainly have MORE THAN long enuf, to, “chicken out”. So I’d like to know if there are any such places, near the Lake of the Ozarks area. I live 20 minutes from Warsaw, so,..I’d greatly appreciate any input or help to be had.
    Sincerely, Troy C. Simon

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    Avalon Resort, in the North East panhandle of WV, is working hard on facility upgrades and enhancements. We have a newly renovated all season party barn and volley ball court, and renovated motel facilities.  Young or old, naked or not, male, female, family, first timers or single. You are all welcome and invited to share the safe experience of naturism, in the beautiful mountains of WV. Come share in the freedom of living without shame or judgment.  

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