Nudist Organizations and Naturist Groups Throughout The World

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The Different Naturist And Nudist Organizations and What They Do

What Do Nudist Organizations Say They Do and What Do They Actually Do?

Nudist Organizations – This is an election year in the United States and this election will have far reaching implications for the future of our nation. Who we vote for is probably less important than why we are voting for them. The same can be said about any movement or organization, including nudist organizations.

We should never support a group or organization in order to to get lower prices or tangible rewards. We should support the ideals that the organization represents. So take the time to learn about candidates, groups and movements before making decisions and whoever you believe will do the best job is the one you should go with.

There is no wrong or right choice because we all have different ideas and opinions. In the case of nudist organizations you might find that you support more than one, and in this case you might want to donate and or support multiple groups.

Susan Weaver, the current president of AANR once told me that “With such diverse populations, it is inevitable that we will have different paths to a common goal, but such diversity can be a major strength!” and I agree. So please show some generosity and support as many groups and organizations as possible… there is far more that unites us than divides us and we are all doing the best that we can!

We can learn a lot about a group, company or organization from its mission statement and / or tag lines. This got me thinking… what do nudist organizations and nudist clubs say they do, and do they actually do what they claim? Below, I will include the basic facts and it is up to the members of that nudist organization to decide if they support its mission or not. One more thing that I thought about is the fact that many of us don’t take the time to learn about the groups and what they do.

Nudist Organizations

Nudist Organizations

Naturist Clubs and Nudist Organizations – Mission Statements and Accountability

(I started off by using a main stream brand just as an example)

The Nike Company

“Just Do It”

Nike Just Do It

Nike Just Do It

Nike for example is all about simplicity. Their tag line implies far more than what one might think. We are all tired, we all work hard and we all make excuses for not exercising. But Nike takes all that negativity and throws it back at us. No more excuses, no more negativity, just set your mind to something and make it happen (and buy our products). The check mark is a great touch that goes a long way. As if to say – “Done!”

America Association For Nude Recreation ( AANR )

“To advocate nudity and nude recreation in appropriate settings while educating and informing society of their value and enjoyment”

Nudist Organization - The American Association For Nude Recreation AANR

Nudist Organization – The American Association For Nude Recreation AANR

Based on this statement AANR is about speaking or writing in favor of people being without clothes & offering supporting arguments in favor of their beliefs while recommending publicly that everyone should take advantage of the benefits of nude recreation.

Florida Young Naturists ( FYN )

“Get Naked! Enjoy Life Naturally”

Florida Young Naturists FYN

Naturist Group – Florida Young Naturists FYN

Simple and to the point. Have fun and be naked, nothing less and nothing more. No morals, no ethics, no politics and no rules – just having fun naked.

International Nudist Federation ( INF )

“Works to enhance and improve the naturist experience and the naturist business climate by promoting the benefits of naturism to the general public”

Naturist Organization - The International Naturist Federation INF

Naturist Organization – The International Naturist Federation INF

This statement means that they actively work to promote naturism (as is defined on their website) as well as supporting businesses who are part of the nudist movement. How do they do this? By informing people about the benefits of a naturist lifestyle.

Southern California Naturist Association ( SCNA )

“We actively promote and encourage clothing-optional recreation and personal growth opportunities for all ages through our educational outreach programs”

Naturist Organization - Southern California Naturist Association SCNA

Naturist Organization – Southern California Naturist Association SCNA

SCNA are about getting people to try clothing optional recreation and telling people the benefits of participating in such activities. They also are about self-guided improvements — economically, intellectually, or emotionally — and the meme they use is clothing optional events.

The Naturist Action Committee ( NAC )

“NAC exists to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America. NAC supports the responsible recreational nude use of public lands”

Naturist Organization - Naturist Action Committee NAC

Naturist Organization – Naturist Action Committee NAC

NAC are about protecting the special interests and protecting the rights of people who participate in nudism and the naturist lifestyle. They also support the use of federal lands for responsible / non sexual nude recreation.

The Naturist Society ( TNS )

“To promote body acceptance through clothing optional recreation using tools of education and community outreach”

Naturist Organization - The Naturist Society TNS

Naturist Organization – The Naturist Society TNS

Based on this statement, TNS is a self proclaimed body acceptance movement and not a naturist / nudist organization. One would think that when visiting their website you will find (mostly) articles about body acceptance, eating disorders and how participating in clothing optional recreation could help individuals accept themselves and others. They state that it’s by educating people (through their website & publication) and by going into communities and holding lectures and workshops that they achieve their goals.

Naturist Education Foundation ( NEF )

“Improving the awareness of naturism and body acceptance among both naturists and non-naturists. achieving an understanding and acceptance of naturists and their activities throughout North America.”

Naturist Education Fund NEF

Naturist Education Fund NEF

Based on this statement, we can see that NEF is an information organization that educates people about body acceptance as well as acceptance of naturists and naturist activities throughout North America.

Vita Nuda ( VN )

“Join The Nude Revolution”

Naked Party / Nudist Group - Vita Nuda VN

Naked Party / Nudist Group – Vita Nuda VN

Vita Nuda‘s mission statement is a simple call to action. Based on their statement, they believe that people must join their fight to overthrow, repudiate and thoroughly replace the established government or political system as it pertains to the wearing of clothing. It’s an activist movement that believes that all people in society need forceful uprising to topple the status quo of wearing clothing. Give me nakedness or give me death is one battle cry that perhaps might fit a nude revolutionary movement.

Young Naturists America ( YNA )

“Impact the world in a positive manner”

Best of The Naturist Organizations - Young Naturists America YNA

Best of The Naturist or Nudist Organizations – Young Naturists America YNA

Sounds simple? Well think about it for a second… impact implies action so this requires a person to actually get up and do something. So by saying “Impact The World In A Positive Manner” we are saying that people must take action, look beyond themselves and do something good for the sake of others (“While Naked”in the case of Young Naturists America)

I just picked a few, but now it is up to you to hold the group you support to the ideals they say they are about.

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    What about old nauturist :)?

  • Lamdba

    I never really put much thought into Vita Nuda’s slogan, but I guess I always pictured the “nude revolution” more like the “digital revolution”: more of a change in perspective than a change in policy. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re not trying to overthrow the government. :)

    • @Lamdba I sure do hope you are right ;) Naked people with pitchforks is not a good thing for our image!