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Personal Nudist Organization Benefits and Young Naturists and Nudists America

YNA Nudist Organization Expectations and Realities:

A couple of weeks ago, we got an email from a young woman who used to attend our events. She was a dues-paying nudist organization member of YNA for a couple of years and when her membership auto-renewed for another year, she got upset.

Here is the email we received (Names have been changed to protect the people’s identities):

“I’m not sure what benefit I’m getting by continually being a member…. We each paid $22. We have been members without any benefit, and I’m finally saying something. Please refund the money. If there’s a return on investment we might get in the future, please feel free to reach out and let me know what it is. I’d love to help, but I’m not seeing the reason why at this point. Thank you, Hillary.”

yna membership card frequently asked questions young naturists america

Nudist Organization YNA Membership Card

So let me reiterate a few things and hopefully re-align expectations with reality.

For starters, with regard to this line: “We have been members without any benefit, and I’m finally saying something.”

This point makes me cringe every time. YNA is not about creating reward systems or materialistic member benefits. We are different from the other nudist organizations out there today. If you are looking at the membership from a perspective of, “What do I personally get out of being a member?” then you should probably check out the other groups.

Naked Body Painting Andy Golub NYC YNA

Naked Body Painting Andy Golub NYC

The American Association for Nude Recreation AANR offers coupons – so if you feel that is a good reason to support an organization then go right ahead. While YNA does have affiliated nudist resorts and clubs that offer the same (and at times bigger) discounts as AANR, we don’t think people should join us just for that reason.

The Naturist Society for example produces a nice limited-circulation quarterly magazine and if getting something in print is something you deem as a worthy return on investment then by all means – go for that membership.

At YNA, we publish more than both TNS and AANR combined – but unlike TNS, we don’t charge people to read what we write. We believe that our content should be easily accessible to everyone. That is how we create discussions and increase the exposure to people who are not currently part of the naturist community.

Even though we publish more than both nudist organizations combined, we feel it would be wrong to charge people for articles because so many people, organizations and the media follow us and as a result, we are able to increase the attention and even alert the media about issues that we feel should be addressed.

social nudism naturism nudist st patricks day party yna

YNA’s St Patrick’s Day – Non Sexual Social Nude Party In NYC

As for the “I’d love to help, but I’m not seeing the reason why at this point” comment. Oy… When I donate to the ASPCA (for example), it never occurred to me to ask “What do I personally get out of it” or “What is my return on investment.” I donate to different causes and help people just because I feel it is the right thing to do.

It is no secret that for the last couple of years, YNA has been the most active advocate and the most talked about naturist / nudist organization in mainstream USA. Events that we get involved in, such as Bodypainting Day, get worldwide media attention.

TopFree Day NYC

TopFree Day NYC

We are constantly interacting with and being featured in (or are contributing to) influential media outlets such as: Vice, The Huffington Post, NY Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Time Out, Nerve, Playboy, The NY Observer and the list goes on and on and on.

We are quickly becoming the go-to and trusted mainstream source about body image, nudism, non-sexual nudity related issues and behavior etiquette, nude friendly casting calls and much more!

But what else does YNA do that could justify the hefty $22 / year investment?

  1. We help promote nudist clubs and get more people to visit.
  2. We do create nudist events – though much less than ever before (if more people donated and we could afford to hire people then we would love to have a person who would be just in charge of creating events all over the USA and beyond – full time!).
  3. We connect people and create hubs of like minded good-hearted naturists.
  4. We monitor, maintain and create online discussions groups.
  5. We are vocal on social media sites.
  6. We fight against harmful censorship policies.
  7. We help smaller groups get the word out.
  8. We promote and help artists.
  9. We work with clubs to get exclusionary policies changed.
  10. We help promote and put together rallies and legal protests.
  11. We help promote other nudist resort events.
  12. We fight against online child pornography issues… here is just one letter that was sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:


My name is Jordan Blum and I am the co-founder of Young Naturists America (a naturist organization that focuses on social issues). One of the issues that we work on is trying to get sites that have imagery and content of prepubescent children engaging in sexual acts removed from the Internet / indexes of big content websites such as Google.

We started out by trying to contact the search engines directly – but with absolutely no success. We then created division forums in the help sections of those sites – no success.

We used to have a connection at our local FBI field office in NYC who would help us. That proved to be somewhat effective but ever since the matter was transferred to the Department of Missing and Exploited Children, we have had “0” success in getting such content removed or even getting anyone to care or to respond to our submissions.

We even have a group that consists of a number of people who will help us register complaints about the same website. We were hoping that we would get some results by having different / numerous people report the same sites. That has so far yielded “0” results as well.

We are really at loss as to why it is so difficult to get such obviously upsetting content removed from the index of big sites such as Google.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jordan Blum”

The above mentioned work is still only part of what we do. So much of what Felicity and I do requires us to invest our own money and our own “free,” “spare” and “personal” time. If you do not think or feel that what we do is important, beneficial or worthwhile then do not become a member.

Felicity of YNA - Naked Wall Street Arrest

Felicity was falsely arrested for being topfree on Wall Street during the art performance Ocularpation.

If you are only interested in what you can personally get out of your membership then please don’t sign up. We are only looking for and wanting support from people who care more about the greater good than their own personal rewards.

If you are looking for some form of materialistic / tangible compensation then please donate a hell of lot more than $22 a year!

Click here to: Become a Member or to donate to YNA

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  • There was one study that found that countries that allow child p. have less real world child abuse compared to countries that ban it.  I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m the type of person that thinks outside the box.  Maybe I can find the study.