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Nudist Message Board – Welcome to our pre-nudist social network Nudist Forum! Come in, say hi, and meet new friends. Whether you are new to naturism & the nudist lifestyle or a seasoned nudist, you will find a great group of people here.

Some of us live the lifestyle on a daily basis while some of us prefer to attend special events and destinations designed with the naturist in mind. However, we all enjoy nudism for our own personal reasons, whether it is the feeling of freedom and liberation, respecting our natural bodies in the way they were made, or coexisting with nature in our natural form.

why be a nudist

Why Be A Nudist

If you are new to the naturist lifestyle, please feel free to ask questions. Likewise, if you have been living this lifestyle for some time, please share your experiences and reflective thoughts.

This nudist forum or message board, is a wonderful place to connect, share, and converse with fellow nudists from all walks of life and locales. Together, we can share a wealth of information about nudism.

So please, come in and bare all!

Feel free to comment or leave any thoughts…. the more people share their thoughts about nudism, the better it is for us all!

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
  • BillVanhoozer

    I’ve been a long time nudist, if i am home I am naked, warn people that I am a nudist.  I will also invite them to join me at a beach or Resort to see for themselves what Social nudity is all about.

  • Kukoo

    i love to be nude in public, but my penis get erect as soon as i takeoff cloth

  • Two Loose Screws

    Hi, we wish you all a happy 'nude' year! :-) We are seeking open-minded, adventurous folks in the naturist community for an artistic project to be done on Monday, Jan. 30th. This is a short video project; the premise is an 'absurdist' art modeling session, wherein the (female) model is fully clothed, but the artists (of both genders) sketching her are all unclad. There will no overtly sexual behavior, and it will steer clear of being 'porn'. We seek people of both genders, over 18, any ethnicity OK, to play the artists (the 'model' role has been cast). We can offer a free 'screener' copy of the finished product on DVD, as well as screen credit (psuedonyms allowed). For more info, please e-mail Wylie at two.loosescrews (at) Note the ' . ' after the 'two' in our addy.

    Thanks, everyone, and we look forward to meeting some of you soon!

  • Harry Bateman II

    I love 2 b nude any chance I get,but I can't always be. My friends and family don't understand why I want 2b nude,and others think I;m a perv! I just want 2b natural and free! Hang out with other naturalist and be accepted 4 who I am. I even vidchat in the buff,but no one wants to chat with me naked.I feel trapped! What do I do?

  • Steve

    Fix your iPhone app it doest work it always says error downloading data

    • Nature Lover

      It works