Polish Nudist Interview At Sauba Cezar

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Polish Nudist Interview for Sauna Cezar & Polish Priests

Polish Nudist Interview – When Peter first met me outside the door of Sauna Cezar, I was shocked by how suspicious he seemed about the idea of recording a nudist interview. I had to explain to him carefully the nature of the magazine and the fact that as distributors they assiduously screen their clientele. I repeatedly drove home the point that it was “safe.”

Peter is not a very outgoing kind of man. He’s friendly and willing to share a joke or two when it suits him. On the whole however he’s quiet and modest and doesn’t see the need to be interviewed. Looking back on our first encounter, I was sure there was more to his suspicion than mere shyness.

More than once Peter shared with me his doubt that a featured article in an English-language naturist or nudist blog or magazine could bring a single foreign customer to his door. I kept telling him it was at least worth a try. I wondered where his pessimism was coming from. The first time Gosia drove me to Vagina she too expressed a sense of general disillusionment. Unhappiness seemed wrapped around every one of her words. During our time in the jacuzzi she mentioned with a heavy sigh having had many “life experiences.” I wondered what she meant.

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Nudism In Poland

On Sunday, Darek and Gosia sat with me in the Vagina courtyard. The topic of religion came up. Gosia was shocked to hear that I was a practicing Catholic. “You believe in God?” she asked. I replied in the affirmative. “You go to church?” she asked. I nodded. She exchanged a look with Darek. “It’s Sunday,” she said. “You’re not in church.”

“So what?” I said. Gosia seemed positively taken aback. She had no idea what to make of it.

“I hate the Polish church,” I said. I explained how a Polish priest once crammed the Eucharist down my throat. I had offered my hands as an altar for the Lord, as was my custom. Before I had finished the word “Amen,” the priest had jammed his hand halfway into my mouth. In Poland only a priest is allowed to touch the Eucharist. “The Polish church exists to subordinate people,” I explained. “I hate Polish priests.”

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Polish Nudists

My words were like balsam. Gosia started describing the imperious behavior of priests who visit parishioners homes during the holidays to “see how things are.” The “tradition” of the “ministerial visit” is “sanctioned” by canon law. It’s a way for priests to extort money. I told Gosia I had my own experiences with the clerical Gestapo. They had left a bad taste in my mouth. Darek nodded his head. “They took a good thing and ruined it,” he said.

Many days later Gosia confessed to me that one of the Sauna’s first clients was a priest. He didn’t come to relax.

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