Why I Started A Nudist Group For Men in NYC

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Introducing A New Nudist Group For Men Based in NYC

Guest blog by: Shai Long, organizer of the Nude Events group

Whether you call it nudism or naturism, either way it’s all the same. It is a feeling of freedom, a sense of bonding with other humans. It is knowing that under all the labels, styles and outfits that fit us into a certain category depending on how we dress, we are all the same. We are flesh and bones — human! According to the XIV Congress of the International Naturist Federation, naturism is: “A way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment.”

My name is Shai, and I’m the organizer of “nude,” an all-male social nudism group in New York City. I got into nudism through an enjoyment of the Korean spas and Russian saunas while living in San Francisco. I would always be naked at home as well. There was a sort of primal drive to not want to put these things on my body all the time. After discovering nude beaches and other like-minded people I realized this isn’t something that only exhibitionists do on beaches and in dark steam rooms. This is something I want to really get into and make a part of my life.

I started this group to fill a gap between the spas and sex clubs in the city. The two extremes didn’t fit the culture I felt was needed and that people were looking for in the area. We have great groups like Gay Naturists international and Young Naturists America; however there are limited regular events for small social sharing of the nudist culture especially for a lot of men who want to meet other like-minded men.

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“Nude” Men’s Nudist Group in NYC Life Drawing Event

I want to bring people together in an effort to normalize what we do as naturists so it’s no longer taboo. I want to show the outside world what I realized when I started: that nudism isn’t just for secluded beaches, and it doesn’t have to be a counter culture.

My “nude” group is about connecting men who are interested in social nudism and male bonding. We have regular events in Manhattan every month with different themes. We welcome men of all levels and regularly get new attendees who have never been nude in public before. Nude isn’t just a room full of naked men. It’s an experience if you have never tried the naturist life among other people before.

For the seasoned nudist, it’s an outlet to meet other men and enjoy activities like massage, dance, drawing, yoga, potlucks, and even Twister!

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We also work with a growing number of groups in the New York area to share our lifestyle and spread the message that the human body is okay and not something to hide.

If you are interested in the naturist lifestyle or in joining one of our events, visit our website at nudeevents.wix.com/nude. If you have, or know of a group that would like to partner with us and cross promote each other’s events to reach a larger audience feel free to connect with us as well.

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