Naked News Alert: Project Runway All Starts: The Nudist / Birthday Suit Episode

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Nudist Episode Airs This Thursday on Project Runway All Stars

In June of last year, YNA was asked to participate in a reality show that would seem like the antithesis of what we’re about.

It was a fashion competition show called Project Runway All Stars!

The show’s producers asked for 10 naturists to be part of a special episode. For this episode, the designers were challenged with making winter clothes for nudists (yes, really!).

nudist episode naturists project runway all stars alyssa milano yna

Nudies on the runway with Alyssa Milano!


Project Runway has been on TV for over 10 years and was originally hosted by Heidi Klum. The “All Stars” variety brings on contestants from previous episodes and is now in its 5th season. It’s hosted by actress Alyssa Milano, who is also an advocate for positive body image and public breastfeeding (and she was the major reason why we agreed to participate).

Every episode presents a new challenge for the fashion designers who must then present their creations to a panel of judges. Alyssa and the other judges pick and discuss the best and worst outfits. One designer is eliminated each week until a final winner is chosen at the end of the season.

This is the first time that the show has ever had nudists as the “models” and this was their first ever “naked runway.”

nudist episode naturists project runway all stars designers yna

Those faces! :) The designers react to seeing us, the naturists, as they learn what their latest challenge is in this episode


I was a model along with 4 other women and 5 men. I won’t give away too much before the episode airs. I will just say that it was a fun and interesting experience, and I will be publishing a full report about it on Friday!

So tune into the Lifetime network this Thursday, March 10, at 9 pm EST to see us in the 5th episode of this season’s Project Runway All Stars, which is aptly titled: “Birthday Suits.”

Update: Click here to read Felicity’s review of the episode after it premiered!

Here is a preview clip of the episode below.

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  • TTinNW

    This is just so special! Sounds not only like a ton of fun, but another step forward in promoting nudist ideals, positive body image and body acceptance.

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  • j238


  • briananthonykraemer Unfortunately that won’t be possible. We asked them about airing an uncensored version in Europe maybe, but that won’t be happening.

  • ZamesC Yes, that’s them. :) I hope you don’t mind but I edited your comment because one of them only wants to be known by a pseudonym for this (and has asked not to be tagged on social media, fyi).

  • briananthonykraemer

    How can we see this uncensored?

  • ZamesC

    Ooops..  I should have read more closely.  You answered that in the first sentence.

  • ZamesC

    How long ago was that filmed?   I think I spotted Justina & Lloyd among them, both of whom moved out of the area some time ago,