Nudist Creep and Perv Alert

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Nudist Creep and Perv Alert

YNA is Issuing a A Nudist Creep and Perv Alert!

Pervert Alert!
Street Name : Googly Eyes
Sex: male
Age: 64
Weapon : small camera
Distinctive marks/oddities : no arms or legs, has 1 foot
Wanted for : Gawking, secretly taking photos of nude women, drug deals straight from his mobile home

Nudist Creep and Perv Alert

Nudist Creep and Perv Alert!

Onto more serious things…

YNA could use your help!! As you know, we have been putting a lot of time, money and hard work into what we are doing. We have recently launched two new websites –, and, and the smartphone app Our Nude World is undergoing some vital improvements. Though we have come pretty far in the past year, there is so much more we want to do in the nudist community and beyond! At present there is no fee to be part of YNA, in our efforts to have the widest reach. Soon there will be a small fee to access The Bare Times.
However, we are running out of savings, and thus reaching out to this wonderful community for help!�
Any donation, big or small, is hugely appreciated.
Click here to donate.
We hope to continue with all our endeavors, past and future, in 2012, and let’s work together to make our movement grow and prosper!

And another (last-minute) nude casting call:

I received this email and thought I would share the opportunity:

“Hi, we wish you all a happy ‘nude’ year! :-) We are seeking open-minded, adventurous folks in the naturist community for an artistic project to be done on the evening of Monday, Jan. 30th. This is a short video project; the premise is an ‘absurdist’ art modeling session, wherein the (female) model is fully clothed, but the artists (of both genders) sketching her are all unclad. There will be no overtly sexual behavior, and it will steer clear of being ‘porn’. We seek people of both genders, over 18, any ethnicity OK, to play the artists (the ‘model’ role has been cast). We can offer a free ‘screener’ copy of the finished product on DVD, as well as screen credit (psuedonyms allowed). For more info, please e-mail Wylie at two.loosescrews (at) Note the ‘ . ‘ after the ‘two’ in our addy.

Thanks, everyone, and we look forward to meeting some of you soon!”

Disclaimer: Though we have been in touch by email, and I have no reason to discredit them, I have not met nor do I personally know the people of Two Loose Screws. Pursue at your own discretion. (And let me know how it goes if you do! ;)

This Nudist Creep and Perv Alert Was Published By – Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA


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