The Nudist Community Which Is Not A Colony!

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Nudists in the USA Live in Nudist Communities, Not Nudist Colonies!

The Nudist Colony

First off… there are many different definitions of the term “colony.” The meaning may also change based on the specific instance with regrades to what is referenced.

For example, plants can colonize as in the below example:

A group of the same kind of animals, plants, or one-celled organisms living or growing together.

Countries can colonize:

A group of emigrants or their descendants who settle in a distant territory but remain subject to or closely associated with the parent country. So in essence, a colony is a region that is politically controlled by a distant country; a dependency.

People can also colonize:

A group of people with the same interests or ethnic origin concentrated in a particular area. An example: the artist colony in Woodstock.

The most common association with the term “colony” would be when country or its citizens send a group of people beyond their borders to settle a place and establish political control over it.

Since the day to day use is so closely associated with the aspect of taking over land and establishing a different set of governing laws, the term “colonizing” tends to come off as a militant and forceful action.

The image below is a great example of the types of association people may have with colonizing people:

A Nudist Take Over - Nudist Women Take Over Land to Establish a Nudist Colony!

A Nudist Colonizing Take Over – Nudist Women Take Over Land to Establish a Nudist Colony!

Nudist Colony – For starters, we would like to correct a misconception that nudists live in colonies. The fact of the matter is that most nudists visit regular communities, clubs and resorts (just without clothes).

Nudist colonies don’t exist. At least in the way that most people think about colonies in general (not just nudist colonies)

Nudist Colony

Nudist Colony

There are nudists who live in full-time. These may be year round nudist clubs, but they represent a small subset of the general community. Most nudists will get offended when the term “nudist colony” comes up.

Since most people associate the term with strong forcefulness of imparting a new moral value system on people that may not want to subscribe to these new ideals, most nudists will take offence to the term Nudist Colonies.

Simple fact – nudists dont colonize. Nudists live in regular gated communities. So please try to refrain from using that term “nudist colony” and stick to the proper one – nudist community or nudist club / resort.

The Nudist Community:

Nudist Community – Many people have a curiosity about nudist resorts, nude beaches and the nudist community in general.

What really goes on behind the gated entrance of a facility dedicated to promoting the nudist lifestyle? Are there wild parties and orgies taking place on the grounds? Not at all.

Any club or resort that is a member of the American Association of Nudist Recreation (AANR) or is otherwise a reputable establishment, has rules and regulations that its patrons must abide by (or at least they should have!).

One of the basic rules prohibits overt sexual behavior. These rules are designed to ensure everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy their visit.

Nudist Community

Nudist Community

The nudist community is not much different from the so called “normal” environment in which most people live. Aside from being free of clothes, naturists are regular people doing regular things. They just happen to enjoy doing them without the restriction of wearing clothes.

Naturists come in all shapes and sizes and from all sorts of backgrounds. One of the freeing things about a naturist environment is that people are judged and evaluated based on their inner being and not on outward appearances.

Within most nudist clubs and resorts are a number of nude recreation activities and scheduled events designed to bring people closer together.

There may be parties, dinners, sports competitions, lectures, concerts, festivals and other events that address a common interest. Many outdoor activities such as nude volleyball, softball, skinny-dipping, nude hiking and so forth, are available, just as they would be in a more traditional resort or nudist park experience.

coventry resort nudist club vermont community garden yna review

Nudist Community Garden at coventry resort nudist club in Vermont

The nudist community is, or at least should be, an accepting environment. Every attempt is made to make sure people are comfortable and relaxed. There is no pressure to participate in any activity. People quickly learn the etiquette expected at a nudist club.

After a very short time, seeing so many naked people does not even raise an eyebrow. People get used to the environment very quickly and simply go about their business as normal.

Whether you are new to the nudist community / environment or an experienced veteran of the lifestyle, you can be assured, that, as a group, naturists are some of the friendliest, most accepting people you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Again, in closing we would like to urge everyone to refrain from using the term nudist colony or colonies and just simply stick to the terms nudist community or nudist club! Thank you!

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