Naked News Alert: Nudist Clubhouse Website Was Hacked By Cyber Terrorist

| March 6, 2016 | 21 Comments

Social Networking Site “Nudist Clubhouse” Was Hacked With Members’ Personal Data Stolen

Nudist Clubhouse, a nudist forum / social network website, has been down since at least Thursday, March 3rd. According to their website, they were hacked last week by a “cyber terrorist in Ukraine.”

nudist clubhouse website naturist social network hacked cyber terrorist yna

Nudist Clubhouse was hacked by a cyber terrorist last week

Allegedly, the terrorist hacker managed to download the website’s user database which contains the private data of most of its members.

This personal data may include: usernames, passwords, pictures, genders, dates of birth, emails, phone numbers, physical addresses as well as private interactions and messages.

Some members have received an extortion email from the hackers. The messages that were sent to the site’s users contained the person’s above personal information as well as a threat to release the information (making it public for the world to see) unless the user pays them “about $3 or .01 Bitcoins.”

We urge everyone to abide by the warning on the Nudist Clubhouse website: “DO NOT PAY THEM.”

Giving into their demands will only reward the hacker and encourage future acts of cyber terrorism. In addition, even if you did pay them, it doesn’t mean they won’t release your data anyway as we are dealing with people who obviously have no morals or ethics.

The hackers also apparently demanded a sum of money from the Nudist Clubhouse website owner(s) in exchange for not releasing members’ data. We are assuming that Nudist Clubhouse did not give into their demands or pay them anything (as is the best course of action in situations like this).

Nudist Clubhouse has free as well as paid “premium” memberships. (A paid membership includes access to a gallery of members’ photos, which otherwise appear blurry.) For those that may have a paid premium membership, Nudist Clubhouse have stated that credit card information was stored on a separate server and has not been accessed or stolen. So at least any financial issues have been mitigated.

In a threatening email sent to at least one user, one of the hackers stated:

“On Monday(03-07-2016), I’ll send the files with personal data and all personal correspondence all users on 30,000 e-mail addresses of users of the site Also, I have a database of 400,000 e-mail addresses of US and European residents. These addresses also send.”

It’s hard to tell what they’re trying to say with their broken English. Our best guess is that they’re claiming they’re going to publicly share everyone’s personal data tomorrow. (??)

Will the Nudist Clubhouse website recover and come back from this? We don’t yet know. The message on their website says they are working to rectify the situation and that they are “unsure what the future holds at this time.”

To the best of our knowledge, the message on the Nudist Clubhouse website is the only information the site owners have shared at this time. Some people have also commented on the poorly chosen stock image they included with it – a nude woman with one arm draped across her breasts and the other holding an “under construction” sign over her crotch.

nudist clubhouse website message naturist social network hacked cyber terrorist yna

Nudist Clubhouse “Website Unavailable” message about being hacked by a cyber terrorist

There is no contact info listed for the NC owner / admin, and their Twitter account has been inactive since 2013. We tried reaching them through their main email address, but that has bounced back.

We find it pretty upsetting that such a large nudist website like this was vulnerable to such an attack. Online privacy and security are essential for everyone using the Internet these days, let alone naturists, and even more so on a site where people interact and share personal information.

If Nudist Clubhouse does come back, we hope it will be with a much more robust and secure site.

Young Naturists & Nudists America

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  • Kenny_Riot

    FelicityJones Oh, the site is back up. I mean, it’s still on the “oh we got hacked” page, but it’s back at all.

  • Kenny_Riot

    FelicityJones Fine by me, honestly. Site wasn’t that great, and you had to be a paid member just to SEE the rest of your own damn profile!

  • Kenny_Riot Hmm I wonder if it’s done & gone forever then!

  • Kenny_Riot

    UPDATE, the site is straight up gone now.

  • Urof

    BillBowser Good luck getting him to respond.  All that site has been good for is making him money for a long time now.

  • NudeChuck

    FelicityJones hontouniheart I did immediately change that password when I found out the hackers had my info– I was terrible, and used it at a few other sites. All are now harder to crack, unique passwords.

  • NudeChuck

    I received one of the extortion emails. I did not pay– the information they showed were some quite innocent correspondence I had with other members of the site, and some of my personal info, which you could probably find online anyway (name, address, phone number), if you were so inclined. I imagine some people could be really hurt by this.

    Cyber security is really hard to manage, even for large multi-national corporations. I wish people would pay more attention to simple things they can do to secure their sites from basic hacks.

  • LarryBerube

    And these people with fake profiles and no face are the people that you feel would be concerned with their pictures being published by a hacker? Why would anyone care if you can’t tell who it is? This goes back to my original argument.

  • hontouniheart Yes, it is really not just the issue of people being “outed” as nudists! There’s the issue of passwords being shared if someone uses the same password for everything or other accts. And nobody, nudists or not, benefits from having their personal data publicly posted or sold to some other person or entity who will use it for their own benefit. I’m also careful about what personal info I share on various sites for the same reasons.

  • pipermac5

    I have never been impressed with NCH. It is poorly-managed and the owner doesn’t respond to member-complaints, even in person. It seems that he has a cozy “cash-cow” and he sits back and laughs at the members stupid-enough to give him money every month.

    It won’t hurt my feelings if it never comes back online, and as for what some hacker can do with my information, I am already quite-public about my naturism, so they really can’t “hurt” me even if they do “expose” me.

  • hontouniheart

    We really need to have some robust discussions about the difference between openness regarding one’s clothes free life status VS. data security and smart practices for protecting personal data. Some responses across various reports of this incident on various platforms seem to reflect that people think of the issue in terms of openness about one’s status, when it’s really not about that, at least not entirely. The bigger issue is about data security. 

    For instance, I have chosen my general clothed life presence on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and all that, but I don’t share a ton of personal information on there either. I’m open about certain things, such as work and the fact that I love penguins, but I don’t store a full combination of address, date of birth, even interests that could trigger answers to security questions associated with bank accounts and so forth on those platforms either. 

    This issue isn’t necessarily just about “people finding out whether we are nudists” though that might be part of it. It’s also about general concerns around smart practices that apply to any part of life, and how we as individuals need to be mindful about what we toss out there, as well as how site owners have to really stay on top of the tech security / updates, etc. In my opinion, it’s tempting to be ultra free, open and trusting, because we’re like “yaaasssss clothes freedom!!! naturism!!! woot!” but we still have to be mindful about our information.  As this situation has shown, we are not separate and immune.

  • AndreLeonard1

    Sad are the many misguided and demented people amongst us. Never allow yourself to be extorted.

  • LarryBerube

    ron_nitoc LarryBerube
    I agree that there are people who will care about it, But by in large they are not the people who had profiles with nude photos that were on that site. Closet nudists are highly unlikely to post nude photos on the internet.

  • MarcusOfenhed

    ron_nitoc MarcusOfenhed The very first time they try to increase the price they know that they have lost any trust of whom they are trying to demand the ransom from. Trust may seem like a weird choice of words in a ransom situation, but it is key for it to work. A single price increase would mean that whoever they try to demand money from no longer trusts that they will hold up their end of the deal, and quite likely that that person will warn others not to pay. They simply have nothing to win by trying to demand more money.

    That said, they may still release it all so it may be $3 wasted, but my recommendation still stands. If you can afford to make a moral stand, or simply don’t care, then don’t pay them. If your profile and pictures would be damaging to you then do pay them.

  • MarcusOfenhed You have some good points, but you might also consider that paying a very small ransom provides the hackers with the knowledge that you are willing to pay for the information not to be released so they could know request a higher ransom or even a monthly fee.  In the end each member of the club will need to make their own risk/benefit assessment and try and make the best decision for themselves.

  • MarcusOfenhed

    1. If your nudism is sensitive for you (as it for some disgusting reason is for for example American teachers) then you should pay. It guarantees nothing, but it’s a very small ransom. Telling all users to take a moral stand without regards of their repercussions is not really ideal.
    2. Thinking that a site of this size is safe from hacking is ridiculously naive. Facebook gets hacked.

  • LarryBerube Unfortunately many do or there would be a lot less closet naturist and nudist.  While no one should be forced to come out like this if the information is release maybe they find out it is not as big a deal for their friends as they had anticipated.

  • I hope they can fix this soon. Not that I would be sharing the pictures I had on the site with everyone but if it happens I do not mind.

  • BillBowser

    The website is registered to Brian Spence. You may be able to email him at

  • briananthonykraemer

    I hope they share any photos of me with all their Ukrainian friends and I wouldn’t mind if they share them here in the U.S. also. There’s nothing on this site that I wouldn’t mind being shared with everyone. This is what being a naturist is, being naked and unafraid. Peace to you, my Ukrainian brothers and sisters. See you along the Black Sea or the Dnieper River! :)

  • LarryBerube

    I’m on that site and I have attended their get togethers at Cypress Cove. I think the hackers are in for a big surprise. Nudists generally don’t care if someone sees their nude pictures. I’m sure some do but for the most part no one I talk to cares.