Naked News Alert: Nudist Clubhouse Website Was Hacked By Cyber Terrorist

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Social Networking Site “Nudist Clubhouse” Was Hacked With Members’ Personal Data Stolen

Nudist Clubhouse, a nudist forum / social network website, has been down since at least Thursday, March 3rd. According to their website, they were hacked last week by a “cyber terrorist in Ukraine.”

nudist clubhouse website naturist social network hacked cyber terrorist yna

Nudist Clubhouse was hacked by a cyber terrorist last week

Allegedly, the terrorist hacker managed to download the website’s user database which contains the private data of most of its members.

This personal data may include: usernames, passwords, pictures, genders, dates of birth, emails, phone numbers, physical addresses as well as private interactions and messages.

Some members have received an extortion email from the hackers. The messages that were sent to the site’s users contained the person’s above personal information as well as a threat to release the information (making it public for the world to see) unless the user pays them “about $3 or .01 Bitcoins.”

We urge everyone to abide by the warning on the Nudist Clubhouse website: “DO NOT PAY THEM.”

Giving into their demands will only reward the hacker and encourage future acts of cyber terrorism. In addition, even if you did pay them, it doesn’t mean they won’t release your data anyway as we are dealing with people who obviously have no morals or ethics.

The hackers also apparently demanded a sum of money from the Nudist Clubhouse website owner(s) in exchange for not releasing members’ data. We are assuming that Nudist Clubhouse did not give into their demands or pay them anything (as is the best course of action in situations like this).

Nudist Clubhouse has free as well as paid “premium” memberships. (A paid membership includes access to a gallery of members’ photos, which otherwise appear blurry.) For those that may have a paid premium membership, Nudist Clubhouse have stated that credit card information was stored on a separate server and has not been accessed or stolen. So at least any financial issues have been mitigated.

In a threatening email sent to at least one user, one of the hackers stated:

“On Monday(03-07-2016), I’ll send the files with personal data and all personal correspondence all users on 30,000 e-mail addresses of users of the site Also, I have a database of 400,000 e-mail addresses of US and European residents. These addresses also send.”

It’s hard to tell what they’re trying to say with their broken English. Our best guess is that they’re claiming they’re going to publicly share everyone’s personal data tomorrow. (??)

Will the Nudist Clubhouse website recover and come back from this? We don’t yet know. The message on their website says they are working to rectify the situation and that they are “unsure what the future holds at this time.”

To the best of our knowledge, the message on the Nudist Clubhouse website is the only information the site owners have shared at this time. Some people have also commented on the poorly chosen stock image they included with it – a nude woman with one arm draped across her breasts and the other holding an “under construction” sign over her crotch.

nudist clubhouse website message naturist social network hacked cyber terrorist yna

Nudist Clubhouse “Website Unavailable” message about being hacked by a cyber terrorist

There is no contact info listed for the NC owner / admin, and their Twitter account has been inactive since 2013. We tried reaching them through their main email address, but that has bounced back.

We find it pretty upsetting that such a large nudist website like this was vulnerable to such an attack. Online privacy and security are essential for everyone using the Internet these days, let alone naturists, and even more so on a site where people interact and share personal information.

If Nudist Clubhouse does come back, we hope it will be with a much more robust and secure site.

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