Nudist Club and Nude Beach Horror Stories

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For Readers To Share Stories about Their Worst Experiences at a Nudist Club or Nude Beach

Nudist Stories About Not So Nice Experiences At Clubs and Nude Beaches

We want to hear stories about your WORST experience at nudist club or nude beach!

Embarrassing nudist stories and moments?
Big faux pas where you were asked not to come back to a nudist resort?
Horrible experiences with customer service at a nudist resort?
Nightmarish room rentals or accommodations stories at a nudist venue?
Creepers or jerks who ruined your nude beach time?

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A true nudist horror story: 2 men were arrested while skinny dipping in the UK & may find themselves on the sex offender list.

Maybe you got arrested or fined on what you thought was a legal nude beach. Maybe you rented a room at a club, only to find it was haunted and had a bat flying around in it. Maybe you messed with an indoor fountain and accidentally flooded a hot tub room.

Maybe you tried to set off some Chinese lanterns in a club, but they went into the trees instead. Maybe you embarked on a club’s hiking trails, got lost for 6 hours and ended up naked, with nothing but your shoes, in someone’s backyard in a nearby neighborhood.

(These examples may or may not be from our own experiences or those of people we know.)

But we all know funny and horrible things happen, many times just because nudity is involved. Unfortunately nudist clubs are not known for their great hospitality either, despite being in the hospitality industry. But whatever your experience please leave out the name of the club.

Nude beaches can be identified however.

So please share your horror stories in the comments for us all to laugh and commiserate over!

Nudist Stories Wanted So Please Share Below!

This post where nudists share their worst nudist club and nude beach horror stories was published by Young Naturists & Nudists America YNA

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  • j238

    Saw a guy by himself very close to us masturbating on Lighthouse Beach once.  Two years later, I saw him at a theater with his wife.  Could have said something, but decided against it.

  • SunCple


  • maugran808

    I recently returned from Florida and had an interesting experience at an otherwise nice nudist resort.  I sat down to lunch at 1:00 PM in an uncrowded bar with nice open windows.  A waitress actually said, “hello,” when I walked in; however, I was able to read two complete articles online (I am a slow reader) with some time to spare without noone coming to my table.  I sat there a few minutes more and finally a waitress comes over and asks if someone has helped me?  I said no and she took my order.  About 15 minutes later, a regular comes in and within 2-3 minutes of sitting down the same waitress has his order and drinks brought out.  My food came after his and the waitress said goodbye to him and left.  At first I thought she was going for a smoke, but then I realized when she never came back after about 15-20 minutes that she had her hand purse and car keys.
    After I had finished my meal and drink, I was just sitting there.  No one asked if I wanted more to drink on a hot day.  No one asked if I needed anything else with my meal.  Eventually, someone came over to remove my plate and I asked if my meal was paid for as my waitress left.  The reply I got was that she was not sure and my original waitress was experienced, the new person was still in training.  I ordered a dessert and eventually asked to speak with the supervisor.  The supervisor came over and I explained how the initial waitress just left and did not settle up with my tab.  The supervisor admitted that she knew that she left and knew that I was there; however, she assumed that I had been here before and knew how things worked at the restaurant.  I was amazed that she actually said she knew I was sitting there yet did not ever come over to ask if I needed anything, like water, beer, more food.  This is customer service?  My lunch ended at 3:00PM.

  • jancbaxter

    Raven111 Raven, I think that is absolutely horrible. Of all the places, a trans woman should be able to be free and at ease at a nudist beach or any kind of naturist setting. I am sorry this happened to you. I hope that you find some place to be yourself that doesn’t allow that sort of behavior and harassment. 


  • Raven111

    Being a trans woman, my problem in N settings are prolonged stares.  Not a few seconds but following my movements staring and in inappropriate places..  It’s really unsettling; one time becoming terrifying especially when trying to escape some pervert only to find supposed nudists gawking at me while I am trying to find help.  Last time out I had someone refer to me as disgusting when I walked by.   More than one occasion I have had guys ask if I would  follow them behind bushes or if they could grope me.  

    Love going to beaches and being in N settings, but have become reluctant to be social because of these occurrences.

  • GlennGamblin

    Haven’t had a lot of really negative experiences, but one sticks out in my mind. Myself and three other guys were playing some ‘pitch & putt’ golf at a resort, and around about the second hole, I noticed one of our foursome was literally RUNNING to his ball.  I thought, ‘Maybe he’s just a hyperactive guy.’  When we finished, he turns to me and says, “Thank god that’s over – I wanna go look at some titties!!”
    The rest of just looked at each other as he trotted away…shaking our heads.


    SunCple We reported a man sucking women’s nipples at a camp pig roast (children present) and were told that “Oh, he’s always like that!.”

    That ended our visit there.

  • SunCple

    A man was taking photographs at our local nude resort.  We reported him to the management and they impatiently told us he’d already been reported.  I asked what they were going to do and the girl behind the desk curtly replied that “they would handle it.”  Um. Okay.

  • MichaelConnolly

    Not really a horror story, a little amusing though… My wife and I were on a legal nude beach here in Australia and we were laying naked on the sand below the dunes and this fully clothed guy kept getting closer and closer to us along the top of the dunes.
    He had a towel around his neck which he kept wiping his brow and face and appeared to be wistfully gazing out to sea… meanwhile he was crab walking slowly towards us and it was blatantly obvious that he was looking down at us whenever he mopped his brow with the towel.
    My wife and I were laughing at his antics, but after awhile it started to get creepy because he was right above us, so I reached into our bag and pulled out a mobile phone and pretended to dial while looking straight at the towel man.
    He couldn’t get away fast enough… he ran off and fell over several times and it was so comical :)