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Nudist Blogs By YNA

About Our Nudist Blogs:

Nudists are individuals who enjoy living free of clothing. They don’t have the shame that most have with regards to how they look. They also don’t judge others for the way they look.

Some may enjoy being home nudists while others may enjoy being naked outdoors (such as visiting nude beaches, and participating in social activities in the nude).

Nudism traditionally has nothing to do with sex. Many families enjoy being nude together in a nudist environment. There are tons of places that cater to this freeing experience. A number of which will be explored in these YNA Nudist Blogs.

Individuals of all walks of life pursue the nudist lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that is embraced by a growing number of the world’s population.

People become nudists for different reasons. Some enjoy it as a non judgmental environment where people can truly be themselves. Others consider the experience biblical (and relate it to the story of Adam and Eve before people had knowledge of good and evil). Some desire to return to the way that nature (*or God) delivered them to the earth. Others simply feel more comfortable in the nude.

Individuals of all backgrounds and all different shapes and sizes enjoy nudism. They cam be found on nude beaches, naturist or nude family camping sites and nudist resorts.

While most expect these places to be filled with fun, fit people (who look like models), this is certainly not the case. Nudists are just people. They just happen to feel comfortable in their own skin. That is why all types will be found at these resorts and lying on nude beaches enjoying suntanning nude.

This is also a lesson in that not everyone is “perfect”. However, some people will feel so self-conscious about their nude experience. Mostly because they will strive for “perfection” of their body to feel more confident.

This is not the point of the nudist lifestyle!

nudist blogs felicity's blog felicity jones YNA

Nudist Blogs – Felicity Jones

Our Nudist Blogs aim to provide resources and information. This is for people who are curious about naturism or looking to pursue a nudist lifestyle. They build an awareness of the attitudes, thoughts and issues surrounding nudity and social nudism.

Our bloggers will review locations where one can experience naturism. Some will talk about the lifestyle itself. Others may review nude vacation locations. Not to mention the social issues that we believe go hand in hand with our way of life.

Our Blogs are meant, in part, to get rid of stigmas associated with individuals who feel comfortable walking around naked.

Consider our Nudist Blogs as a wealth of information on your journey to better understanding naturism.

Living the nudist lifestyle is about accepting your body and others just as they are!

The Nudist Blogs On This Website Are Bublished by Young Naturists and Young Nudists America YNA

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Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Young Naturists America.
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    I love being nude! I think nudism is just natural and I think it’s horrible that it’s so frowned apoun, hidden, and outlawed in the majority of places. I am always naked when I can be and when I can be is only when I’m alone in my room. My family doesn’t allow it in the rest of the house and the law doesn’t allow it outside.#dating I think it has nothing to do with sex, when naturists want to appear more sexual they change the way they are acting and you view them in a whole different way. Imagine a place where you can Get Away from it all. Relax and Unwind in a Serene Setting and Have Fun! see my blog 

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    I have been sunbathing topless with just a G String in Atlantic City and other nearby Jersey beaches plus Long Island beaches for more than 20 years with total acceptance (never arrested or fined).See my blog