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Barely M’s Nudist Blog

Nudist Blog – About Me: Hello from the Mayor of Nakedtown, as my friends call me! It took many years to become the Mayor of such a fine town, though it’s been a long time coming.

My first nude event occurred on November 1, 2003 after a desperate Internet search about Body Acceptance that followed years of self-hatred related to abuse and the resulting paralyzing fears.

Nudism / Naturism was truly my last strand of hope and it turned out to be my healing and salvation.

Barely M's Nudist Blog

Barely M’s Nudist Blog

Fast forward nearly nine years and you’ll find a new person; I am now happy, relaxed, and truly having the fun in life that I’d missed for my first 28 years. From a lifetime of regrets and guilt, I now have only one regret: that I didn’t experience nudism sooner.

Now that I’ve “seen the light,” my mission is to help others see the healing power that is inherent in nudism, especially women who are living in the darkness that I once knew.

I appreciate you reading my blog and, even more importantly, keeping the discussion going by commenting and offering your insights as we talk about topics that are near and dear to my heart or, sometimes, just funny observances from my strange little mind.

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