Introducing Naked Nudist Nude Weddings At Haulover Beach Florida

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Tropical, Casual Nudist Nude Weddings By Naturists At Haulover Beach Florida

Guest blog by: Monique N. Gilbert

The beach has been a constant in my life. Being from Miami, it is where I grew up, where I met my husband, where I fell in love, and where I currently work. I officiate weddings on Miami Beach.

I have also been a lifelong nudist. When I was little, I was always running around the house naked. When I would come home from school as a kid, the first thing I would do is take off all my clothes and run out to the pool area to swim nude.

I remember going to beach with my parents as a little kid, and I couldn’t understand why they said I had to wear a bathing suit – I didn’t have to at home. To their dismay, I would be running around the beach topless with my swimsuit top in hand shouting to them “I got my top!” In fact, you would sooner find me wearing it as a headband than a top.

Later I learned that being nude in public was frowned upon, even though it was perfectly acceptable in private. This was the case for many years, until Haulover Beach designated a clothing-optional section in 1991, thanks to South Florida Free Beaches.

This was monumental – a county park establishing a legally sanctioned section of the beach for naturists to enjoy the sun and surf. Going there was so refreshing and liberating. It was the first time I was able to go out in public and be nude without feeling like I was doing something wrong.

Everything about this nudist beach is ideal. The people there are friendly, there are restrooms, plenty of parking, fellow nude sunbathers playing volleyball, and beach ambassadors to greet you and make sure everyone follows Haulover’s rules of conduct.

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Nudist Nude Beach Weddings at Haulover Beach Florida


The beach itself is absolutely beautiful. With golden sand as far as the eye can see, palm trees in the background swaying in the warm Atlantic breeze, and sparkling blue water rhythmically lapping on the shoreline. It is truly a Shangri-la, with an unobstructed panoramic view of tropical paradise!

The sense of freedom that comes from being with other like-minded people, in an atmosphere of nonjudgmental acceptance, and in such a gorgeous environment, is delightful. It is this feeling that I want to share with other couples who also embrace this lifestyle.

Recently, when my husband and I took a long needed afternoon off to go to Haulover Beach, we noticed how diverse the patrons were. There were young and old, couples and singles, all getting along so nicely.

Everyone had a smile on their face and a happy spring in their step. We noticed a mother introducing her toddler to the ocean’s waves for the first time. It was such a wonderfully wholesome place to be. We both looked at each other and said, “This would be such a lovely spot to have a wedding.”

We had been performing clothed weddings on Miami Beach for the past 9 years. We wanted to do nude beach weddings when we first started marrying people. However, we did not think others would as open to the idea as we were back then.

But now, times have changed. Nudism has become much more accepted in these past few years. Especially with TV shows that show people surviving the wilderness naked and dating nude. Naturism has come to mainstream society and it’s no longer something to keep secret.

We want to let newly engaged naturist couples know that they can be bare as they begin their life together in matrimony. That they can have their lifestyle and personal beliefs reflected in their ceremony. They do not have to go to Jamaica to get married on the beach naked. They can come to Miami instead!

So my husband and I decided that this was going to be the year that we start also offering clothing-optional beach wedding ceremonies. We want to have our lifestyle and work environment coincide with our nudist way of living. We said to each other, “What can be more tropical than getting married naked by the ocean with the sand beneath your feet!”

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