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WNPR Connecticut Radio Segment – “Nudism: No Shoes, No Shirt…No Problem!”

In 2012, Connecticut public radio station WNPR did a funny but studious 50 minute segment on nudism, hosted by Colin McEnroe. The segment was just posted to their website on May 12. You can stream it in full here:


McEnroe brought a few people on the show to interview about nudism:
– Paul, (past and current?) president of Solair Nudist Resort in Connecticut
– Philip Carr-Gomm, author of A Brief History of Nakedness
– Mark Storey, activist, writer and board member of the Naturist Action Committee
– Erica Simone, photographer who did a naked photo series in NYC called “Nue York: Self-Portraits of A Bare Urban Citizen.”

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But first, WNPR producer Chion Wolf, whom McEnroe calls “Wolfie,” shares her experience trying nudism for the first time at Solair Nudist Resort. They play an audio clip of Wolfie’s visit. This is one of the best parts of the show because she is so adorably enthusiastic about nudism.

Wolfie meets Paul (president of Solair) upon arrival and immediately asks him where she should direct her gaze. He explains to her that everyone is naked, and everyone looks because it’s just a natural thing to do. (Staring or gawking is awkward and rude.)

Paul gives her a towel and explains the etiquette rule of always sitting on a towel when nude. Wolfie says, “So, sit on a towel. Number one rule. Number 2 rule, sit on a towel.” I was cracking up at this.

Wolfie gets naked and says she feels “oddly fine.” After 5 minutes, she says it’s “instantly awesome.”

Back at the studio, Wolfie talks about having a revelation in seeing so many different types of bodies at the resort. She realized that people’s bodies vary immensely in real life as opposed to what we see on TV, in movies and in the media.

This strikes her as being so obvious and “elementary,” but I think people underestimate how much of an impact the media has on people’s psyches in only showing one type of body. This is especially true when nudity or near-nudity is involved since everywhere we look now there are scantily clad models selling a product. This is partly why being in a naturist environment really helps foster a healthy body image and why I advocate for uncensored, body-positive photo galleries.

McEnroe then talks to Wolfie and Paul on the show about nudism / naturism, why people become naturists and the typical etiquette / rules. During this discussion he takes an anonymous call from a listener who asks if there are any “people of color” at Solair, as she had noticed that it’s mostly white people at clubs and resorts. Paul tells her they get “a lot of people of color” at Solair. I don’t know if that’s really true, but in general, she’s right. This is a known issue in the nudist community that we’ve briefly discussed before, and one that shouldn’t have been so easily dismissed.

The next guest on the show is historian Philip Carr-Gomm, author of A Brief History of Nakedness. McEnroe talks to Philip about how different cultures have shaped our attitude towards nudity and why society has such a big fear of nudity (Judeo-Christian culture).

Then he interviews Mark Storey about his activism and gets advice on hiking naked on public land. Last is an interview with Erica about her nude photography.

It’s an all-around informative segment, and the song clips they play in between interviews are hilarious. First there’s “Oops (Oh My)” by Tweet featuring Missy Elliott. Later there’s a silly, fun oldie from the 1930’s called “What Can You Give A Nudist On Her Birthday?” by Leslie Holmes. A different version of this song, “What Can You Give A Nudist For His Birthday?” was recorded by Gracie Fields in the 1940’s. I prefer Leslie’s version, which you can play below.

I also attempted to transcribe the lyrics as I couldn’t find them anywhere online. There’s one line with a “?” as I really couldn’t figure out what he’s saying. If anyone has an idea or figures it out, let me know!

*UPDATE* 6/16/15: A reader told me the missing word in that line was “ermine,” so the lyrics are now complete!

Lyrics to “What Do You Give A Nudist On Her Birthday?” by Leslie Holmes

Can I ask you a question, a question, a question
It’s something I can’t figure out
I hope you won’t say no
It’s all about my sister, my sister, my sister
She’s joined a nudist colony
So what I want to know

What can you give a nudist for her birthday
What sort of birthday present can you buy
Tell me on the level
Can I send her a muff
It may be true they wear a smile but that can’t be enough

What can you give a nudist for a present
The things I used to buy her would be wrong
I’d send a check but dash it
How can she go out to cash it
What can you give a nudist when her birthday comes along

Now I know she’s fond of reading, but if I get her some books I don’t know whether to send them with the covers on or the covers off.
Now it’s a bit chilly, a hot water bottle might be useful
Anyhow she can sit on it while she was doing her knitting
Or perhaps she doesn’t knit now and there you are, she’s not a knitter

What can you give a nudist for her birthday
What sort of birthday present can you buy
Now here’s another riddle
But give it up I won’t
What evidence do they wear fancy dress or do they don’t

What can you give a nudist for a present
I somehow think that earrings would be wrong
An ermine tie or sable would look out of place on Mable
What can you give a nudist when her birthday comes along

I’d deem it holy terror
That I make an error
I did think of a camera
But snapshots are taboo
A bicycle sounds stupid
When you’re dressed like cupid
I must send something suitable
That’s why I’m asking you

Now what can you give a nudist for her birthday
And what sort of birthday present can you buy
I’ve heard they play hockey
So something I had gots
But I don’t know for certain if they wear shin guards or not

What can you give a nudist for a present
Now I’m asking you
I somehow think that shin guards would be wrong
If I could only see her, I might get some idea
What can you give a nudist when her birthday comes along

I’ve had it on my mind so much that last night I climbed over a very high fence and found myself in a marvelous garden like Eden. A beautiful maiden carrying a basket of fruit came toward me. She asked me if I like fruit. I said yes, so she gave me a bit of a raspberry.

What can you give a nudist for a present
Do you think that a locket would be wrong
But then if she won’t wear it well she’ll have to grin and bear it
What can you give a nudist when her birthday comes along

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  • jasenj1

    Great interview. Another convert! If only more people would try it. Naturism really is a very experiential thing.

  • livefyrebob

    How wonderful to have someone discover naturism and talk about it this way.  May the whole world discover how peaceful nakedness can be.