The YNA Guide To Nudism in New York City

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YNA Guide To Naked Activities, Nudism & Nudist Groups in NYC

We get asked all the time about naturist activities in New York City or nearby, especially in the off-season months. Unfortunately there are no official nudist places within the 5 boroughs. Like other groups in this NYC area, YNA is a non-landed organization. (Anyone know a wealthy nudist that wants to change that and buy us a clubhouse?)

We do host nude events intermittently in different venues, and it’s not every weekend. So how else can one get naked here and connect with other nudists? This is our guide to local NYC naturist groups, naked events, nude classes and more!

In Part 1, we list the closest outdoor places including nude beaches and nudist clubs. In Part 2, we cover all the indoor options.

nudism new york city nudists guide naked events yna

Part I : Nude beaches, nudist clubs and getting naked outside.

NUDE BEACHES: Since the closure of Lighthouse Beach, Gunnison Beach in New Jersey has become the main nude beach destination for New Yorkers. It’s located on Sandy Hook, which is accessible by car or a short ferry ride from Manhattan.

gunnison beach nude sunbathers sign sandy hook new jersey yna

Gunnison nude beach sign


There are also two clothing-optional beach areas Fire Island: Cherry Grove and the Pines. These beaches are part of well-known gay communities, and (so far) the NY anti-nudity law is not being enforced here. To get there, you have to park on the mainland and take a ferry.

NUDIST CLUBS: There are three clubs in northern New Jersey – Rock Lodge, Goodland Country Club and Sky Farm. These clubs are all within a 1-2 hour drive from NYC and only accessible by car. Please note that if you are a single male, you might not be able to visit Sky Farm.

rock lodge club new jersey nudist beach yna

Nudist club near NYC – Rock Lodge Club

There’s also Juniper Woods in the town of Catskill, New York. It’s a 2.5 hour drive from NYC or you can take a train to Hudson, NY and arrange with the club to be picked up from there.

SKINNY DIPPING PLACES: In the area of New Paltz, NY there are two great skinny places. One is a legal, official area in the Mohonk Preserve. The other is an unofficial spot known as the “nudist pool” in Stony Kill Falls located in Minnewaska State Park.

stony kill

One of the pools for skinny dipping at Stony Kill Falls

Part II : Local nudist groups, indoor events and more in NYC.


The Long Island Travasuns – The Travasuns are a longstanding, co-ed nudist group that hosts clothing-optional monthly swim parties and other events on Long Island and in Queens. The monthly parties take place at a spa / gym in Wantagh, Long Island. This venue has a pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, bar, dance floor and more. Other activities usually include naked yoga and volleyball games.

To get there: It’s about an hour’s drive from Manhattan, and you can also take a train via the Long Island Railroad if you arrange for pickup at the local station. For more info on this and other events they host, visit their website at (Note: YNA members get discounted tickets to the monthly swims.)

“Nude” — This is a new men’s nudist group that organizes different workshops and events. You can check them out at

nudist group nude men events nyc nudism yna

“Nude” nudist men’s group in NYC

Males au Naturel (MAN) – a social nudist group for men that’s been around for many years and still regularly organizes events in NYC. More info at


Naked yoga – Let us direct you to our up-to-date guide just for naked yoga classes in NYC!

naked yoga nyc class pilates nude yna

Naked in Motion – a naked yoga & pilates class in NYC


NuDance – naked dance classes in NYC. Learn more at


There are a few nude spas in NYC, though ALL of them gender-segregated and not co-ed. One of the biggest is a Korean place called Spa Castle, and you can read our review of their Queens location. They also have another location in Manhattan.

Other nude spas you might want to try:

– Russian & Turkish Baths (Manhattan / East Village) – old-school bathhouse that has all-male and all-female nude days. (Non-nude during co-ed hours.)

– Juvenex Spa (Manhattan / Koreatown) – clothing-optional for women during daytime hours.

– New York Spa & Sauna (Flushing, Queens) – Korean day spa with gender-segregated nude bathing areas

(If anyone has been to these places or other nude spas in NYC, your feedback is welcome in the comments! Or you can contact us.)


The Naked Comedy Show – what it sounds like! A late-night event where naked comedians perform stand-up, and the audience is also invited to strip down after the show begins. Typically takes place at The Creek & The Cave, a bar in Long Island City, on the occasional Friday night.

Their next show is on Friday, October 7th, 2016. Tickets are available online. For more info / upcoming shows, check out the Facebook page.

nudism nyc new york city naked show standup comedy yna

The Naked Show – stand-up comedy show in NYC

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