A Sex-cessful Night for Nudism at the Museum Of Sex

| April 3, 2012 | 9 Comments

A Night Of Nudism At The Museum Of Sex

YNA At The Museum Of Sex Teach people About Nudism

Nudism at the Museum Of Sex – The Guilty Pleasure Party at the Museum of Sex took place last week, and I am happy to report it was a fruitful event for YNA! Below is a photo of the table we set up with a poster of photos, big brochure, naked yoga raffle, Rock Lodge postcards for the naturist summer gatherings, and other goodies!

People had a lot of questions and were very interested in who we are and what we do as YNA, or simply what nudism is about. Many entered the raffle, but only one lucky woman won! Congrats to her, (you know who you are.) It was definitely a fun, successful way for us to draw interest and awareness that organizations like us are out there.

The whole museum was open to explore, so people wandered around sipping aphrodisiac cocktails and enjoying the exhibits as well as the various other sponsor tables from vegan truffles to lingerie to makeup. Another sponsor passed out cute free pasties. A DJ blasted upbeat dance tunes right next to us, adding to the party atmosphere.

YNA table at the Museum of Sex Guilty Pleasure Party

Nudism at the Museum of Sex by YNA

To all those who were very concerned, even angry, that YNA was a PR sponsor of this event, I have some disappointing news for you: Nobody got naked or had sex. Nobody even asked us if we do orgies! (Which we don’t.) Whether or not we’ll ever sponsor an event like this again, I can easily say it was positive for us and for the naturist and nudist movement!

This video of a surprise performance at the party is the raciest thing we saw all night:

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  • Dave Fleming

    I have had 8 years experience going most weekends with my wife and camped at a naturist resort. I have 12 years at a clothing optionial beach. I have attended many executive meetings of the FCN and observed normal naturist behavior. I know what the naturist community expects. Of course there are always a tiny niche group who bend those rules, just like people on your street might do, but those are not naturist activities. The bottom line for naturism is that it is inclusive of all ages. If the event is not family friendly, then it's not naturist and naturists should not be sent to it under the banner of a 'naturist' event for a 'naturist' group. I can tell you that whatever you saw, such as the displays or youtube performance, you would not see at a naturist club. Naturism is not about fetishes, wearing tats or BDSM which was supposed to be part of this event. I clicked on some of the groups who were supposed to appear. Go to this event for what it is, but it should have been clear that it's not something one would see at a resort. Now, some people may be expecting to see more at a resort because of this event, than what actually happens, and they will be disappointed. Raising false expectations is not what promoters should be doing, imho

    Said my piece, peace be with you.

    • Billy V


      There are things that are for adults only at naturist camps too. SunSport Gardens in West Palm Beach is considered to be one of the most family/children friend naturist places in North America. Yet for their Naturist Festivals, they have Tantra workshops such as the one with the following description:

      "Deepening Intimacy Through SkyDancing Tantra –

      This workshop, based on Margot Anand's Skydancing Tantra

      carefully builds a container of safety. Awaken your senses

      and heal sexual wounds as you bring the sacred into your

      love life. Discover and communicate how you like to be

      loved. Discover how to integrate Tantra into your daily life.

      Expand to new horizons of ecstasy and bliss, as you let go of

      old limitations. Music and humor add joy and laughter to

      this experiential workshop. Open to couples or singles.

      Participants receive skills and tools so that they can continue

      to practice what they've started at home. Workshop Music

      will be available for purchase at a reduced price."

      Up in your neck of the woods, you had the late Four Seasons Nudist Resort, lots of kids at resort, but they had adult only dances where many of the people showed up in Frederick's of Hollywood costumes. I saw them turn away visiting familes to their dances. Your former President at the FCN had had a questionable film done at his resort Bare Oaks and he distanced himself from it after members raised concerns.

      There is different aspects of naturism. If we pigeonhole what naturism is, you are going to not see much diversity in naturism.

  • Billy V

    Glad that you got a good response from the people at the event and everyone seem to have a good time. Can't please everyone, just do what's best for your organization and getting the word out on naturism.

  • Ninja Mike

    Huh.. folks were mad about u guys doing PR? Why? I thought it was a really cool idea. Idk why but for some reason, I picture some old crones just looking for a reason to get mad as the persons who complained about it… Glad you guys did it anyway. I so have to get up there one of these days…

    • Yes, Ninja Mike, some folks were mad because of the word "sex" in there and thought it would promote the misconception that naturism is all about sex. Glad you liked the idea, though! :) I hope you'll make it to our next event, to be announced soon!

  • Anastasiya

    What's with the image at the top? (2 models)

    • It's the photo that was used to promote the event. (It doesn't belong to us.)

      • AT

        Do you think represents what YNA stands for? (just a hypothetical question since you said some people got upset and I think it's easy to see why) I would have loved to go to that party, I like that museum and am a huge fan of erotica (it's all I draw) but according to conversations I have had with you guys I know One of your struggles is to steer clear of nudism associated with sex so it's surprising you supported a party at a museum dedicated to it.

        • Well we've promoted and supported all kinds of events at different venues. This was just another one to add and provided us the opportunity to educate others about nudism. It worked.