Nudism In Arkansas – What You Need To Know

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Nudism In Arkansas – A Natural State that Won’t Let You Be Natural

( Guest Blog by Nude MCW )

Nudism In Arkansas:

Nudism in Arkansas – Hi, I come from a land where nature and beauty combine to show a wonderful example of an awesome place to live. The only problem is I can’t live or be in association with a group, or even advocate a lifestyle which I’ve grown to love.

Being natural in the Natural state is against the law in the Arkansas, thanks to the law of 5-68-204.

This law states, a) The term “nudism” as used in this section is defined to be the act or acts of a person or persons congregating or gathering with his, her, or their private parts exposed in the presence of one (1) or more persons of the opposite sex as a form of social practice.

Arkansas Billboard Challenging State Anti Nudity Law

A Protest Billboard Sign In Arkansas Challenging The State Anti Nudity Law by Unconstitutional Arkansas

(b) The provisions of this section shall not apply to the enumerated acts when:

(1) The purpose of the person committing the act or acts is to render medical or surgical treatment, or to determine the need for medical or surgical treatment, or to cleanse such sexual part, and the person committing such act is a licensed physician, as defined by §17-80-101, or any such physician of a sister state making a professional call into Arkansas, or the person committing any such act did so under the professional direction of any such physician, or the person committing any such act is a nurse duly registered or licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Nurse Examiners; or

(2) When the persons are married legally one to another.

(c) It shall be unlawful for any person, club, camp, corporation, partnership, association, or organization to advocate, demonstrate, or promote nudism, or for any person to rent, lease, or otherwise permit his land, premises, or buildings to be used for the purpose of advocating, demonstrating, or promoting nudism

(d) Any person, club, camp, corporation, partnership, association, or organization violating any of the provisions of § 5-68-204 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) nor more than one thousand dollars ($1,000) or imprisoned for not less than thirty (30) days nor more than six (6) months, or both such fine and imprisonment for each offense.

I mean, come on now, why should I or anyone in my state be imprisoned for wanting to start a nudist community? This is supposed to be America: land of the free, home of the brave! I say let us be free of our clothing in a safe environment, which I must say from what all I’ve read is pretty much safe indeed.

Let us have chance to live life as the day we were born. I’ve heard that it’s a concern that children wouldn’t be safe in a nudist resort because of pedophiles and other awful individuals that have given nudism a bad reputation, but I say they are just as safe in a nudist environment as they are in school.

Heck some schools aren’t even safe with gangs and guns and let’s not forget about some teachers that cross the line with their students and have relations with them. It happens, and it has happened in my town. From what I’ve read, nudist camps tend to police themselves pretty well.

Why? Because they want people to enjoy themselves, and why not? Nudist or naturist or whatever you want to call it, is an awesome way to live your life, and it’s an awesome way to love your body and get over issues you have with it.

People that try this life give themselves a chance to grow in confidence and live without shame, because there is nothing to hide when nude. I think when I’m nude I have more confidence in myself because this is how God made me. His work is good, and I truly believe that. Maybe this is the first step I should take in advocating this lifestyle. I would love to hear feedback, oh and thanks!

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  • LANaturist

    3 more to ideas contemplate: 
    We basically are forgetting the benefits of the nudist resorts and their assembling abilities!  
    1) The resorts provide Jobs to people who otherwise cannot get work, because this government allowed corporations to ship jobs to china and india!  
    2) The legit resorts and non landed clubs, provide a tax base to help with a budget!
    3) These resorts and non landed organizations benefit tourism as many nudist travel in to other states to attend events!  when they are attending events, they also travel to non nude places to enjoy other events.  Such as fun parks, restaurants, sporting events, conventions…  
    Am I opening doors to bring more money into that state?  now here is another fact!  Palm Springs California is known as the place for fun in the sun nearly 9 months out of the year!  Every year people flocked to the region to enjoy events, tour the areas sights, eat at the restaurants and stay at one of several nudist resorts there!  Each of those resorts pays a lot of taxes, including property taxes payroll taxes, sales taxes and so on!  one resort I know, has tours of the city, and yes they pay taxes on that income going to non nude activities!
    THINK about what you do Arkansas, you might just be loosing something here that may be a benefit to the state and its people!  Stop listening to those puritan pushy people who want to control every day lives of others!

  • LANaturist

    These people are passing laws that are silly, to justify their existence!   They should try living as a nudist for several days and  then they will pass laws for real problems!

  • LANaturist

    And Why can Married Couples only be naked.  Why not outlaw them being naked as well!  
    Why is it we have to live under draconian rules, that clearly violate our rights to freedom of expression and assembly!
    Laws are created to prevent harm or danger to others!  Simple nudity is not a crime when no one is injured. Being offended by simple nudity does not constitute being injured.  this law is clearly a violation of our constitutional rights of Freedom of expression and is a mockery of our constitution.  
    The police have better things to do than to be tracing down people for being naked!  Eliminate this attrocious law so the law enforcement can concentrate on those who do things to harm others, like murder, armed assault, ACTUAL RAPE, gangs, drug trafficing,  career criminals,   traffic violators who do things that kill and injure others!  
    Simple nudity is just feeling comfortable in your own skin!    
    I am not hurting anyone when I am naked!

  • LANaturist

    The law says married couples can be married they can be nude!  
    Can a married couple be nude with other married couples?  
    Will they now outlaw posing nude for artists?  
    if married couples are nude with other married couples in a house, and the spouses go into the kitchen to make dinner or get drinks, are they breaking the law if they are in the kitchen, away from their spouses and the other person happens to be the opposite gender?  
    I think something is definitely wrong in Arkansas!

  • LANaturist

    in many states we can protest a law by demonstrating naked!  as an example the world naked bike ride is practiced by thousands every year and the numbers are growing!

  • Steblar

    @Mike TaylorI have an aunt and Uncle and their children grand children and great grand children live there, but I do not know if they are nudists like us. I live in Illinois my self which has one places to be nude but not that close to me.

  • Steblar

    135boomer  Yes glorious and also not nice that other Christians made the tribal people they made into Christians wear more clothes or stop being nude and should been naked like them.

  • Steblar

    Will be nice when this law is appealed and then maybe would help end the new law in San Francisco that made public nudity illegal. I agree that there is no shame in nudity. Jesus died for our sins and really was nude on the cross and he was not ashamed even though the Romans tried to ruin his dignity. He is the New Adam so also was nude like he was born. May you succeed in ending this law.

  • Steve Crane

    Nice to see this  “law”posted for all to see, and fear. I will be the one to start fighting it, today. I AM a patriotic American veteran, and proud of it. I AM a nudist, and to hell with anyone that can somehow claim it to be immoral, or illegal. What really burns my nude hide, is, that all politicians take an oath to uphold the constitution, and then ignore it. ALL of them!  I am Steve Crane, 27 Crane Lane, Pearcy, Arkansas 71964, USA

  • Steve Crane

    GaryLayng This country is clearly based on religious freedom, and the bigotry that comes with it. News to all,, religion is not freedom, but, it is slavery to one’s ideas and fears of their “god”. Then push it onto others, to make themselves feel good about their bigotry.

  • GaryLayng

    @Philip  – Google the Treaty of Tripoli.  It spells out quite specifically that the United States was NOT founded on Christianity, and many of the legislators who voted for this treaty (in the Senate, unanimously) were themselves Founding Fathers.

  • GaryLayng

    @Philip  – Google the Treaty of Tripoli.  It spells out quite specifically that the United States was NOT founded on Christianity, and many of the legislators who voted for this treaty (in the Senate, unanimously) were themselves Founding Fathers.

  • GaryLayng

    Wouldn’t this be a violation of freedom of assembly?  And Part C, which forbids “advocating”, sounds like it would also be in violation of freedom of speech provisions.  If challenged, if the whole law isn’t struck down, significant parts would likely be eviscerated.

  • EarthLionWaratah

    I would think such a law would be unConstitutional in the USA.

  • 1elboyer2013

    How about doing a World Naked Bike Ride in Little Rock this coming June?

  • Shalom2

    Arkansans need to organize. They really can’t prohibit our rights of assembly and free speech. The ban on nudity might be upheld. But just getting together to talk about it and to try to get the law changed. They can’t stop that.

  • 135boomer

    We are all made in God’s image, why be ashamed of it? It is glorious!

  • randy

    i have been a nudist for a long time and im from louisiana were its not a crime to be a nudist but i now live in arkansas and would like to meet more people like myself that are nudist but i dont know were to go to meet them even thought its against the law i still want to meet people in arkansas that think the same way that we do can anyone help email me

  • Mike Taylor

    I am a naturist. I live in Arkansas. If there were a good constitional attorney willing to take the case probono I might take the chalange myself.

  • Paul Rapoport

    I'm tempted to go to Arkansas and give a talk on nudism, to which I would invite all the law enforcers in the state I could find.

    By the way, in Canada it is illegal to make, possess, or distribute a crime comic. Entrusting laws to lawmakers and law enforcers is unfortunately a proven bad idea.

  • Gary Patton

    Mike's (Philly's) use of the term "enforced Puritanism" is fair.

    But, casting aspersions in one's comments on all Christians and Christianity because some people, Christians and not, oppose naturalism is simply the same kind of bigotry to which these writers legitimately criticize, in my opinion.

    We're all wise to remember that it is the Almighty God of Christianity Who ordained nakedness as the normal state for his perfect human creation. In my understanding of the Bible, that "natural law" (pun intended) has never been rescinded regardless of what wo(man)'s laws or constitutions say.

    God clothed our first ancestors with animal skins to replace Adam's and Eve's leaves to protect them from the harsh world to which their disobedience banned them as the pre-warned consequence. God possibly also wished to foreshadow the coming of Jesus (Yeshua) to pay the final and full penalty for all wo(men)'s sins who will believe in Him and His loving gift to us.

  • kev

    I didn't see "Naturism" or the like. Only said nudism. Techicality?

  • Jonathan Tad Ketchen


  • Bill Schroer

    This is a very scary set of laws…unconstitutional or not….unfortunately they are very effective. There are no nudist resorts in Arkansas…Kentucky is a close second with a requirement that anyone wishing to open a nudist resort must obtain a license. And, Kentucky makes sure they issue no licenses. While court battles could overturn these laws…probably the most effective approach is to begin lobbying legislators to get rid of the law. If enough naturists and their supporters (who are probably already contributing money to some candidates election efforts) are willing to come out and talk both about the benefit of naturism and having naturist resorts as a form of economic development and a positive and healthy lifestyle, those laws may be changed. Not a quick route…but in the long run…will hopefully lead to more acceptance of naturism as opposed to simply the elimination of bad laws.

    Bill Schroer

    Former Board Member Naturist Action Committee (NAC)

  • Philip

    It's no surprise if you learn that America is based in Christianity. But still, no law is all-powerful if you're economically capable and smart enough.

    The reason American nudist groups have to police themselves is because if something bad happened, the news would report it and then our Christian-based society would want us more restricted.

    Our job is to bend culture, then eventually we won't have to deal with laws like this.

    The argument about how God made me doesn't take much hold because people will just think of the Garden of Eden story where God made them cover up, and a few will remember that other Bible story about the demon-possessed naked man. I think a better approach is to distance people from traditional religion entirely, but go easy on the newer trends that are more accepting (like paganism).

  • Mike (Philly)

    The Constitution inherently nullifies about half of these laws. Throw a butt nekkid BBQ (adults only,just to be on the safe side),have a friend call the cops and let them arrest you. It might take awhile,but about 3/4 of the restrictions in this loopy attempt at enforced Puritanism will crumble like a week-old muffin. You cannot tell fully functional adults what to do on or in the privacy of their own property,plain and simple. Most of the nudist resorts that exist are in states that have clear and straightforward laws against public nudity,including mine. It's no contest,these laws are unconstitutional.

  • Wojo

    I am pretty sure this is unconstitutional. And if fought would probably end up getting thrown out based on the same law that made sodomy illegal. As long as you are on your own property, away from public view, then this law would be pretty easy to fight.

  • Jenni Gregson

    So how do people in Arkansas shower or bathe? Are they born with clothes already on them? What about procreation? Bit hard to do all these things fully dressed.

  • Bill Stebbins

    Hi, I agree with you. You should be allowed to start a club. I have seen websites that say they police their own selves as you said.