Nudism and Simple Pleasures of Life

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Nudism and Life’s Simple Pleasures By Felicity

I recall having a philosophical debate in one of my classes in high school about whether it was the big accomplishments or the little things that give life meaning and happiness. So do we rely on the big moments like getting married, landing a new job, achieving your goals to determine our happiness? Or is it the small pleasures like a cup of hot cider on a fall day, going to the bank and finding there’s no line, hearing one of your favorite songs come on the radio…

Or is it a combination of both?

I’ve always been a believer in the simple things in life. Appreciating the little gifts, joys, even surprises, that life has to offer every day. What does this have to do with nudism? Well I find nudism puts me more in touch with life’s simple pleasures. It exemplifies basic, pleasant sensations when nothing stands between me and the outside world. Such as feeling the sun on my face. The forgiving Earth under my feet. Watching the clean water ripple out as I swim unencumbered through a lake. The sweet smell of the trees and flowers. Listening to the symphony of insects. Birds. Bull frogs. Having a cup of tea in the morning, nude, outside.

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Simple Pleasures Of Nudism

To me nudism is also about simplicity and living in a simple way. I love waking up with no worry over finding clothes to put on. The simplicity of being myself in my own uncovered body. Less laundry, no clothes to stain, no hassle of finding the right shoes, shirt, pants to wear. No tugging, snapping, pulling or adjusting of textiles. I can take a shower and stay naked afterward, instead of precariously holding up my towel while I fumble for clothes to dress. Life is just simpler naked.

You may have heard of a blog dedicated to life’s simple pleasures called “1,000 awesome things.” It got so popular that it turned into two international best-selling books. It’s basically designed to remind us of all the good things we can appreciate day to day. Doing a search, I found this lovely item about skinny dipping that begins by stating, “You were meant to be naked.”

I find it sums up my reflection on the simple joy of eschewing clothing with:

“…sometimes pants are a pain and shirts are a mess and life’s just a lot better when you’re completely undressed.”

What do you think? Is it the significant moments or achievements, or the simple pleasures in day to day living that determine happiness? Or both?

Does nudism remind you of the simple joys in life?

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