Discovering Nudism at Haulover Beach

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Real-Life Nudism & Nudists at Haulover Beach

Guest Blog By: Chris Hughes

Discovering Nudism at Haulover Beach

Before I had an actual, real-life nudism experience, my head was full of wild ideas concerning what happens at nudist venues and what types of people attend them. If I were to sum up my feelings in one descriptive word, that word would be “weird.”

I cannot say that my first nudism experience changed my preconceptions much. I was with my wife, and we were in our own little world. The types of people visiting Miami-Dade County’s publicly sanctioned nude beach are diverse, and even though my preconceptions did not change during my first visit, I did make some startling discoveries.

I was nervous on the way to Haulover Beach. I didn’t know what to expect. My wife had been there on several previous occasions with friends. She liked the nude beach for the simple reason that she abhorred tan lines, and this was the most relaxing and enjoyable way to do away with them. Personally, I didn’t care a lick about tan lines, but I was curious about this social taboo.

We brought all the usual accoutrements with us to the beach: umbrella, towels, magazines and a cooler full of drinks. One difference was that the cooler was filled with ice-cold beer. Haulover nudist beach is not only lax on the usual clothing laws, but it is also lax on the laws prohibiting alcoholic beverages on public beaches. For me, this was as good a reason as any to discover what nudism / naturism is all about.
I remember going through the thick hedges from the public walkway to the beach, and it was like entering a whole other world. We set up our base of operations, and finally, the moment of truth arrived. I was supremely conscious of what I was about to do, but I took off my swim trunks quickly yet casually. I made it look as if I had done it a thousand times before.

first time nudism at haulover beach florida

Haulover Beach

I sat on my towel and looked around me. Some beautiful women were near me, but they were definitely in the minority. Most of the people I could see looked surprisingly normal, which made it seem like they were all the weirder. On one side of me was a man in his 60s wearing dark-rimmed glasses and reading the Wall Street Journal as his wife read Cosmo. A gay couple in their 20s was on the other side. Behind me was a heavyset man and a darkly tanned woman with leathery skin. It was nearly a perfect microcosm of the people I saw every day at the store or driving down the street. However, I was still convinced that something was eerily wrong with all of them. It would take a few more trips before I learned that they were, in fact, the exact same people I saw every day outside of the beach.

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    You got it right there, Chris; “they were, in fact, the exact same people I saw every day outside of the beach.”  That’s who we are!