Ask Nudie Lee: Nudist Dating and how to find other nudists to date?

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Nudist Dating Advice by Nudie Lee

Nudie Lee tackles the tough subject of Nudist Dating:

Nudist Dating: What advice can you give to those of us looking for other nudists to date?
Well hello there!

Now as you already know, the nudist pool resembles more a pond than an ocean, but you are bound to find some wildlife out there. And you are in luck, though, my single friend. We currently live in the era of online dating, online communities and online anything. Heck, you found me on the World Wide Web!

You don’t have to resort to online dating, if you still have reservations about it. You can, on the other hand, join online communities of young nudists, find like-minded people and start participating in their activities. Build a network of nudists and your special someone might be the host of the next naked movie night

Nudie Lee - Nudist Dating - Cupid

Nudist Dating

I also want you to keep in mind, my dear friend, that your special someone might be someone who doesn’t identify as a nudist, but shares nudie interests in the privacy and comfort of their home. Who knows, they might be open to share that part of your life with you, and with the rest of us in the pond. A new fish, as they say.

Good luck!

Nudie Lee

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Part-time writer, part-time barista, and highly opinionated, Nudie Lee bursts onto the scene! Forged in a far-off land of frigid temperatures, large vicious animals, and universal health care, she is here to help with all of your dating and relationship questions.
  • zachary12

    I’m home nudist looking for nudist gf I’m christian single 31 from Kansas

  • Need to search best and secure dating site, a  have been a nudist for 3 years, feeling very comfortable, NudistLoving .com

  •  All good points! I know exactly which bad sites you’re talking about. They all look the same and promise many single hot women with profiles that are obviously fake. They open new ones all the time, with names like nudistfriend (dot) org, nudistpassion, etc. Single nudists beware!

  • @Ian James Patterson  The thing is, resorts don’t have to do anything to attract single men. Single men always show up to nudist events / venues with little effort. For single women it takes some effort to attract them. It would be smart to try to specifically target single women, but it’s not as easy as targeting everyone or couples.

  • Ian James Patterson

    Are nudists clubs or resorts making an effort to specifically attract single women ever? If not, they are being discriminated against in a passive fashion.

  • j238

    The skewed ratio among nudists makes dating opportunities pretty rare.

  • Felicity’s Blog

    Well not just singles..single men, specifically. Single men still seek out nudism way more than single women, but I wouldn’t want women to assume the reason – that they’re all in it because they’re looking for naked women lol. There are many single women who hang out naked at home or would be open to the idea of social nudity. They’re just not as likely to be found in a nudist club / resort these days. But they could certainly be found thru online dating.

  • Ian James Patterson

    It’s seems your best bet is to date an open minded person and convert to him or her. The nudist community is mostly set up for couples. Singles are openly discriminated against.


    Beware of nudist/naturist dating sites; many are not what they seem.  Be especially careful when money is involved.  Some that start out free can cost hundreds with little possibility of success.
    Use Google to look for reviews and/or complaints, ask others about their experiences. Don’t join anything which requires payment before you can look around and see what it has to offer. If it claims to be the ‘largest in the world’ run away!
    Most of the dating sites you’ll run across are all the same company using different portals to draw folks in to the same crowd of old men and creepy guys.
    C’mon, are ‘hot chicks’ really going to be online looking for lonely nudist guys to hook up with?  Even if they were, what good does it do to meet someone from halfway around the world?  Long-distance naked dating?

    Ask yourself how many articles you’ve seen on legitimate nudist websites extolling the virtues of online naturist dating!
    As this article suggests, there are other, safer ways to become part of the community. Try them first.
    And how do we know all this?  We owned one of those sites for a brief time, then dropped it like hot potato once we were ‘inside’ and saw what it was all about.  Pyramid scheme designed to make money, that’s all.  Be careful.
    If you do decide to try online dating, do it right.  Try E-Harmony and mention your personal interest in naturism when the time is right.  It works; Angie and I have been married for 7 1/2 years now!  ;-)