Girl Dealing With a Non Nudist Jealous Partner

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Nudie Lee On How a Girl should Deal With A Non Nudist Jealous Partner

A None Nudist Jealous Partner – What Do I Do?

Hello Nudie Lee,
I’m a nudist and my partner is not. At first, he was OK with me going to nudist events alone, but now he’s gotten very jealous that other guys have seen me naked. I’ve tried to convince him to come along with me, but he refuses to. What should I do?

Oh boys. A lot of them are very territorial. Blame it on genetics or on social influences. Nature or nurture.

It’s pretty simple, we live in a hyper-sexualized society that categorizes women in two categories: the saint and the whore. When men grow attached to a partner, they classify the partner as a saint to the outside world. They don’t want other men gawking at her. Naked or in a winter parka.

Dealing With a Non Nudist Jealous Partner

Men’s gonna check out women regardless

There might be other issues here too, trust issues past or present. The best way of getting through this is by having an honest open conversation with your partner.

Always remember that non-naturists don’t always fully understand that naturism isn’t about sex. Try and convey that to your partner without preaching.

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Best of luck,

Nudie Lee

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