The Nude Years Eve That Almost Never Was

| January 5, 2012 | 4 Comments

The Almost New Jersey Nude Years Eve Party

After weeks of organizing, promoting and working around the clock to bring to fruition our most epic YNA event yet, Nude Years Eve was almost nonexistent. Around 1pm on Saturday, the police informed us that if we had the event they would arrest everyone. The event was off. We were in shock. Our morale plummeted with thoughts of all the damaging consequences. It was New Year’s, and over 80 people were expected.

That afternoon was total scrambling and madness, but miraculously we managed to put a new nude party together in three hours in Long Island City! It was not what it could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been, but all things considered we still did pretty well! 60-70 people attended (some guests added last-minute and many happy NY’ers with a much shorter trip to make). There was still a DJ, a bar, body paints, the charity raffle, good people and happy cheer at midnight. Using hacked wireless internet from JP Riley’s cell phone, we even successfully opened the live stream of The Bare Times Launch Party in California for a few minutes! (To the CA people, sorry it came out a little choppy- the new venue wasn’t equipped to handle it.)

YNA Nude Years Eve party

YNA Nude Years Eve party

Why exactly was the New Jersey Shore event shut down? We are still not 100% sure at this point. The ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) found reason to close it down. We were originally led to believe it was about a bus issue, but other reasons have and may be brought up to justify it. We’ve heard it was due in part to its being perceived as a “public” event, even though this was very much established as a private event with no evidence to suggest otherwise. I hope to be able to shed more light on this soon.

Once again we offer our apologies to any and all who could not make it after it was moved so last-minute to NYC. We’d also like to apologize to the charity that we weren’t able to raise as much money and to JP and Act Naturally as well as to all our other sponsors and members. If you didn’t make it, we wish you a happy, healthy, more naked 2012!

(*Please note: We have issued the refunds this week. If you were owed a refund and do not see it appear in the next few days, send us an email at youngnaturists[at]

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  • Kitten

    It didn't help that it was announced on WPLJ (where they made fun of the event and disclosed it would be in Keansburg) on the morning of the 30th.

  • Joe Mel

    It worked out well; perhaps better than it would have in NJ.

  • JBlum

    No we haven't, but that'd be fun!

  • John

    Have you thought about trying this in Las Vegas?