Review of VH1’s Dating Naked Nude Reality Show: Episode 1

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Review of the new Nude Reality Show – VH1’s “Dating Naked”: Episode 1

Guest blog by: Greg Evans

Nude Reality Show – Dating Naked by VH1

I took half an hour today and watched episode 1 of the VH1 show Dating Naked. Until now I haven’t put much thought into this new series other than “Yay! Another nudie show!” I didn’t have any great expectations for the entertainment value. Like most nudists, I was worried that Dating Naked would be using nudity only to attract more viewers. Would the show be exploiting naked bodies with the idea that “sex sells”?

From my vantage point, I can see a lot deeper into the series than a reviewer who never experienced social nudity. Reviewing VH1’s Dating Naked without that experience would be like a sports article written by a columnist who had never played or watched a sport in his or her life. That said, with the rising popularity of naked themed shows, I think it’s time for us nudists and naturists to shine some light onto this new type of nude reality.

For those that may not have seen Dating Naked, it is actually not set up like its predecessors — the bachelor/ette series… but of course, the premise is the same – a single person looking for love. As opposed to the bachelor, instead of having a smorgasbord of single people for one person to choose from, the focus is narrowed down to six participants only (three guys / three gals) with the primary focus being on one guy’s and one girl’s quest for love. In my opinion, this format is much better because it allows for a more in-depth look across the board at who the participants really are and what they bring to the dating table.

It is important to mention that the final choice was made at the end of the episode. To me that makes this series a lot more watchable. You do not have to see every episode in a row to follow the story. With each episode you meet new characters and don’t need to wait until the end of the season to find out who they choose to continue dating. This allows for some wiggle room if the singles turn out to be uninteresting or a turn-off to watch. The viewer does not have to write-off the series because there will be a fresh set of people in the next episode!

Along with a better setup, I was pleasantly surprised by the dynamic that the nudity creates. Among the first words of the host (Amy Paffrath) were, “… will allow you to date in the most honest way possible” and “before you can bare your souls, you’ll have to bare everything else first.” Except for a few guidelines to stick by, choreographed acting was, for the most part, nowhere to be found. The cast is made up by everyday people who are truly experiencing social nudity for the first time.

I could not help but wonder, would Dating Naked actually help viewers see a better way to date???

In episode one, the spotlight was placed on 24-year-old Joe from Long Island, NY and 36-year-old Wee Wee from Nashville, TN.

Joe had a broken heart in his past and came hoping to find a new way to trust. Wee Wee came fatigued by her long search for Mr. Right and willing to try anything to find him.

nude reality show dating naked vh1 joe wee wee episode recap review

Wee Wee and Joe after just meeting on the beach. Photo: VH1 Nude Reality Show

In a similar fashion of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, the couples start out their date by walking up to each other bringing their heart and everything in their arsenal to succeed – except for clothing!

Right off the bat, Joe talks about a very common concern among men thinking about giving nudism a try: getting an erection. Such a non-issue, surprisingly, scares some men from ever trying nudism. Immediately Joe discovered there was nothing to worry about. The fear of getting aroused was an unfounded fear that never happened. The truth is, who cares if it does happen? In the nudist world, generally speaking, we know we’re human and arousal is a part that makes us human. In the atmosphere of social nudism, the consensus is that “if it happens it happens” but DO NOT be that guy who makes it happen on purpose and DON’T parade it around with the intent to draw attention to it! In any case the fact remains that it’s really not that common and rarely happens anyway. But I digress and you can read more in this article about nudism and erections.

I think the biggest takeaway from this review should be that a great truth about social nudism remains hidden in this series.

For us nudists, we see it and reap the benefit of meeting without prejudice. Your “social class” doesn’t matter when you’re naked – it is, in a sense, a great equalizer. You can be a lawyer, trash collector, doctor, soldier, construction worker or nurse. It simply does not matter and as a result, getting to know people for who they are becomes far easier!

This fact was revealed in the show by how fast the participants cut to the chase. Both Joe and Wee Wee started talking about their past and how it made them who they are. They had no fear of opening up and saying what they were looking for in life and in a partner. When you’re naked, it becomes a lot easier to wear your heart on your arm (since you don’t have sleeves!) and putting yourself out there.

Another interesting aspect is the comfort level people have being naked. Every day the contestants meet a new person and must get naked before meeting. Every time they undress the shed a little more of the shame that grew up with and feel just a little more comfortable in their own skin. This is actually as true to real life as you can get. Getting naked for the first time can be difficult but once that panic subsides, it becomes just as normal as anything else.

Based on the first episode I would rate the series as “so far, so good.” There is a chance it could foster a growing interest in nudism and help put tiny gusts of wind into the sails of our boat. I would not however say the series is for everyone. You would not want people who do not like reality shows watching it just to see naked people (trust me you can see more in Sports Illustrated than on this show).

If the series flops, there could be a cross-association with nudism such as “Naked Dating” = bad and dumb idea therefore nudism must = bad/dumb idea. But time will tell and after watching the first episode I am a little less worried and am actually looking forward to the second.

My final thought is WHO is going to care about nudism in this crazy fast-paced world after watching this show?

Well if it’s you: “Hi, we are YNA, and we want to meet you!”

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  • dannibiran

    yes it is

  • locksmithsphoen

    well its one more Reality Show
    <a href=””>Alpharetta</a>

  • wylierichardson1967

    That may be true, but what would make VH1 suddenly stop it’s pixilation of those body parts?  Especially in the light of that lawsuit.

  • I suppose the question you always have to ask with any “naked ” TV show is whether you would watch it if it was a clothed show.Are these programme interesting enough to watch to start with.Whenever I watched a nudist programme I’m more interested in what the people on it say rather than what you see the best was probably this one from 79

  • MichaelTrowbridge

    I’ve seen the first 5 episodes and I agree Greg that this show deserves a “thumbs up” for the reasons you stated.  
    The big difference between “Naked and Afraid” (NAA) and “Dating Naked” (DN) is that in NAA the couples are suffering and focusing on surviving which is not a recipe for romance.  In contrast, these DN couples are massaging, swimming, hugging painting each other – extremely romantic settings and activities to foster romance.  
    One of the most reasonable arguments anti-nudists have against us is the belief that naked daters would not be able to control their animalistic libidos and sex would be uncontrollable.  NAA demonstrated the truth that sex is a decision not related to nakedness or modesty but DN is shouting this truth since the casts are romantically engaged (and I bet often aroused too) yet over 90% of the couple choose to not have sex.
    If this show can prove to people that we don’t need clothes on to stay chaste, many will think “OK, why am I so clothes compulsive?”

  • MarkRunNJ

    I’ve only seen one episode, #4 Chuck And Camille. I love the idea that everyone
    is naked (although not all the time.) The participants seem to behave themselves
    without expecting anything when seeing each other without clothes.
    Unfortunately, at the end of the show, it sounded like the hostess was sending
    everyone off to go have sex now. That was a buzzkill in an otherwise adequate
    non-emmy award winning reality show.

  • Al Mahany

    Good perspective on the show.

  • SuzyQ2 As in the reviews of the future episodes

  • SuzyQ2 I wholeheartedly agree.  I think that was going to be addressed in the future episodes ;)

  • scubyw

    Good comment SuzyQ2. I’ve seen a few of those episodes and it makes the censorship in DN look so stupid.

  • scubyw

    Great review.

  • SuzyQ2

    There is one thing wrong with “Dating  Naked”.
    DN is an American knock-off of a show that started in the Netherlands, called “Adam zkt Eva” (“Adam Looking For Eve”).  But it is missing one important ingredient that the Dutch original has:  The actual nudity.

    Since DN runs on a “basic” cable channel, most of the nudity is censored.  (For some reason, bare hineys are exempt from the bowdlerization.  I guess the producers must have figured out that male and female rear ends look pretty much the same,)


    In fact, the producers sign a contract with the participants in which they promise never to air the unedited original.  (One woman is now suing because the censors apparently overlooked a quick shot of her “Sharon Stone”.)

    By contrast, Adam zkt Eva shows everything.  The naked daters in that show know that the whole world will see them in all their glory, front and back, high and low.  Personally, I think that is more realistic.

    What do you think?