Nude Poem – “To Helina” from Raped by Clothing by Guido Nigro

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Nude Poem – from Raped by Clothing

An insert from the Novel “Raped by Clothing” Written by: Guido Nigro

Nude Poem:

I was walking in the dark and was so blind that I couldn’t appreciate the light. We have covered God’s creation in fear of ourselves. We have raped ourselves. We have created demons in our minds, seeing in the shadow of ourselves what is not there.

Nude poem form Raped By Clothing by Guido Nigro

Nude poem form Raped By Clothing by Guido Nigro

Blinding our minds to see what society expects us to see. Confusing purity with perversion, light with darkness. I was brought up with my mind in darkness and fear. Society has imposed seeing my body in a twisted way, dictating fear where there should be none.

Your blinding light has torn the darkness from my mind and soul. I am not afraid anymore. I am free in the light. Pose nude among the stars with your heavenly body.

You are completely free now. Pose nude for God, the greatest artist. Innocence is your shield, you showed us how to use it. We will follow your example toward eternity Author Reveals All in Novel “Raped by Clothing: The Nudophobic Society.

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