Nude Photoshoot in New York With Artist Angelo Musco

| January 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

Angelo Musco Does A Nude Photoshoot

For those of you familiar with Jock Sturges or Spencer Tunik, there is another photographer in New York City who also uses thousands of naked bodies to create art. His name is Angelo Musco, and he is doing a naked photoshoot in NYC in March! Check out his artwork, it’s interesting! He weaves naked human figures together to create intricate compositions of lines, shapes and spirals. I would describe most of work as ethereal, dark and eerie. If you’d like to become part of a spider-web of naked bodies or some other intriguing artwork, sign up! It’s unpaid, but he is known to give all his volunteers free snacks during the shoot and a free copy of one of his books. Anyway I’m sure the experience alone is worth something.

nude photoshoot artist Angelo Musco

Nude Photoshoot With Artist Angelo Musco

[Update: I attended the photoshoot myself! Read my experience about it in 3 Events You Might Have Missed]


And now for something completely different. Going back to the whole naked protest thing, these ladies know how we can fight for peace and justice! ;) Silly video:

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  • Mr Sandy

    Hey Felicity –
    I've been invited to be in Angelo Musco's next shoot! Can't wait!

  • John

    Wow, well thats great I never expected like that….