Being A Live Nude Model For A Drawing Class

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Nude Model For a Life Drawing Experiences At A University

I Was a Nude Model For Art Students in College:

Nude Model – There is a wide perception of nudity on my campus at Western Oregon University. Some are okay with it, others are against it. What I had not expected is a big difference in what someone draws in a life drawing course. There are all different kinds of art and different styles of painting and drawing. Over the last few months I have been hired off and on to be a sometimes clothed other times nude model.

The first time I decided to be drawn was in the nude. At first, I was nervous and even shaking more than normal. I suspect that the professor even realized I was nervous and had my other poses sitting down to make me more comfortable. It was easier after a break, because I realized the students were very professional and respected me. I’ve heard stories about how the model and the students do not talk, but I wanted to be different.

I engaged the students in conversation during break. I wanted them to understand that nudity doesn’t have to be awkward nor shameful; it can be beautiful and natural. It was interesting to see different perspectives of myself. Some I liked and others I didn’t like as much, showing that maybe I still have a long way to go before I have completely accepted myself in my own skin, since they captured more of my flaws. I do not even know if the artists who drew me with my flaws found it ugly, just that they only drew what they felt inspired to draw. As I went around the room I noticed more and more differences.

Nude Model

“Right now my dream job is to be a nude artists’ model.” –

I noticed the men avoided drawing my penis while the women seemed to not care one way or another. After all it is just another body part, and it is a life drawing course. I thought it would have maybe been just one or two men, but it turned out to be all of them avoiding it.

What is stigmatized about the male penis that even some artists today refuse to draw it?

Nude College Model For Life Drawing Art Class

Nude College Model For Life Drawing Art Class

I have heard various speculations on it. One reason is that the male penis is often viewed as grotesque and something to be ashamed about. Many have heard in the news last October that the Leopold museum covered up naked men because they had received numerous complaints about their advertising and artwork. To avoid an outrage from the public, there would be a red strip that covered the male penis on about 180 works of art while nude women would remain uncovered.

Have we become such a backwards society that even the sight of a male penis scares people? I realize that there are many reasons why some individuals have become afraid to even see a penis because for some that means reliving a bad sexual experience they shouldn’t have had to go through.

I hope that through de-sensitizing people to human anatomy, we can achieve a world where any anatomical part is not viewed as ugly or shameful. One of the first steps would be to open up to the artistic viewpoint of the anatomy.

life drawing oregon nude artist art naked models

nude model — from

In another nude modeling session, I was a lot more comfortable. I felt confident that the students would act professional, and they did. In fact, it was pretty easy to interact with the artists on my breaks. There seemed to be less reservation among the genders toward drawing the male penis. I was pleasantly surprised since there was not a distinction between men and women drawing anatomical figures. I hope this trend continues.

With all my experiences, the nightmare of showing up to school naked wasn’t as horrible as my dreams made it out to be. It was well worth it and I hope to do it again soon, especially for an art class who respects and admires the human figure in all its splendor and glory.

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Logan Green is a naturist blogger located in Oregon.
  • JonathanHughes1

    How can art suddenly become anti – art being malicious when boobs, tits, vaginas or pubic hair is seen or testicles or a penis being what is used to bring life into being? Google has deceived themselves into thinking that is so. Art does not come off the canvas trying to eat you. How then can that art be malicious? Nude art is not a malicious, murderous,  implacable railer without  any understanding being loveless when the natural parts are seen. Google seems to think so. Tell them differently.

  • lemmingherder

    ACE2010 sexual ego? See? Even you demonize men, and YOU ARE ONE! If you want to point fingers point them at society. Our culture minimilizes men under the excuse that either women somehow have it harder than us despite us having more expected of us, while a woman doing the same thing we are expected to do,  is a hero for some reason, or that they are somehow victims due only to their gender… There is definitely a double standard in America, and it favors women legally, economically, and socially. If a man hits a woman attacking him, he goes to jail despite her striking first, sometimes with a deadly weapon. Women get business tax breaks just for being women. Women control the dating scene… If I have to explain that one to you, just wait till puberty and you will see. So yes, men are not allowed to look at another man’s penis without social retribution, but women, as our social overlords, are allowed to do whatever the hell they want. You know, how it always is with a ruling class compared to their second class servants… One has more restrictions for no logical reason. Now you want to defend women, you know why? Stockholm syndrome…

  • JuanBare1

    I woukd love to pose nude. I live in South New Jersey.But at 59 and a little overweight I do not think artists would use me.

  • YNAOregon Logan

    The only time that I feel like I am “suffering” is when  I had chosen a really bad pose, and my muscles are really mad at me. I try to do Yoga then shower before I even go to the modeling gig.
    It would be interesting if students in the class was willing to get into the spot light, but yet again, I would even have this small job if they were so in essence I have been thankful for that. However, it would be cool if each student at least did it once for the experience.
    Most of the time I just zone out otherwise time would feel more like an eternity, though when I have chosen bad poses it does feel like an eternity. The best advice is to not look at the clock, and if you can’t help it, do a pose that forces you to long away.
    Tuesdays I have done the most nude modeling at my school and it has been well worth it, though at times my body does something I really do not want it to do, but that is very rare, and I notice is because I’ve made myself too nervous and self-conscious of my body, but no one really says anything and goes around the business. I just take deep breathes and everything returns back to normal, so it is not like I am allowing it to be there.
    Anyways, I’ve never bee the artist and I like to see how people view me and it is interesting to see all the different artistic styles out there, some I like and others I don’t, but overall it has been a good experience.

  • Anthony Tewfik

    Interesting thoughts, though  I am more used to standing on the other side of the easle as both artist and tutor, I have modelled as I decided that I should know what I ask my models to suffer while I am portraying them. It is very hard work, keeping still while shifting the weight around around your body to aliviate  the pain. Im very bad at it. Some people have told me that they go into a trance or meditate, I found my self staring at the clock with every minuite seeming like an hour.
    One of my regular models told me that she leaves her ego hanging on the studio door, as she has seen so many unflattereing images of herself, you have to remember that many students are raw beguinners and are struggling to control their pencils, of course there are students of all abilities but some will be pleased if they make an image that is recognisabe as human..
    Most people who model for my classes are women and I have found that my student numbers have dropped when I have hired a man, unlike your experiences it is usually women who fail to attend. As for them ignoring the genitles, I quitely say that they are to draw the whole body and then return to see the penis tentatively described.
    The life drawing class is a strange enviroment, a group of people enter a room and then one sheds their clothes and the others intensely stare at that person for the duration. Too often the tutor will  depersonalise the model, “look at the stomach”, rather than “look at her/his stomach” I always introduce the model and having seen (in other groups) the model sitting alone in a corner during the breaks, ensure that we all socialise.
    One of the nightmares of organising life groups is the model not turning up, some with a legitimate reason, often with first timers getting an attack of last minute nerves,, then one of the students will take their place, (there is usually someone who will welcome some extra cash) tthough never has that person been willing to model nude. I would love to run a class where all were equally naked, taking turns to draw and model, thus saving the cost of hiring the model.