Nude in NYC ? Felicity, Our NYC Nudist says – Absolutely!

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Nude in NYC… Absolutely!! (kinda…) – Getting Naked in New York!

Naked house party and other Nude in NYC fun events by our NYC Nudist – Felicity Jones

Nude in NYC – It’s an interesting thing to be a New York City, NYC nudist. Here you are in the ‘anything can happen at any time’ epicenter of the world. Cultures that normally lambast and denigrate each other are crushed together on a downtown 4/5 train. People from all walks of life mingle at street fairs, surrounded by the sounds and smells from virtually hundreds of cultures around the globe. The one thing we all have, our bodies, cannot be shared, uncovered, allowed to breathe or shown. Unless of course it is for personal profit, “illicit” affairs or in the privacy of our homes.

I’ve always thought of New York City as a place where you could find almost anything you wanted at any time day or night. However, when looking for a social setting in which to hang out the way I’m most comfortable – sans clothing (nude), I have come up nearly empty.

Besides the previously semiannual Clothing Optional Dinners (which have gone on hiatus due to the amount of work, cost and trouble for the organizer, which I totally understand), Naked Yoga NYC, there was only Gunnison beach and lighthouse beach on Long Island. I have been to both many times, but even they require a day off from work, leaving at the crack of dawn, fighting traffic and hoping for a parking spot! Once you’re on the beach it’s wonderful, but what if you’re going alone or worse, what if you want to be alone but are continually harassed by gawkers / peepers / pokers?

Our New York City Nudist - Felicity Jones, is Nude in NYC

Our New York City Nudist – Felicity Jones, is Nude in NYC

Nudism in New York City, or the nude NYC scene is one still very much underground. No, this does not mean you should streak the bleeker street stop.

So in this town of excess where does one go to shed the excess clothing, the labels and styles that define us on the sidewalk? I hope to get off my duff and explore some of the hidden and not so hidden opportunities for relaxation, socialization and exercise in NYC!

So far I have attended the following Nude in NYC Events:

Stay tuned for updates about Nude NYC events as often as I am able!

I would love any suggestions or stories relating to the topic that you wish to share!

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