Deep Creek Nude Hot Springs

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YNA SoCal Review of Deep Creek Nude Hot Springs

Nude Hot Springs – Deep Creek:

Nude Hot Springs: Here in Southern California, we are blessed with the ultimate naturist paradise. The weather is amazing. There are hot springs aplenty. We even have thousands of undeveloped acres open to free-hiking.

So why do we have almost no youth naturism culture, compared to chilly places San Francisco, Seattle or Portland? The answer is simply presence. There is almost no naturist outreach here bringing youth-oriented outings that combine fitness, healthy living, body-positivism and natural enjoyment of the great outdoors. That is why YNA Southern California is on a mission to meet this need and bring it to the masses. And Deep Creek nude hot springs is the perfect place for first-timers and regulars alike. And from the moment you exit your car and hit the hiking trail, no clothes are required. Just nature.

deep creek nude hot springs yna southern california young naturists

Deep Creek Nude Hot Springs

After a scenic drive into the mountains, we park for free at the side of the ride and start hike to one of California’s naturist paradises. It is free, public and represents the best that naturism can offer. At the end of the refreshing hour-ish hike, we have arrived at Deep Creek hot springs. Here, hot water pours out of the ground and into some volunteer-built tubs.

deep creek nude hot springs yna southern california young naturists

Nude Hot Springs at Deep Creek

Most days everyone has shed their clothes and just lets their skin feel the water, sand and air. It is family-friendly, and oftentimes I have seen families with little kids there. Sometimes the whole family skinny-dips, other times just the parents. A few months ago I camped with my friend, her brother and her little kid and we all skinny-dipped and camped naked the whole time. It is a great, safe, peaceful environment.

deep creek nude hot springs yna southern california young naturists nudists

Deep Creek Nude Hot Springs

There are some textile folks usually. But what prevails is a beautiful, tolerant atmosphere that compels most people to do away with sticky swimsuits and sandy pockets, and try naturism themselves. YNA SoCal goes to Deep Creek nude hot springs more than any other place. It is safe, beautiful, refreshing, natural and free — and my YNA and non-YNA friends alike have found it to be a place where we can leave behind our insecurities, tensions and stresses… and just enjoy the world, and be happy with ourselves.

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I had seen this video long before YNA started debating it here.  While I realized there may have been more females than males I assumed it was a fair representation of that group that day.  I frequent Deep Creek Hot Springs and now that while most groups will be mixed there are groups of college age girls that will visit their place on their own.  There is no male/female quota required to attend.  The producers of the video do not make any claim of it been an accurate depiction of everyday life a deep creek or an accurate representation of naturism.

What baffles and disappoints me as a naturist is how quick we are to judge and criticize each other.  We are all bound to have our differences, but why focus on them.  AANR and TNS have had their differences for many years, and it has not help increase naturism as a whole or our presence in younger generations.  I was hoping that YNA would be different.   I saw this video as a group of young people enjoying a clothing optional trip to Deep Creek.  As a naturist I would have and often do hike that trail nude.    Should I criticize the participants of the video for not hiking it nude in the name of naturism.  If they had, someone else would be criticizing them for being more voyeuristic.  As Felicity says in her article on Deep Creek, in Southern California we need more young naturist (like in most of USA), however, when some show up we are quick to criticize what they could have done differently.   I am simply pleased to see them there and willing to stand up and share their naturism.  I was also at the Bare Burro and saw them filming there.  Of course it was going to be more gender and age balanced as there were over 300 naturist there, more than 250 runners/walkers and probably about 70/30 male to female ratio, including young children.

It may be just my opinion, but kudos to Clothes Free International,  the producers and participants of those videos, Blue Turtle Production, Felicity, Jordan, Tim, and all those willing to stand up, support naturism and are proud of their bodies and proud to be called naturist or nudists.  Thank you for all that you do and lets continue to support naturism and each other in whatever way we feel works for us.