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Nude For Thought – By Melissa

( By: Melissa Dejanude )

Nude for Thought – Nudistory

Nude for Thought

Nude for Thought – Nudistory

Over centuries, humans have battled with the freedom to wear or not to wear.

Even though there are reasons backing up the importance of clothing in civilization, there are still some gaps in History where nudity was prohibited without reasoning by means of morality or classification.

Is it possible there is a deep spiritual battle that revolves around nudity?

Nude for Thought – Body Language

Nude for Thought

“The universal language is body language.”

Could it just be possible that we would have better foreign communications, less political rivalry and greater peace if we all did not decorate ourselves with apparel and other body distractions to separate us from one another in culture?

Nude for Thought – Phobic Oppression

Nude for Thought!

Nudity is a natural freedom that is commonly oppressed due to the fear of being insulted or the reaction of another being offended.”

Do you feel it is wrong to walk around naked in spite of another person or to simply not care about whether or not that person would become uncomfortable or offended? Whether or not you do, do you also feel that your reaction to their reaction may be helping or hindering the freedom of social nudity?

Nude for Thought – Indentification

Nude For Thought

Nude For Thought

“People wear clothes to identify themselves: chefs, gardeners, sports athletes, cyclists, secretaries, managers; however, people who do the same jobs as those who wear the uniform are alone called nudists.”
What exactly do we place the classification on…the clothes or the person?

 Nude for Thought – Author’s Story

Nude for Thought

Nude for Thought

“The human body naturally tells the story about the life of its author without words, whether it be covered with layers of beautification, labels of expression, inked in forms of art or simply scarred through wounds once conquered.”

Nude for Thought – Play Naked

Play Naked

Play Naked

“It is legal for children in the state of California to be nude in public places up to the age of 10. This law is rarely tested and when it is, children can still be told by a public figure to put their clothes on when someone complains.”

Do you feel our society would react differently to simple nudity if it was more commonly accepted with children in public areas? Do you feel it is okay to allow your child to play naked at any public beach if they are of legal age?

Nude for Thought – Family Funding

Newborn Baby

Newborn Baby

“A child born in 2009 will cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars, or about $222,360, to raise to maturity. These economics of scale deliver 22% savings per child for families with three or more children with partial savings due to handing down clothing.”

Could it just be possible that families who live clothing optional lifestyles have more money to put towards other more important means of raising their children including educational development, enhancing personal hobbies and extended family vacations?

Nude for Thought – Barely Legal Nudes

Barely Legal Nude Girl

Barely Legal Nude Girl

Is it possible that teenage depression, pre-marital sex and underage solicitation may be influenced due to lack of understanding about the human body and development during the adolescent years from 11-17?

Nude for Thought – The Nudist Difference


A Future Nudist?

Nude for Thought – “It’s ironic how many who have chosen the nudist lifestyle are ones who were picked on as kids growing up; they were nerds who were never excepted into the cool crowd or they were individuals who were made fun of for being imperfect while facing lack of conformity issues. Yet they come right out and expose themselves while the others who made fun of them are now far too ashamed /afraid to be socially nude.” Were you one of those kids? I was!

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  • SteveYnaNY

    Melissa aks the question, “Is it possilbe that a deep spiritual battle revolves around being nude?”  I for one believe the answer is affirmative.  Divide humanity within its very nature against its own body and this division spreads like cancer separating all people.  Separation, leads to fear, hiding from ourselves and others.  When that fails, there is violence.

  • TwoMetreMan

    Re: Nude for Thought – Phobic Oppression:
    I am reminded of the quotation attributed to Mae West:  “…Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often…”
    That said, I’ll raise my hand and admit that I do not go naked when there are others present whom I believe (sic) would be upset / offended by it.  So, yes, my fear-based and conditioned reactions to their (potential) reactions do not help to normalize naturism.  People like Stephen Gough in the UK are the angels who choose to push those societal boundaries.  As Gandhi said:  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  I guess we all go as far with that as we have the courage to do?……