Nude Education “Raped by Clothing” Book by Guido Nigro

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Nude Education By Guido Nigro and his Novel – “Raped by Clothing: The Nudophobic Society”

Guido Nigro’s Nude Education and his novel Raped By Clothing:

Nude Education – Recent talks about nude education begins to spread throughout the continent of Australia at the Cambridge Conference Center, on air at the WHRB 95.3 FM radio station and has even found its way into communications with The University of Australia, which all started with a single book called Raped by Clothing: A Nudophobic Society.

The author Guido Nigro wrote this book with the theory that everyone in the world, who is offended by nudity, has a mental sickness called “nudophobia”. He compares this idea to the reaction people have against spiders in clinical cases called “arachnophobia”.

At one point in time, the common fear in our society was the fear of spiders which was a direct result from the 1970’s film “Arachnophobia”. It was around this time that National Geographic was forbidden to release educational clips containing spiders due to these personal fears and mental illness of the general public dealing with spiders; such is also the case with people who are afraid of seeing naked people. “You see once we got a disease like that, we have to adjust to change the world….those who attack are nudophobic” Guido says.

Nude Eductaion By Guido Nigro

Nude Eductaion By Guido Nigro

Inspired by his research and novel, Guido recently started teaching nude education seminars back in March of 2011 in a clothed setting to help people learn of this sickness that indirectly encumbers every moment of their public lives. He hopes to expand these bits of education into classes at school all throughout the world starting with Australia.

Guido believes the reactions people will perceive towards nude education will be both confusing and affronting at first just as they initially did back in the 70’s when sex educators where criticized for bringing sex education into the schooling system prior to it becoming a part of the curriculum.

He believes that eventually nude acceptance will become more of the norm for some in art classes and other areas of outdoor recreation if we teach society to look at the human body as something other than the sexual image which is what the media constantly drills into our minds through marketing schemes.

Raped by Clothing: A Nudophobic Soceity

Raped by Clothing: A Nudophobic Soceity

One student who attended Guido’s class approached him at the end of the session and confessed to Guido that he signed up for the class to sabotage it because he did initially did not agree with the topic; however, the analogies Guido used in his teachings ended up reversing his opinion on social nudity. Others were inspired to go out and try social nudity right then and there.

The book, Raped by Clothing, is a fictional novel about non-sexual nudity that interprets the lifestyle of nudism through characters similar to the lifestyle of Guido and his companions. He was first introduced into nudism in Italy at the early age of 13 and has been practicing social nudity going on 38 years now.

His curiosity towards nudity started at the age of 12, when he found himself regularly sneaking behind the school building after hours with the other boys to ogle cut out pornographic images of women. When he confronted his older brother about this new boyish fascination, it was then his brother told him. “No Guido that is wrong! I will show you another way that you can keep away from pornography.” From there his brother took him to a nude beach to teach him the facts of life.

“The first time that I went to a naturist beach, I could not believe my eyes because there were girls, roughly my age, that I was seeing nude for the first time in my life. After a while I realized that the sexual link in my mind was completely gone.” says Guido.

Raped by Clothing is “A tragic story about a society that has lost the ability to distinguish between pornography and art, between purity and perversion. A place where the human spirit is encaged without any hope to emerge.”

The book begins to describe a closed minded society where the author highlights the change that is happening throughout the world; the change where every form of recreation in schools containing open enlightenment is closed down including astrological observatories, artists groups and even other religious practices such as prayer groups.

It is about a special girl named Helina who is against pornography even while raised by her mother with spirituality and an open mind. She has only one friend named Jasmine who stumbles across an old abandoned building, finding images that were forbidden at the time, of nude paintings from times past. They meet a figure artist, Raymond, who is a ghost from a world long gone. Later on they discover an old videocassette made in 1980 that changes their world and entire perspective on simple nudity.

A copy of this book, written in the English language, can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. The book is getting translated in the French language by special request from a French publishing company and is being rewritten in the Italian translation.

Raped by Clothing is being adapted into a radio play series which will be available to the general public on WHRB 95.3 FM in the year 2012. Furthermore, the author is in touch with the University of Australia to create a theatrical performance on the book. He has also been establishing connections with local governing authorities in Perth to try to change the legal definition of simple nudity.

“I strongly believe that nudophobia is a sickness that is used by society. Society introduced this in building clothing. In fact Raped By Clothing, the name many people find strange, the majority of people are raped by clothing because society imposed clothing on us at an early age which brings a lot psychological problems later on in life.” ~ Guido Nigro

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