Nude Body Painting Competition YNA Finalists

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Amazing Canvas Nude Body Painting YNA Finalists!

YNA Made it to the Finals For The AANR Nude Body Painting Competition!

Nude Body Painting Competition – Remember when we did all that nude body painting at the mid-July Young Naturist Gathering at Rock Lodge? It was such a fun afternoon! We at Young Naturists America, do a lot of body painting in general, but this time was different because we were participating in AANR – American Association for Nude Recreation’s Amazing Canvas competition (most likely inspired by all the great fun we nudies have been having). Now, we have news. Our entries have made it into the finalists! See the other finalists and cast your vote online on American Association for Nude Recreation’s website.

I’m going to withhold the artists’ names, as I don’t have permission to disclose them, but check out the YNA Gathering finalists’ artwork below! The nude beach scene is painted on me :)

naked nude body painting art amazing canvas AANR

Nude Body Painting Competition

Naked Body Painting

Naked Body Painting Of A Nude Beach

nude body painting

naked body painting – The art And artist

nude body painting competition finalist AANR

Naked body painting

UPDATE: The nude beach scene won 2nd place! :)

This Sex Positive and Body Image Blog about the America Association For Nude Recreation Naked Body Painting Competition Was written by Felicity Jones for – Young Naturists And Nudists America YNA

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