Review Of Oka National Park Nudist Nude Beach

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Review of the Unofficial Nude Nuidst Beach at Oka National Park in Quebec province, Canada

Guest Blog by: Bill Nesc

On my way back from the FCN / FQN Festival at a resort between Montreal and Quebec City, I decided to stop and check out the clothing optional beach a few miles northwest of Montreal in Oka National Park (Parc National d’Oka). The beach is located along the northern side of a lake called Lac des Deux Montagnes. Unlike Wreck Beach in Vancouver and Hanlan’s Point Beach in Toronto, the Oka National Park beach is not an officially recognized clothing optional beach by any government entity. Despite this unofficial status, nudity is tolerated. There are ranger and police patrols on the beach, but they don’t harass anyone for being nude. They are looking for bad behavior. The only incident I saw them involved in was some shoving involving two middle-age drunk men.

Once you enter the park and pay your $17 Canadian dollar entrance fee, follow signs to the “plage” (which means “beach” in French). After a mile you will see a big parking lot. Park as close to the big building as possible. This building contains the dressing rooms and restaurant for the textile beach. To get to the clothing optional beach, walk past the big building and follow a path that goes parallel to the beach, through a pine forest. After walking about a mile, you will see some marsh grass on the beach. The c/o beach starts after that. (See a map on the Naturist Page website.)

nude beach oka national park quebec canada montreal yna review

Walking toward the nude beach at Oka National Park

The clothing optional beach is a least 3 miles long so there is plenty of room to spread out. You can go where people congregate or find a nice quiet place for yourself, your partner, or your group. The most popular spot appeared to be about ¼ of a mile from the beginning of the c/o beach near the volleyball net. There is where the bathrooms are and a food vendor with a better selection of food than the vendors of Sandy Hook. The bathrooms were something I never seen before. They were co-ed with outdoor toilets and stalls. All of the stalls and toilets were out in the open. The good news is that there are doors on the stalls.

nude beach oka national park quebec canada yna review

The nude beach

There were plenty of boats that parked themselves in spots along the beach. Some of them were nudists who got off the boats and went on the beach, and a few probably were gawkers. Unlike Hanlan’s Point beach in Toronto, most of the people at the Oka Park c/o beach were nude. I would say 85% to 90% of them were sans clothes.

There is plenty of primitive camp sites available at Oka Park. Most are very primitive, though some do have electrical hookups. Most of the campsites are in the woods and may require a long walk to the bathrooms. Very similar to what you would find at many state parks.

Oka Park National Park clothing optional beach is one I would recommend anyone to visit if they are ever in the Montreal area during the summer.

More information about Oka National Park can be found on the Quebec province website for public parks and wildlife reserves – Sépac (Société des établissements de plein air du Québec).

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