Buy Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay

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Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay Available For Sale

Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay – E-Bay is the place where you can find anything including tid bits of art, artifacts and vintage memorabilia dating as far back as the early 1920s. A fellow nudist in Watertown, NY made a difficult decision to part with some of his valued collectibles and live off of the bare necessities in a cause to collect funds for his beloved dog, Mia Marie Bumblebee, who just turned 10 and is in desperate need of surgery to remove Cataracts that are causing blindness.

Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay

Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay – Indonesian Ashtray

The seller hopes to gather close to $1000 to restore the health of his family pet who has brought much joy to his children and other fellow naturists in the Northeast.

Mia Bumble Bee

Mia Bumble Bee

“I am on a limited income and am currently working to get the money for the $3,000 (+) surgery together. I am close to 2/3’s of the way there, so I have listed lots of my stuff on e-bay to try make the rest. Little Something 4 everyone I hope! So check it out…and tell a friend! Mia and I appreciate the help! Hopefully you can meet us at an event in the near future!…and she will see you with her “renewed” bright Baby Blues like they were in this pic!! (if you win let me know UR a group Member… as it would be nice to know that) Thanks So Much! SG”

Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay - Go Topless

Vintage Nudist Items On Ebay – Go Topless

Some items up for bid include a 1947 Fritz Shider Nude Reference Hardcover book titled “An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists”, Late 60’s or early 70’s Italian figurines “World’s 1st Nudists! Naked Nude Caveman Cavewoman & Child Family”, a humorous vintage 50 year old wooden sign containing a picture of a nude woman holding her clothes stating “HE WHO FIGHTS WITH WIFE ALL DAY…..WILL HAVE NO PEACE AT NIGHT!”, Risque Art Deco 1920’s Partially Naked Woman Drink Glass and other miscellaneous fun items you will just have to have to add to your nudist home collection.

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