Naked News Alert: No Psychological Harm From Exposure to Nudity

| November 9, 2010 | 3 Comments

It’s Official – No Psychological Harm From Exposure to Nudity!

Exposure To Nudity Has No Negative Repercussions!

Exposure to Nudity

– There is some news I want to share that came out of the Brian Coldin trial that says there is no psychological harm suffered from exposure to nudity for adults or children! Dr. Ronal Langevin, who studies sex offenders, testified in court for Coldin in support of a less criminal view of nudity and naturism.

Exposure To Nudity

He says, “While he agreed that people who see nudity unexpectedly might experience shock, embarrassment and even be offended, he indicated that there was no evidence that those people would suffer any permanent psychological harm.”

Exposure to Nudity

Exposure to Nudity

Also interesting- “Dr. Langevin was also very specific that nudism / naturism is not exhibitionism…The scholarly research he reviewed clearly indicated that naturists are not motivated by sexuality. In fact, Dr. Langevin recalled that he dealt with two genital exhibitionists who had tried nudism/naturism but did not like it.” I guess nudism really takes the thrill out of flashing people.. And now this news gives a little support to my advocating of bringing children into a naturist environment!

Read the whole ARTICLE HERE.

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  • John

    The sad thing about nudity is that it is all relative. The media teaches us to sexualize it, morality teaches us to shun it. The list goes on. I continue to be amazed over the hangups something as natural "as the way you came out of the womb as" can cause so many hangups.

    The question is are these hangups psychological? I say yes, body image taps into something that causes a lot of hangups… but as soon as someone is put into a nudist friendly environment, it all sheds away.

    I remember watching a documentary on an anthropologist who married a Brazilian indigenous woman. She moved back to the US with him and wore clothes, after all it is our societal norm. Here's the interesting bit, when she went back to the Amazon to visit her tribe she lived nude– which was the societal norm there.

    There's an explanation there somewhere.

    There is a 900lb gorilla in the room– the overt sexualization of nudity. That has caused enough psychological baggage to last many generations. And I think that's where the "trauma" comes in. A person who is offended by nudity may think that the person is nude because they want to have sex. I mean lets face it, if you go by the vast majority of the web sites on the internet "dedicated" to "nudism" you would believe that everyone wants to see naked people… maddening and frustrating, isn't it?

    No worries about the comments, it's nice to be able to actually debate and think about this instead of cutting through all of the muck out there.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I suppose so. Like those people they put on talk shows who have a crazy extreme fear of something, like balloons. Except for this it would obviously be an extreme fear of nudity..But for others, it’s interesting how their anticipated feelings of fear or disgust would transform once they actually went into the nudist environment! It seems people’s sense of modesty is totally relative to the situation- whether it’s naked among a clothed group, or wearing clothes among a naked group! Thanks for all the comments John! :)

  • John

    My wife is in the middle of getting her doctorate in psychology, so I figure by proxy I at least have a BA in the subject. ;-) The only thing that I would argue with the good doctor is that a person could become psychologically traumatized if they saw a nude person and they were so against it. We're talking about a random naked person in front of them, not a stranger in a nudist area. With that said, if you are taken to an environment where naked is the norm, well no harm can be caused really. You go there expecting nudity. That's why people who have issues with being naked seem to adjust easily to it once they are in a nude-friendly environment, "I'm not normal here, I must shed these clothes…" (it also goes to show why sexual deviants don't like nudism because there is no "rush")