Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts

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Nipple Piercings And Old Nudist Attitudes

Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts – What is the problem?

Nipple Piercings – A friend told me about some controversy that took place at Rock Lodge this past summer that I felt was worth discussing. It all started a few years ago when the teenager daughter of a couple visited Rock Lodge, and to a few members’ dismay, she had nipple jewelry. Rock Lodge then decided to implement a rule to ban this. Right now the rule states, as quoted from the website:

At present, genital and nipple jewelry are not allowed. Prior to arrival at Rock Lodge, please ensure that any genital jewelry is removed and that any nipple jewelry is either removed or covered.

They allow other jewelry as long as it’s tasteful.

And this past summer, over 10 people with nipple jewelry visited Rock Lodge, bringing the rule to many members’ attention. Many of them fought to have the rule changed, while others were entirely for keeping it. Those who supported the rule argued that nipple piercings don’t belong in a family-oriented nudist club; that it draws attention to areas nudists aren’t trying to draw attention to, i.e. the breasts; that nipple piercings are sexual and associated with the swinger atmosphere (ridiculous).

Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts

Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts

On the other hand, proponents of change argued that naturism is about open acceptance of people as they are and allowing them to express themselves. As far as it drawing unwanted attention and even sexual attention, well,

  1. Breasts are not sexual organs.
  2. In the setting of Rock Lodge one is already NOT looking at another in a sexual way, thus nipple piercings don’t change anything. The issue lies with the ogler.
  3. Tattoos (tattooed breasts are accepted) and also pasties used to cover them up also arguably draw attention, if not more attention, to a female’s breasts. Anything can draw this attention, but this goes back to #2 of not looking at someone inappropriately to begin with.

Personally I don’t think the rule makes any sense and should be changed. For this group we’ve started of Young Naturists & Nudists America, we welcome everyone regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, tattoos, piercings and so on. What’s more, Rock Lodge has mostly an older crowd – maybe some conservative people that resent what the crazy rebellious youngsters are doing these days, with their body jewelry and loud wild parties.

Yet nipple piercings are becoming a lot more common these days among young people, and I have a few friends who have them who might say, “Rock Lodge is nice, BUT what’s with this stupid rule?” I think the club would do better to cut out a rule that would exclude or discourage younger people from joining, those who’d keep the place alive. What do you think, readers? Would such piercings bother you as a naturist? Or would you be turned off by a club that forbid them?

Genital and Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts

Genital and Nipple Piercings at Nudist Resorts

P.S. Susan Weaver, the president of AANR, has her nipples pierced. If she visited Rock Lodge would they dare ask her to take them out/cover them?

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UPDATE: After some debate, Rock Lodge changed their policy (in 2011 or 2012) and nipple piercings are now permitted at this club. (Genital piercings, however, are still prohibited. This is a common policy among nudist clubs and also should be changed!)

(*BUT- in spite of my semi-harsh opinion on this issue here, Rock Lodge is nonetheless a really beautiful place in the northern woods of NJ, and if you’ve never been you should go! The people are also very nice and friendly- what you’d expect in a relaxing, family-oriented place.

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  • j238

    I’ve seen people with a large number of piercings on their bodies, which has made me uncomfortable.  

    That has happened very rarely. 

    There shouldn’t be a rule against tasteful piercings, which is the case for most people who have them.  But, I wouldn’t object to a rule against extreme cases.

  • Azpatriot99 Agree! Fortunately, Rock Lodge did end up changing their policy to allow nipple piercings. Unfortunately, RL (and many other clubs) still prohibit genital piercings, which we still think goes against the acceptance aspect of naturism. It’s definitely time for these clubs to update their policies for the current century.

  • Azpatriot99

    …and they wonder why nudist/naturist club membership is on the decline. It’s time to acknowledge that many of us have tattoos, body piercings, etc. that are expressions of individuality. If we are to be tolerant and accepting of others as nudists/naturists, we need to accept them as they are. As long as rules of overt sexual activity are intact and obeyed, what’s the problem? It’s time we “grow up” and live in the current century. Peace to all.

  • Nature Lover

    Hey Bruce – Just treat that person as a human … forget about the sex and sexuality, look past the physical issues and see the actual person.

  • Bruce Kendall

    I would like to know how you would handle a transgender person as a prospective member? We had such a person apply for membership and frankly I am not sure how to handle it. I mean what do you do when the person has full blown breasts and a penis and acts like a female?


    Be sure.Prior to arrival at Rock Lodge, please ensure that any genital jewelry is removed and that any nipple jewelry is either removed or covered.

  • John

    Eh, just because you have the right to do something doesn't mean you should. It's a generational thing. Look at the WNBR pics, you see people with piercings everywhere and I think it's safe to say there was no sexual arousal. By banning a body modification you are drawing attention to the area, in other words you're saying something is wrong there. That goes against the main purpose behind nudism, acceptance.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the comment! It's true, every place has the right to their own policies. But I think it's only a matter of time before the rule changes, as this is getting out of date, like a club that would forbid tattoos in this day and age.
    That's great you've still been successful! And yes, obnoxious drunken behavior doesn't really have a place in naturism, true. I only meant the youth are often associated with them, but for young naturists we should be able to have some fun within reason, and not necessarily in an obnoxious way! After all, we don't want to give ourselves a bad rep! :) Thanks for commenting on the post in your blog!
    And Kathy, I agree with you!

  • Hi Felicity,
    I am the owner of Arcadia, a clothing optional, private club resort in Shelton, WA. I to have felt that if we are to accept nude as a universal freedom then we should also accept a person's freedom to express themselves with any adornments as they wish to present about themselves as long as it does not offend or insult others, as for example, wearing a swatzika which expresses hatred of others. I allow guests full freedom of expression. Their behavior, of course, should not infringe on the privacy of others or disrupt others as excessive drinking or overt sexuality. However, we are a child free environment and a romantic getaway. Our guests are free to move about in a beautiful Pacific Northwest park setting with the freedom to enjoy and present who they are.

  • Congrats on starting your blog. I've been blogging for 4 years. It's a great way to teach newbies about nude recreation.

    One thing I try to teach everyone is every single nudist resort is operated differently. We have the same general guidelines from AANR, but that is about it. If ypou don't like one, go to another.

    Rock Lodge obviously does not want nipple jewelry and that is their right. You also have the right not to patronize them unless they change their policy.

    We own The Terra Cotta Inn, nudist resort Palm Springs, California. The world changes over time. Back in the 40's and 50's many nudist places would not allow tattoos or alcohol. That would never go over now.

    I'm not into piercings or tattoos (ouch). However, we understand how so many people are into body art and body jewelry. "The Times They are a Changin'" as Bob Dylan said.

    So many nudist campgrounds are going out of business because they are not changing with the times. Others like us are extremely successful.

    The one thing I have to disagree with you about is "loud wild parties." No one wants to have to put up with obnoxious, drunken behavior whether it be someone young or a baby boomer. Loud parties are not appropriate at college dorms, hotels, personal homes where neighbors are disturbed, and they are not appropriate at nudist resorts. You have to respect other people.

    Great post about nipple jewelry.

    I'm also going to comment on it at my blog. Tom