New YNA Chapter for Kansas City Naturists!

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Meet Dan of the new YNA Kansas City Naturists

Good news from YNA Headquarters: we are launching a new chapter! YNA Kansas City or simply “YNA KC.” This blog post will introduce Dan Stark, the founder of this new chapter.

YNA’s Kansas City Naturists:


Greetings and Salutations from The Kansas City Naturists!!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all my fellow YNA’ers out there. I’m Dan. I have only just recently become an “official” nudist / naturist / nudie – only within the last two months! I come from a country background and have physically and mentally worked hard my entire life. If I wasn’t building a barn or fixing a fence, I was working in the construction field. I have also traveled the world working as a military contractor, training soldiers to locate land mines. I have built cellular towers and equipment across the country. I have partied in Prague, constructed sites in Okinawa, sunbathed nude and skinny-dipped in the beaches and of Puerto Rico, been arrested in Germany (long story) and it is rumored that I have also smoked weed in Amsterdam (but no proof has been presented yet!). I am worldly but also humble and down to earth.

Kansas City Naturists

Kansas City Naturists

I am also in a relationship with a wonderful woman who is also new to our endeared society. Initially, we began our journey into naturism by searching for places to camp nude. Upon an internet search, we came across the idea of naturism and nudism and obviously, it appealed to us.

I, myself, have pretty much always been a nudist. I would take my clothes off anytime and anywhere I felt it was appropriate. Lake, pool or pretty much anywhere with water, camping trips in the back yard while working… wherever I thought I could go sans textiles and not deal with any legal or moral ramifications.

My girlfriend, however, has not been so free spirited. When we met, she was closed, very timid and insecure. I did my best to nurture her and allow her the time to realize that she is her own person and beautiful both inside and out. It took a little work and even more time but she came around.

We started out being nude around one another. We would be naked in the house and slowly progressed to camping nude in our backyard (134 acres). Albeit, only the two of us, but she enjoyed the experience immensely. What began as a weekend of nude relaxation and ultimate appreciation for nature (and all things therein) soon turned into a lifestyle that we would never have thought about.

With research and conversation, we have learned that nudism has evolved quite radically over the years. Gone are the days of “free love” (never understood that term…isn’t all love free?) and drug-induced naked frolicking and it is time for mainstream America to visualize the naturist society for what it truly is – the innocent and accepting society that we have come to love. A society of free thinkers and friends who know one another inside and out and people who know that total acceptance of all is the only way to live! We have also learned that it’s a “help one, help all” community and we hope to be able to live up to the high standards that were set by the YNA family and the pure nudist movement.

We, in our nubile nudie position, understand that our choice of lifestyle is not for everyone. But we do hope to ignite such passion as what we have seen from those who have come before us. We have also learned that there are so many minds out there that have been molded by the social media, to “think” that our nudie society is about ruthless and unabashed sexual adventures.

It seems a bit rash for mainstream society to think that all nudists, naturists and nudies want to engage in orgies and sexual conquest simply because they enjoy social nudity. That said, I have to admit that my lady and I have been propositioned on many occasions. In all honesty, they are too many to recall or even count. Therefore, we can understand where that type of mindset may be coming from.

In my opinion, I see no issue with being approached. In our case, all offers have been respectfully rejected and that was the end of it. We simply continued to enjoy whatever activity we were engaged in at the time. I see it as a “to each his / her own” way of thinking. We all have our own vices, ideas, opinions, desires and way of life. While we might not have the same sexually motivated interests, we see no reason to admonish anyone for what goes on between other consenting adults in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

Just as we advocate acceptance for each person’s physical appearance, so too should we accept who they are inside. We should not, in my opinion, condemn them. Of course, this is only my opinion in regards to this issue. But perhaps the knowledge gained from a newbie like myself could prove beneficial to a movement such as this. Admittedly, I am very young in this particular society, but I intend to broaden my knowledge and experiences.

I shall end with this….
I’m Dan. I am 34 years old and reside in Kansas City, Missouri – your Kansas City Naturists connection :)

With the help of Felicity and Jordan, I am opening another chapter of the YNA here in my area with the hopes of educating the uneducated, opening the closed minds and combating the unknown that lays ahead! Let the nonsexual Nude-Times Roll!

We are free. We are united. And we will live how we see fit.


Let’s give Dan & YNA KC a warm welcome! Be sure to “like” YNA KC on Facebook, and follow YNA KC on Twitter @KansasCityYNA.

New YNA Chapter for Kansas City Naturists! by – Young Naturists and Young Nudists America

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Dan Stark is the leader of the YNA Kansas City chapter. He discovered naturism in the summer of 2013 and is now an enthusiastic supporter of the nudie life (along with his girlfriend).
  • anslen

    Interesting site / group
    Long time nudist since 1977.  Visit Camp Gaea several times during the summer camping on / near the ridge area. Always alone with my dog.
    Divorced, single, and straight. If anyone visit Camp Gaea stop an say hello.

  • manofadventure452

    Omg thats so awesome.  I might be moving to KC in a year or so.  Good to know there will be a group for me!  :D

  • sherlywinters

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  • edavidsanguisalas57

    I have relatives at Kansas City MO & muy sister knows that city, but if you have 134 acres on your backyard you can organize a naturist camp but have an entire nudist army on it. Good luck.!!

  • Joe Brownrigg

    I wish there had been a group like this when I was in college out there!! Best to you!!

  • carlnudi

    Best wishes on your new endeavor, Dan. We definitely need more young people in the movement. And I’m impressed with how you expressed yourself. You sound wise beyond your 34 years of age. Good luck in growing your group in KC. Keep us all posted on your success.

  • MarkPartin

    Congrats on the new chapter.  As Treasurer for the Heartland Naturists of Kansas City, we welcome you and hope we can find ways to work together to educate the public about wholesome, family-friendly naturism and to grow the nudist community in the Kansas City area!