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Issues Pertaining to Nudism And The Cell Phone

Nudism And The Cell Phone – Earlier this week I blogged about cell phones here and in other places. Why? Because my campground is thinking about developing a new cell phone policy. I must confess that my initial reaction to hearing discussion about this was frustration and annoyance because the policies are typically created because of people demonizing the cell phone.

In these past few days in which discussions about cell phones at nudist resorts has been very prevalent throughout the nudist world, I am now very, very proud of my naturist campground for thinking about a cell phone policy. Why, you ask? Because we are one of the first clubs to really THINK about and discuss the policy. I’m all for thinking! Yay to my camp!!!!!

The discussions this past few days has caused me to think, too. I’ll share below some of the new thoughts that have become evident to me:

Nudism And The Cell Phone By YNA

Nudism And The Cell Phone

1) This isn’t completely an “age issue” as I originally thought. I’m learning that many older adults love their cell phones just as much as I (and other young people) do! Yay older folks!!!

2) It seems that the cell phone and other technology is being blamed for people’s poor behavior. A cell phone doesn’t take pictures by itself so, instead of considering a policy for cell phones (and Nooks and Kindles and all sorts of other things…) maybe it would be wiser to talk about the picture-taking policy and the consequences of not following it. I hadn’t really thought about this, but it truly does make sense.

3) There seems to be a different standard for club attendees and service people at the clubs. When the gas guy or the cable guy comes on to the camp’s grounds, people don’t think twice about him or her having a cell phone. But if a member or day visitor has a cell phone, somehow this is a problem. Why are members and day visitors more suspect than service providers? This is curious to me.

4) One friend pointed out that we can ban all cell phones and electronic books and iPads and the list goes on, but, really, if you’re a true bad guy who wants pictures of naked people, all you have to do is drive down to Walmart and buy a pen with a camera and videocamera built in to it. Pens aren’t banned, right? This brings us back to #2.

5) In thinking about the population at a nudist camp, it’s almost funny that people are so worried about photos in the first place. Most nudist camps have a high ratio of older people (seniors and such) and they also have the same high percentage of people who are overweight and such. Yes, we’re accepting of every body and we love ourselves regardless of what the outside world thinks of us, but, well, are nude photos of grandma and grandpa or those with imperfect bodies (we have no airbrushes here at camp! lol) really in that high of a demand? I don’t say this to be rude, it’s just a thought to consider.

So, no solution has yet been found. But that’s ok because people are talking about the topic, thinking about it, and analyzing it. That, my friends, is the beginning of common sense prevailing on this issue. And isn’t common sense the best answer, anyway?

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  • openlyclosed

    @j238 You are correct that people should be able to enjoy a nudist experience without the annoyances of cell phones, but people who want them should be allowed to enjoy a nudist experience with a cell phone as well.  Who are you to preemptively accuse all cell phone users of being perverts, louts, bores or just being wrong for wanting to have their phone available when needed?  Being a nudist, naturist or free body fan should be about accepting people as they enjoy themselves in their own way, not to conform to some random arbitrary rules which they are escaping from already just by being naked.  As has been previously stated, if you remove a tool from someone who is hell bent of getting voyeur photos, all you are going to do is cause them to up their game with different technology to accomplish the same thing.  The answer is not to punish everyone for the bad actions of a few, the answer is to monitor bad behavior and weed out the people who are guilty of it.  And certainly the answer is not to belittle or ridicule people because they want or need to be connected to the outside world via cell phone as part of their enjoyment of being naked.

  • nudistwoman

    My job is such that I don’t want to have pictures of me at the Club. I could lose my job.  As a woman, this also brings up other issues.  Yes, I know you are all married to your phones now, but how boring would it be without women at your club? Body image or size has NOTHING to do with this subject.  And I have noticed all of the comments are from men.  Just a thought.

  • anthonywilliams72

    Absolutely we are on the same page … totally. We(nudists & clubs) aren’t addressing the problem. The problem is those taking these pictures! It isn’t the device. AND … when they ban all cells phones, other electronic devices and “pens” … these people will find something else to take the pics … like camera sunglasses. It’s never ending and we’re not going to stop the technology. We need to stop the people doing this.
    We also have a huge problem with the “veteran” nudists. They are unwilling to listen, compromise or change. Stricter screening processes, more poolside ambassadors, but I don’t need some resident or member being a phone nazi everytime I check my phone for a text or email I’m waiting for or to answer a call from my kids
    WE are absolutely on the same page but ALL the covers, devices and poolside ambassadors, camera/cell phone lookouts, brightly colored stickers … they are not going to stop voyeurs and perv’s. For that matter … how many of these people are we actually allowing into our clubs???
    Each club has their own screening process. I know my club wanted both of our driver’s licenses. If I had acted inappropriately and took someone’s picture without their knowledge, on purpose, like a voyuer type picture … I would expect my club to alert other AANR affiliated clubs of my name and my offense. I shouldn’t be allowed into an AANR affiliated club after that!
    NOW … I’ve taken pics of D many times and there have been people, I didn’t see, in the background. If I didn’t see them in the frame, who’s gonna see them anywhere? ALL our pictures are taken with the hopes of never having anyone we don’t know in the frame that is noticible.
    We just need to have nudists and the clubs and resorts tackle the real problem … the voyeurs and perv’s NOT the nudists that are responsible and that will follow the common sense rules.

    • j238

       @anthonywilliams72 You’ve written at length about your preoccupation with your phone.
      That’s just sad.  

  • j238

    People should be able to shut their phones off so they can enjoy their environment without interruption. 
    Anyone who is bothered by the previous statement has a serious need to take that message to heart. 

  • j238

    People should be able to enjoy a nudist experience without the annoyances of cell phones.  Individuals who are unwilling to overcome their attachment to their phones for a few hours have a problem. 

  • Jason

    In the future all electronics will have at least 1 camera so resorts better change their policy. The no pointing at others policy is also becoming obsolete because everything will have augmented reality games and apps. I'm commenting with my Playstation Vita which has front and rear cameras. Just wait till every child is playing the awesome camera games–the resort people might think a child is filming someone, when actually the camera has to be pointed there to shoot the alien that's about to attack or something else. The accelerometer also forces me to seemingly point the camera at others when I need to aim and shoot really fast. Nintendo 3DS also has AR camera games. If resort owners don't like cameras then they should go back to the twentieth century.

  • Billy V

    I've seen various responses at Naturist camps over cellphones. Some I've seen people use them with no problem. As long as you are not pointing at someone, then it's not an issue. Others get very panicky over them. I've seen some of the old timers mistake an I-Pod (before they had phones in them) for cell phones and make all kind of accusations of the user.

    At my textile health club, cell phones are banned from the locker rooms. If you get caught, your membership will be revoked and you will be barred from the premises. Nudist facilites are not the only ones fearful of cell phones.