The End of Our New Jersey Nude Spa

| August 15, 2014 | 5 Comments

Terlam Is Closing and Our New Jersey Nude Spa Days Are Over :(

Nude Spa Sundays no more:

This past March, we purchased SpaLady in Woodbridge, NJ and re-opened as Terlam Women’s Wellness. It was an opportunity to continue what seemed to be a promising women’s gym business and also provide a venue for a year-long naturist meeting place on the weekends. In fact, with the help of our fellow naturists, we were able to update the space with fresh paint in record time! Our first private nude spa day was held in April, and we continued to hold events on Sundays throughout the summer. While attendance is currently on the low side due to the beautiful, beach-worthy weather, we were just gearing up for a promising fall and winter season.

However, after much consideration, we have determined that the women’s gym business is no longer sustainable due to a complex set of issues we have faced since March. Sadly, we must announce that Terlam Women’s Wellness officially closes today, Friday, August 15th. We will be holding one last naturist event this Sunday, August 17th from 2-9pm. We hope that you’ll come out and support our last event at Terlam.

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For those of you who donated to our IndieGoGo campaign, you have helped to prove that there is a need for a year-round naturist facility in the New York City area. We will be closing down the campaign shortly, which means all of you who donated will not lose any money. However, those who made a donation will still be given free entrance to Sunday’s final event. Your support was greatly appreciated!

We have made many new friends at Terlam and we appreciate all of you who helped to support us. YNA will continue to provide naturist events and we hope to see you there.

Note: there will be a liquidation of the facility’s assets, including gym equipment, furniture and decorations, in the near future. If you are interested, please email info@, or check the website:

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  • joe_churilla Thank you, Joe. Glad you got to attend the gym and enjoy it. We’re considering it a learning a lesson and hope it will make way for bigger and better things.

  • It’s terrible, so sorry to hear that.

  • joe_churilla

    It is terrible news to hear that things didn’t work out for Terlam.   I had the pleasure of using the facility once but then my work schedule got in the way of attending again.  It was a great place and I was looking forward to having a clothes free haven to visit in the coming winter.

    I admire your entrepreneurial spirit and hope this experience doesn’t sour you on other ventures.

    Your neighbor in Edison,
    Joe Churilla

  • j238

    Sorry to hear that.  
    I was hoping this would be successful for everyone.