Become an Affiliate Of YNA

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Become an Affiliate Of YNA

Become an Affiliate Of YNA – If your nudie friendly resort, club or product is willing to offer discounts to members of YNA, you will get listed on our affiliates page. Those who chose to work with us more closely will have the right to place a YNA banner on their site to show that the business is part of our network.

This option is free of charge and you would need to offer the same discounts to our members as you would offer with any other organization if not more. For our younger members (under age 35 for example) we would insist on giving a bigger reduction – this is an important point that most affiliates must agree to if they would like to work with us.

young naturists america

Young Naturists America

This is all part of the long term goals of making naturism an accepted way of life and to increase memberships in the future as well as the present. The more support we get, the more reach we will have. This in turn should translate into increased revenue for the movement as a whole and especially for those businesses who are prominently placed on our website.

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